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  1. ZAhacker added a post in a topic Hybrids...are they out of control?   

    Ok i am in no way proud i cant hit them. More just honest. I play with my irons and fairway wood just fine. So to mess around with hybrids would probably not benefit me in any way. On top is the fact i don't really care for the way they look.
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  2. ZAhacker added a post in a topic Oddest shot you ever made that looked bad, but turned out good   

    Just to be clear. How did you play a left hand shot? you carry a left club with you, or did you hit with the club upside down? in witch case i say *high five for aWsomeness*
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  3. ZAhacker added a post in a topic Hybrids...are they out of control?   

    I honestly cannot hit a hybrid to save my life. I hate the things.
    My best shots dont go anywhere and often my fade or draw is magnified with a hybrid. "does anyone else have this problem"?
    Give me a 4i cavity for 200m-220m then i can use my 3 wood after that.
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  4. ZAhacker added a post in a topic Stolen Ball - How to proceed   

    I must go a little Off topic here.

    The more i read various posts on this forum the more i see it seems to be very common there in USA to chuck people's ball or stomp them or kick them. I must say here in SA, that's very dangerous business.
    If a guy harrase's you from behind constantly you rather wait for him to come up and have it out on the fairway. Better than touching his ball. You dont even really get banned for assault in that instance if a guy messes with your ball. Maybe on the more posh clubs it could be a small issue.
    Moral of the story. DONT touch a ball rather put hands on the player.

    Back to topic
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  5. ZAhacker added a post in a topic Took my wife golfing today.....   

    I have been playing for about 3 years now and my wife has just started playing. She takes up to 10 strokes to get into the hole but its nice. My son is just over 3 years and got him a little tiger lefty set. he hits about 10 - 20m on his good shots. My 4 month old girl is just a passenger till she can hold a club.

    I bought us a golf cart so it has become a family activity. That's not to say i don't enjoy "alone golf". I play about 12 rounds a month of which they join for 2 of them.
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  6. ZAhacker added a post in a topic What is your favourite shot to hit?   

    An extremely difficult chip shot that you are only semi confident is gona go on the green. Then you line it up and it executes perfect and runs to inches from the hole. If it goes in, there is normally some Tiger style celebrations.
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  7. ZAhacker added a post in a topic Bubba in Slo-Mo   

    I am also a big fan. I love that he does not have a technical swing. He is a natural golfer, he swings his arms they way they naturally swing. No over thinking bullshit. I am the same kind of golfer and he really represents us "non technical types" Even though he beat Louis my countryman, I am really glad he won.
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  8. ZAhacker added a post in a topic Jim Furyk's new sponsor - 5 Hour Energy   

    “5-hour ENERGY® is a product I have used for over a year now,” said Furyk, “I’m excited to represent a product that I really believe in, and I’m looking forward to introducing new customers to the benefits of 5-hour ENERGY.”

    That's a quote from their web site. So it seems to me either he is getting paid a lot to say these things or he really believes in it. Either way i think golf sponsors should be limited, but not restricted to golf orientated sponsors. Keep it in house as much as possible.
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  9. ZAhacker added a post in a topic Should Ernie Els Get a Masters Invitation?   

    I think he should get a invite but knowing Ernie it would be a really difficult thing to accept. Pride might keep him from accepting but pure drive to prove himself again might let his pride take a back seat. That being said i was really disappointed with him on missing 2 short puts that would have won the T outright. I agree he should go back to the "short" stick.

    I have never like the Masters mainly because i Don't like watching Augusta National Golf Club. Its a very "Manufactured golf coarse" at least on TV. Most of us here can only dream about one day having a chance to play on a 5 star US Golf coarse and Augusta is not on my top ten "to play" course's.
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  10. ZAhacker added a post in a topic Favorite Drink   

    On coarse I am a fan of local mostly like Castle Lite or a COLD Black Label if i am not in the mood for a low round :P After i go with a Stiff Ddl Brandy and Tab *or more*. Dbl Jack Daniels and Lime with crushed ice.

    I used to be a heavy drinker being South African we normally start on beer at 13 then progress. But after the first Kid i keep drinking only to the golf coarse. It is after all my time not family time.

    Snack's? Biltong without question. On or Off the coarse. I eat about 3kg's a week in summer. Then winter comes and we go hunt a few Kudu and Springbok then it ups to 5kg's a week. It is excellent golf snacks because it has tons of salt and high in protein.
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  11. ZAhacker added a post in a topic Pro's ???? Clarify   

    Ahh thanks.

    Why don't more pro's use color balls?
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  12. ZAhacker added a topic in Golf Talk   

    Pro's ???? Clarify
    Hey guys i have 2 things which i saw on a PGA match that i dont get. Maybe you guys can help.

    First i saw a player playing on the Honda Classic with a yellow ball ? Is this allowed.

    Second, Why do Pro's not have the chance to pick up there ball when it is in the fairway. For example if he lands in a divot and doesn't get a club length relief? Or is that only for casual play. Then again I saw a player pick up his ball 3 m from the green and clean mud off then place it?


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  13. ZAhacker added a post in a topic Sexy caddies?   

    I was on a business trip about 6 months back, one of my contractors took all the management on a trip that cost about 7000 rand per person.

    It was a 3 day long weekend, You started day one at Sun City on the Gary Player coarse, each player had 2 girls that looked after you, one caddied the other carried the cool bag. Then a bus took us to a lodge for the night and the the next day tee time was at 9am at Elements cc, also free caddies and drink. Day three was at Leopards creek. *No1 rated coarse in SA*

    Its a package that i understand was open to anyone willing to pay. And the girls were supplied by Teazers. For me the experience was playing Leopards Creek. Most amazing round of golf ever.

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  14. ZAhacker added a post in a topic gas prices   

    Here is South Africa its about 5.8 to the galon *rough calculation* (R10.6 per litre)

    With my Double Cab Toyota Hilux 3.0l it costs me about 1 rand per Kilometer, witch insane. My father told me when i was born it was something like 50cents a litre.

    They should invent a proper sub for fosil fuel
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  15. ZAhacker added a topic in Welcome, Everyone   

    Hello All for South Africa!
    Hey All

    I am 27 years from South Africa.

    Love the game of golf and enjoy talking about it. Driving the wife crazy so i thought i would find some like minded people to chat with. :P

    Looking forward to chatting

    Chrz 4 now
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