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  1. I get a catalog from them (I'm guessing) on a quarterly basis. I've never seem any of their products but it seems they are aiming at the high-end market based on their pricing. This could be a tough nut to crack in a tight economy.
  2. If they are refinished stay away. If they are recycled that's better. 
  3. Which Configuration? 4-SW or 3-PW?

    I have AP2 irons 3 iron through gap wedge and Vokey SW and LW. Usually the 3 iron is out of the bag as I carry driver, 3 wood and hybrid.  I just noticed noticed this thread started years ago. Hope he has found the answer.   
  4. I played for years with steel spikes until they virtually became banned everywhere. At first I was upset believing I'd slip in the new softspikes. When that didn't happen I simply became used to the new spikes. At the time most all shoes had normal threaded spikes that needed to be re-tightened frequently. I don't miss that aspect. The new fast-twist (or similar styles) pretty much lock in and stay.
  5. Rain jackets

    I have had excellent results with Sunice rain jackets. My experience is their FlexVent jackets (made from iVent material) work best in warm weather since they breathe better than Goretex and protect just as well. The Goretex works better in cooler temperatures as it seems to have a little better insulation value. Both have ratings of 20,000 for both water repellency and breathability.  I've got mine from TGW and always paid less than $150.
  6. I've always said the way to address distance on tour is in the course design. A straight 465 yard par 4 isn't that great a challenge for them. But design more 400-430 yard holes with a dogleg at 250 and then they have to play golf again. (Bubba would probably love it). Plus the amateurs can play the same course since their drives typically wouldn't run through the fairway.
  7. I'm 6'2" and my irons are all 1 degree upright and 1/2 inch longer. My woods are all standard length.
  8. Bridgestone e5 vs e6

    I briefly tried both about five years ago so neither were current models. The E5 had adequate spin but flew too high and was shorter than normal. I also didn't like the feel. The E6 had almost non-existent spin coming into greens (by design however). Neither ball fit my game.
  9. What do you do to protect the uppers of synthetic golf shoes from water and wear?  I just got my wife two pair of Adidas Adicross IV golf shoes and would like to help extend their life.  I've used mink oil on leather shoes but I don't think that would work on synthetic uppers.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
  10. power play golf

    Never heard of them. It's usually best to stick with a name brand.
  11. David Feherty Moves From CBS to NBC and Golf Channel

    My guess is he thought he could get a tower job. Peter Oosterhouis left this year and Bobby Clampett left a couple years ago. Neither have been replaced so possibly he lobbied for one of those spots.
  12. DT Solos vs. NXT Tours

    Balls are affected by sitting in water. Over the last 10 years I've seen a couple tests conducted and each time the water ball performed less than the normal ball. The tests showed distance loss after just 30 days in the water. The problem is not knowing the balls history. My feeling is if you are a beginner and tend to lose several balls a round the water balls are reasonable to use. If you're more experienced and tend to not lose balls then it's probably poor value.
  13. Winner's Bag: Davis Love III

    Just like Zack Johnson plays a Titleist AP1 3 iron and AP2 irons for the rest of his set.
  14. Tiger's Slam - A Grand Achievement?

    Take this year for example. At the start Speith was capable of winning the slam (if he wins the next two). Forward to the British. Now Johnson is available to win the slam (if he wins the next three). Forward to the PGA. Now Day is available to win the slam (if he wins the next three). So this year three players were capable of winning the "4 in a row" slam. Most years four players are in the running. I still contend it needs to be in a calendar year. The posted baseball analogy is a bit more clear than my football analogy, but you get the idea.
  15. If you play flatter courses in dry conditions most any comfortable shoe will suffice. However you can't guarantee that on a golf course. Just last week I played a course that had a few elevated greens and the slope next to a few was burned out with a slight bit of gravel mixed in. I was wearing conventional golf shoes and one of my friends wasn't. He slid a bit going down the hill and could have hurt himself (but didn't). I had no problem with the same slope. Also I have a friend that converted to the spikeless style shoe last year. I've seen him slip a couple times since and don't recall him ever slipping before.