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  1. Golf Swing Secrets and Lies: Six Timeless Lessons Mike Hebron
  2. Beautiful Women

  3. Chicagoland Instructor anyone?

    Nick is very good. I also work at Diversey range and the Bensenville dome. If you have any questions and want to talk PM me and I will send you my number
  4. Help with slice please!

    Where do you live ??
  5. When to start the hip slide?

    To really see how much hip slide Hogan had (not as much as you think)
  6. Use of the right arm

    WOW would love to see the "fact" backed up
  7. The 2012 Players Championship Prediction Contest!

    Lee Westwood....-12 BoVanPelt...........-10 Hunter Mahan......-10
  8. This may help you to get a better understanding of what you call dropping the shoulders,
  9. Brian Manzela's Lesson Recap?

    Brian knows his stuff, the whole video is out of context so who knows what him and student discussed during lesson. This could be the recap of things to work on and upcoming lessons
  10. I'm FREAKING out.

    Could be leading in with hosel, right hand under the shaft, hands going out towards ball...
  11. External rotation of right shoulder done by right elbow going down and out towards ball, flattening of the downswing. Also the big difference between your swing and Tigers is his lateral bend and squat