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  1. Jordan Spieth's Official Thread

    That made my day.
  2. Charleston South Carolina

    Well that's interesting. Up here drinking isn't outlawed on any beachs I know of.
  3. Charleston South Carolina

    Thanks for the reply. We are actually staying acrossed the street for the weekend from Folly so I think we will spend a day out there since we can walk back to our condo. My wife and I didn't get a honeymoon and this is our 1st trip since we got married so we made a reservation at Halls Chop house. We have a day and a half maybe 2 in Charleston to ourselves then the whole family will be in town. Is there any cool bars or restaurant near Folly we should check out?
  4. First Tourney - Confused

    Ive haven't played in a golf tournament so I can't speak specifically to that. I did enter a lot of sporting clays competitions (which a lot of people consider a shooting version of golf). Something that I figured out after a lot of tourneys was to have a very positive attitude going into the competition no matter where your game is. On my way to the shoots I would recall all the positive thing I could to put me in a good somewhat relaxed mood. Competition is fun I hope you do well and enjoy yourself. Oh and incase no one told you the queasy butterfly somewhat sick but excited feeling in you stomach is completely normal and a good thing. Good Luck.
  5. Caption this!

  6. DJ testing out an Edel this week

    I don't see how it wouldn't help. If you know for sure the putter aims where your looking it's a huge confidence boost. I would love to see him win this week with it.
  7. 2016 Players Championship Discussion Thread

    I think it's about time for Rory to put 4 rounds together. He's been in the hunt a lot lately.
  8. 6i and below

    Definitely keep working on the driver on the driving range cause you will need it if you want to continue to shoot lower scores. Also if your playing a practice round and the course isn't to busy hit your 6i then tee up a driver just to get conformable using it with a real target. If you want to hit it on the course at some point your going to have to start hitting it on the course. I think you can only learn so much on the range.
  9. Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    I had a decent day off the tee yesterday but struggle with my approach shots. I was hitting pushes and pulls with my irons. My putter is amazing though 13 putts in 9 holes with a few nice saves. I also got lucky on 8 my sand shot hit the flag about 4 feet up and landed a few feet away instead of being 20+ ft away (I felt like Jordan at the John Deere). http://www.gamegolf.com/player/Jakester23/round/849111
  10. Edel Fitting

    Putter looks amazing I'm sure you will love it.
  11. My Swing (Jakester23)

    So I found out that using an Edel putter shouldn't be legal. The dam thing works so good its like cheating. Today l played an easy 9 hole course (its cheap so Ill sneak out there when I want to get in a quick round). I shot +1 with 13 putts. I only hit 1 good full iron shot and still managed that score. I made a nice medium length putt on #1, an even longer one with a good amount of break on #2, hit a real good lag that I mis read on #3, another good lag on 4 & 5, I made a long downhill right to left breaker on 6, a 4 footer to save bogey on 7, and left a long big breaker on 9 a few inches short. I was hitting pushes and pulls with my irons which was kinda upsetting but I can fix that. That putter just amazes me I can't wait to use it again.
  12. Steph Curry

    Completely agree Ray also did it over a much much longer period of time than the splash brothers.
  13. Steph Curry

    I'd put Ray Allen number 2 but a debate could be made for Clay.
  14. My Swing (pecos24)

    That's good to hear. Just so you know you might be working on keeping your head steady for a while. It won't be fixed in a week or two. Stick with it and stick around there are some of the best instructors onthe planet on here giving free advice. If you have any interest in lessons check out this link. http://evolvr.thegolfevolution.com/ The lessons are online at a very reasonable price. They do a great job look at a few other swing thread and you will see what they can do.
  15. My Swing (Jeremie Boop)

    What are your thoughts on how M2 looks? I liked how it felt but I'm not sure I could get used to the crown.