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  1. AMATOLMAN added a post in a topic Hinging Wrists and Putting? What is This Madness??   

    This is interesting because I'm more successful with using my wrists for putts 6ft or less. I was also told putting is a personal thing. I go back an forth and it all depends how I'm feeling that day
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  2. AMATOLMAN added a post in a topic Considering muscle back blades   

    I got Titliest 712 AP1s to help me with my game. I joined a country club and have been playing 6 days a week. The AP1s were too hot off the face and I would miss greens or spray 100 yards into a hazard. I decided to take the plunge and get fitted for Titleist 712 MBS 3 thru P. I love them, but I took the 3 out of my bag and use a 7 wood. Since I can practice alot I now hit my 4 iron MB accurately. I had to make some adjustments but I found having a proper strong grip to be helpful in striking the ball down the middle. With the MBs I get the magic bounces and hit greens. If I do miss hit a shot its not spraying 150 yards less. It's a personal preference and I found I love the feel of blades. There's nothing like feeling the shot. I know right away if I struck the ball well. I can't doubt myself when looking down at the tiny 4 iron head. If I do then shit happens. Golf is mental and I use what I think will work for me. I believe and I'm happy I made the switch. It's constant work......
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  3. AMATOLMAN added a post in a topic Scotty Cameron and Aftermarket Weights   

    I agree! I buy Gibson guitars. The pickups suck so I always change them! Same goes with golf gear! I never use stock shafts for my driver or fairway woods. That's just me.
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  4. AMATOLMAN added a post in a topic Scotty Cameron and Aftermarket Weights   

    If it makes you sleep better then send your putter to Scotty Cameron.  I personally think the high quality after market weights work fine.
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  5. AMATOLMAN added a post in a topic Scotty Cameron and Aftermarket Weights   

    I have owned several Scotty Cameron putters. I personally don't want to ship my putter and be without it for 5 weeks! I have purchased after market weights and got the tool to unscrew them. It's easy and I personally like having a weight kit so I can adjust in real time. The after market weights I purchased were not cheap! I like them and they do fit. I love Scotty Cameron putters but he should sell his weight kits online and call it a day!

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