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  1. Good point, I was told the same thing with a couple of instructors I work with. Gotta train the muscles both ways.
  2. I read something recently, maybe it was Tom Watson saying the modern swing is the cause of more injuries than the older swing with the reverse C finish. I think Phil makes sense on this one.
  3. Wow, amazing thread guys...just read through the whole thing, also saw the Golf Fix the other nite. What struck me as I read through was the amount of people that have high handicaps and don't spend much time on their short games....sort of what Breed is saying. You don't need to be a tour pro but doubling your short game time will improve your scores. I do 70% short game and I'm a +3. I might hit a small bucket of 30 balls once or twice a week but on my way home from work I stop by the course and chip/putt for an hour everyday. Weekend kites I go down for a couple hours until the mosquitos get me and I might mix in 10-20 full shots to just to break up the routine.
  4. Winter Depression Thread

    What's that green stuff??
  5. Winter Depression Thread

    Yup thats the picture... 2 storms ago, no kidding huh? I'll be on the roof with a shovel on Saturday.
  6. Winter Depression Thread

    yeah I'm from Boston...click on the link in my post on theprevious page
  7. Winter Depression Thread

    http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w10/3Huskies/snow%202%20more_zpsjizh28w4.jpg This was before the storm was over. Stockade fence is 6 feet high too...
  8. Actually the fan is more for tempo and creating lag than it is for building clubhead speed.
  9. I don't know if the fan is worse, its just not training your muscles to swing fast. The weighted club will kill your elbow joints swinging it fast repeatedly. I hurt myself a few years back doing it.
  10. You want to train your fast twitch muscles by doing explosive training. I swing the "Speed Whoosh" 100 times per night. You want your body/muscles to know what its like to swing fast. Alot of times I mix it up with my playing driver...but I don't go heavy. We have an orange whip at work but I'd never swing it to build speed. Even exercises at the gym like throwing a med ball off the wall...you want to use a lighter weight and fire it quickly, not a heavy weighted ball to throw slow. I'm 5'6", 140 lbs and north of 50. In the last couple years since focusing more on fast twitch/overspeed training I have gained clubhead speed instead of losing it...and I work with launch monitors every day.
  11. Indoor vs. Outdoor Fitting

    Salem State man!!!! My son goes there.... If you live on the North shore you should go see my buddy Frank Viola at Ace of clubs. Anyway, I also plan on getting fit in the spring. I'm going to the Callaway perfomance center in Hudson NH ( Golf n Ski warehouse) next to Green meadows GC. Its something like $100 for irons and $150 for the whole bag but most of that goes toward purchase and they hook you up with other freebies so its practically nothing. I'm an old school outdoor guy...I tend to think I swing differently outdoors than indoors. When I go to demo days I love it when they have an outdoor trackmann/flightscope because I get to see what a certain ballflight equates to on the screen. What I did last year was bring my own 7 iron with me to compare to what ever I was demoing at demo day. That is something you should do whether you are inside or outside. My 7 iron I thought went too high, and it does...spin and launch too high, I could see it...then saw the numbers. Took the demo club, saw the ballflight and the numbers so I know the difference. I could do this inside as well...that's the only way I could get fit inside...you have to bring your own clubs. Golfsmith, golf galaxy... for fittings... forget it. I was a GG and they have trackman squashed into a spot and I know for a fact trackman needs something like 30 feet of ball travel for a correct read. The front of the mat to the net was 7 feet. I was getting 30 yards of roll, 3200 rpms of spin and a 10 degree launch angle off a 6 iron...and the fitter there that was hanging around was telling me it was me... Another place I go to has one GC2/Nflight system that reads 10% higher...the guy told me after I questioned why that was was stupidly high and the other identical system next to it seemed accurate...and they also do fittings. I saw alot of reviews on the Callaway place...all very good. It's also not a booth so it feels more like outside. Also I can get there ahead of time, go outside and hit balls with my own irons then go inside and hit my club at the fitting to get my baseline.. This I can deal with, other than that I would never get fit inside. Outside would again be done with me having my own clubs and Trackman/Flightscope for comparision. I know I suggested Ace of Clubs...its indoors but Frank is sooo good at what he does its a different league of indoor fitting. Hope this helps...shoot me a pm, wanna see if you're local to me.
  12. I have a Newport Tei3 and a Newport Tei3 long neck that I was looking to get refinished. I went on the custom shop website and it was "meh"...and over $200 for a straight refinish with a headcover. I heard alot of good things about BOS so I went on their site and it was less than half the price plus there were a variety of finish options. Might be something to check out. I'll be sending both mine to BOS.
  13. Winter Depression Thread

    I hate where I live. Thanksgiving yesterday and we have snow. No golf until April.
  14. How many "ACES" do you have?

    Had my first one a month ago while in Arizona cor a couple of days. Funny part is I was using rental clubs. Been playing 40 years, + handicap....it's just luck. My biggest fear was hitting a skull or off a rake, off a golf cart, tree etc..and then in the hole. This one was a sweet baby draw uphill some 175 yard 7 iron landed soft and rolled 3 feet into the cup. Next day I played somewhere else, another set of rentals and put one to 2 feet. I should just rent clubs from now on when I play.
  15. Mizuno Fitting

    I hit the s300 well also and it didn't come up... I know its a low launch shaft so that might be why. The DG x100 came up once, I've done it a few times so I have more than 3 recommendations. I agree there would be a big gap between hard stepping the 1150gh stiff and soft stepping the KBS Tour X that's why I'm suprised they didn't throw in the Project X 6.0 straight in just to fill the weight void. The heavier weighted shafts will help with your release. I hit the 1150 in stiff yesterday and loved the feel. I would try it the way it is, hardstepped and then an x softstepped to feel the weight difference and see what the numbers are. The KBS I hit in Stiff and its ok, doen't feel like the Nippon though. The PX 6.0 just gave me no consistency so I went down to the 5.5 and it was the same so that one is out. I hit the DGpro since it was suggested to me but not a shaft that Mizuno offers. I hit it in the Vapor Pro combo and loved it too. Remember, the optimizer is a starting point. Its job is to narrow down the field of 9,00,000 shafts to a few that work with your numbers. Next step is for you to get outside and hit them or get on trackman and see what the numbers are then take the good ones outside to have a look. My 3 shafts after hitting some would be the Nippon, KBS and DGPro. I know the DGpro is flighted, not important to me but its nice.