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  1. Dylanl added a topic in Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting   

    Should I Get Custom Fit?
    The answer I'm guessing I'm going to get is yes, but I want to get everyone's opinion. Here's my situation. I've been golfing for about 5 years and have always had standard length irons. I'm in the market for a new set now and am trying to decide if it's worth taking the time to get custom fit. I was at Golf Galaxy last week and did a quick test for length and they fit me at standard. This wasn't very in depth and was done by an employee who admitted going in he's not technically certified to fit people. I'm 6' 5" and have always had standard length clubs so I can hit them, but I've always thought I'd benefit from lengthened ones. I know keeping them standard means a shorter shaft and probably easier to hit but I'd like to hear the benefits of maybe lengthening them. Odds are I'll get fit but I'd like to hear everyone's opinion on whether it's really worth it for me when I've been told standard length and lie is a good fit.
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  2. Dylanl added a post in a topic Can you wash headcovers?   

    I washed and dried it yesterday and it seems fine. Washed it on gentle and dried it on low and it looks like new still. I washed it with cold water and it still has a little smell so I'm gonna try warm water tonight to hopefully get rid of it completely.
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  3. Dylanl added a topic in Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting   

    Can you wash headcovers?
    Has anyone on here washed their driver or woods headcovers in the washing machine? I've had my R11 for awhile now and the headcover has had a skunky smell ever since I've had it. If you leave it in a room awhile it's enough to leave the smell in the room. I wanted to try running it through the wash to see if it would help any but wasn't sure if you were supposed to.
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  4. Dylanl added a post in a topic What Are Your 2013 Golf Goals? Official Thread   

    My main goal for 2013 is to get out on the course much more often. I didn't get out nearly as much as I would of liked last summer. If I do that I'll be able to achieve my other goal which is get my handicap into the single digits. I'm pretty sure that was my goal last summer but I didn't get out enough to achieve it. Hopefully this summer I do.
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  5. Dylanl added a post in a topic How do you keep score, scorecard or app?   

    Scorecard. I hate using a phone on the course for any reason.
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  6. Dylanl added a post in a topic What did you buy on your last trip to the golf store?   

    Sunday I went to Golf Galaxy for their deal on R11 drivers. Brand new for $200 so i got one. Also bought a new shirt and glove.
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  7. Dylanl added a post in a topic Which putter do you use?   

    Scotty Cameron California Monterey. I've gone through a few putters in the past couple years and it's definitely my favorite. Great look and feel. I've been putting really well with it so far this year.
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  8. Dylanl added a post in a topic Anyone used the white ice odyssey putters?   

    I had a white ice last year and had the same problem with blowing one past the hole once in awhile. I bought the Scotty I have now and can control speeds so much better with the milled face. I don't think I'll go back to an insert anytime soon.
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  9. Dylanl added a post in a topic Are extreme temps harmful to clubs?   

    I've googled this before and read cold weather can cause the epoxy that holds the clubhead on to crack and you could loose the head of your club while swinging. Not sure if it's true or not. Not sure about warm weather. I leave my clubs in the trunk of my car in the summer and haven't had any problems. The trunk doesn't get as warm as the inside of the car because it has no windows so I keep them in there all the time. No one can see them to so less chance of being stolen.
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  10. Dylanl added a post in a topic Cards on the table. How did you really feel on Sunday. Tiger v Rory.   

    I was cheering for both a little bit. They're two of my favorite players on the tour so I like to see both play well. I'm happy with Rory winning but would have liked to see Tiger get a win to. With how he played Sunday I switched to cheering for him a little more.
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  11. Dylanl added a post in a topic Rory McIlroy the new face of golf?   

    I don't think he's the new face of golf just yet. I think he could be someday but as long as Tiger's still golfing I think he's gonna be the big name. Whether you like him or not he's the most known golfer on the tour. Look at the crowds at the Honda Classic. Most of that was due to the fact that Tiger was in the field this year. Rory has a lot to accomplish yet to be as well known as Tiger.
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  12. Dylanl added a post in a topic Phil Mickelson, "The Loveable Loser"???   

    I'm guessing they said that just because for so many years Tiger dominated while Phil didn't win much. He was always close but didn't get the wins. I agree it doesn't really fit anymore though. Phil's one of my favorite tour players.
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  13. Dylanl added a post in a topic Play or Practice, which do you do more?   

    I play more. I do putt a lot but don't go to the range as much as I probably should. If I have a bad round or have something I want to work on I hit the range after I'm done with my round. I pretty much always putt before I go out on the course though. I usually spend more time on the range at the beginning of the year to get back into the swing of things and as the season continues I don't go nearly as often.
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  14. Dylanl added a post in a topic Cleveland Classic Driver   

    I saw it last weekend and thought it was really ugly. That and the Adams Speedline take the cake for ugliest drivers this year to me.
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  15. Dylanl added a post in a topic Pure Ball Striker Training Aid   

    I just made my order! It looks like a great product and I can't wait until I can give it a try!
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