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  1. Interesting that the day I join this forum, is the day I started golfing right handed. I grew up golfing left handed (forced by my father, who bought his left handed son, left handed clubs) and as my brother and father got better and better than I did, I grew to hate golf more and more. Anyway, I picked up the clubs yesterday and played 9 with a buddy after work.  Again, embarrassed myself and never wanted to play again.  After a few holes I was I wondering why I was so bad.  I remembered switch hitting in baseball (made me a valuable member of my little league team) and thought I'd give it a try.  My friends clubs ($20 from Goodwill, but shoot straight and solid) were the perfect clubs to try it out. My first hit was bad.  Real bad.  But then I slowed down, focused on the connection and POW hit the furthest, straightest shot with a 6 Iron I'd ever shot.  I was sold. Played again this morning and rented some right handed clubs.  I'm sold. Just got back from picking up a set of clubs for $140 on Craiglist, I cannot wait to play tomorrow. Give it a shot.  It truly changed the game of golf for me... For the better.