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  1. LarryS added a post in a topic Why does my driver slice and my irons go straight?   

    I had the same problem for years and finally decided to take a lesson. My coach's advice, and subsequent suggestion from my wife minimized my driver slice a bunch.

    The coach's suggestion was that I concentrate on "release" – – that is bringing my right hand over my left as the club head approaches the ball. (I had heard about "release" for years, but really didn't know what it was until my coach demonstrated). Once I concentrated on "releasing" the path of my shots changed from slice to pulling left (not hooking -- just pulling). To adjust for pulling left I went to the driving range and kept trying different release approaches and swinging flatter (my wife's suggestion) until the path of the ball started to go straight. Now I'm hitting the fairways consistently. I still have a slight fade, but when I concentrate on release, the fade goes away in the ball goes straighter and much farther. LS
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