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  1. News reports that Trump Turnberry has lost The Open due to his controversial remarks. i am thrilled that this shit stirring, racist, sexist, bottom feeder is getting a kick right where it will hurt the most.  
  2. Drop the ad hominem bs. BS is an English term meaning... I'm sure you've heard it before. 
  3. To all you Distance Monkeys...

    McKellan 18?   do you mean Macallan 18? In which case, excellent choice.
  4. I'm looking for a decent golf game to help me develop my course management skills. I have tried a few but they seem to be more about pure entertainment and selling you new clubs, just like the real thing. The best I've found so far is WGT which works well on an iPad. Does anyone else have any recommendations?
  5. Drop zones: optional or not?

    That sounds interesting. What's that?
  6. So sand and dirt are not loose impediments off the green? Doesn't seem at all intuitive to me, but then no reason the rules should be! Thx.
  7. Drop zones: optional or not?

    'May or must'. So it looks like a DZ could be obligatory if the committee decides, apart from retaking the shot from the original spot?
  8. Drop zones: optional or not?

    I thought I made that clear, I'll try again: There is a drop zone.
  9. I always took for granted that even if I was off the green, I was allowed to removed loose debris from my line of putt. A pretty knowledgeable friend tells me I am not, only when one the green, and he'd been penalised in a comp for doing so. Can anyone clarify? Thanks
  10. Let's say you have a DZ next to a yellow or red area and my ball inevitably goes into the hazard. Is the DZ obligatory or is it one of my several options? Thx
  11. I joined a gym 7 months ago and have been through a similar problem to you. I'm doing lots of reps of light weights, working on core strength, general tone and fitness, and doing stretching. The stretching is not new and I have a routine based on yoga/Pilates, although I am doing more of it. I found that with the reawakening of many muscles (that's the best way I can describe it), my strength has changed and my swing often collapses for days at a time. So far I just plough on and avoid heavy weights or anything akin to bulking up, and practice a lot. I wish I had a solution for you beyond common sense. Good luck.
  12. Surely there are games these days that are more sofisticated than that?
  13. Hi all. I'm looking for a good game I can play on an iPad that will help me think about course management.mhave tried a few but most seem to be simply a game, rather than anything that might help train. Currently trying WGT but feel there must be better out there. Thanks.
  14. Some fair points but you lost me at "the gay community". Some won't give a shit, some will be outraged. The community does not have one voice. And you certainly are not their voice. Calm down.