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  1. Quitting a round early - Why Would You Quit?

    sick maybe. like if I had the runs lol. wouldn't give up on a simple injury though.
  2. I love the NXT ball. I can't compress as well a prov1 sont I dont play them. I find the NXT has more tolerance and yet sufficient control.
  3. Fowler Wins Abu Dhabi (moves to #4 in World)

    the group should have taken 2 shots for slow play though.
  4. DeChambeau & the Hat

    well the family names sound of a francophone origin so the beret is appropriate and probably a personal touch.   it could be a US navy seal thing though :)
  5. Who is the biggest underachiever in the Majors?

    can't say it's Sergio because he is the example of total counter performance. he rarely got close in a major.  i'm more for mickelson.        
  6. Tour Player Swing Videos

    a great take away and swing from a frenchman alexander levy. it's a great example to follow start the video at 2:30 to see this neutral work begin. the club face seams closed on the line of the BS but it is not, dont be fooled, it stays totally square to the arms rotation. the comments are "great takeaway", lots of lag from wrist cock, great high launch on log irons and woods + spin from players head staying behind the ball at impact. total release and whip. (sorry I dont know how to insert the video on this forum)    
  7. internet, games and such are time consuming. we know that. new pleasure, new time allocation. games are great ! therefore less time for sports (sports being a not so old time allocation anyway). This was the case in volley ball 18 years ago. (played in nationals in france and kids started to be, not rare, just a bit less numerous although human population expands like mold on french cheese. so we lost 5% per year net at least). remember that sports were time consuming to family time, chores and rare holidays and such 100 years ago but there was not much to do for pleasure at that time. sports were the thing. now it's not. sports just like mass market automobile are not more than 1 century old we can't forget this. even mass soccer date early 1900's  enven automibile consumed a huge amount of our time. And instead of going faster we just went to live farther and farther from work for cheaper housing and our work did the same and went farther from housing for cheaper installations and reduced taxes. on this point we basically pay more and more and spend more time on work for less work net.      
  8. to get into short game talk you need to hit it closer to the green than average. spieth is a bit from mars in driving not so long. yet he sparks his 3 irons 250 yards within 6 feet at hawai this week. thats long and straight. he putts good but really gets its close or on the right side to putt at. + he gets risk (double bogey) totally out of play (never seen him double yet). for me he is more game wise than others. therefore he drives with less pressure and putts freelance.      
  9. Real or Fake Image?

    hard to say and easy to think so. cameras and video already have filters and process. the image is enhanced even before it goes through post production processes.
  10. what I hate is home courses high rough and high brush being cut of. for one thing it avoids searching/loosing the ball and injury for some fragile players. greens are watered to pitch a lot. they still roll good yet putts dont roll true because footprints are deep. FW are cut high to lift the ball easier for scoopers. there is a big beginnerish golf transformation going on in the last 5-8 years and course slope is not being brought down. some clubs even bring 4-6 tees up but count competition rounds from back tees. (thank god my club doesn't do that). It's actually even harder to play in some ways (apart the rough part). FW roll less, tee shots pitch and stay short. Greens pitch too much and therefore chip shots can bite way too hard or roll out fast like the green should roll if you chip 1-2 inches lower), I find this very very hard to manage. but if your a poor player you get your advantage.
  11. the rocky horror picture show.    for real.
  12. iv'e read this two. there were railroad buildings that were taken away. then these buildings were replaced a few years afterwards to give back the hole initial interest/design.
  13. the whole course sucks concerning modern golf appart the 17th wind against. it's only saved by the greens and FW that are sloped in incredible ways. (the same reason that bay hill was so badly criticized).  the shame is that on TV we dont see the slopes. it looks flat until the ball rolls out to enable us to guess there is golf out there. 
  14. Your Favorite Golf Movie

    I loved tin cup. of course caddy shack as well but this one took age. I've seen recently the film called "seve" on ballesteros. not bad, it's different from the bagger vance and such.