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  1. just to kill other players and win i would serve : frog legs with garlic. snails with butter garlic oysters. and a bunch of real stomach killer white wines. then our usual indigestible french cakes of all sorts.
  2. The Spanish Open at Valderrama.

    spain has the weather and wind to produce firm from fast greens, high jucy rough and fluffy sand traps. the course semas great. the greens are not very large and yes indeed it was close to us open conditions.
  3. Tee Restrictions by Handicap

    I vote no nevertheless the player that can't carry the ball to safe ground should be wise enough not to play back tees if he/she is not capable to do so. courses are not the same. some have back tees close to forward tees. some dont. at my home course 9 holes have à 50-70 yard difference and the player needs to carry the ball at least 200-220 yards to find the fairway and avoid lost ball in short land. for competition the back tees are for 11 handicaps nevertheless I know bogey players than can stand the challenge, others not.
  4. Your top collapse in a major?

    van de veld was the greatest looser story in golf history. on top of this no french man in modern golf has won a major so his performance is even more a weener. afterwards he even posted a video putting the hole from to tu the cup to see if he could make double at worst and succeed.
  5. what is your go to shot from 100 yards in the fairway?

    I hit a standard 56° pour 100 yards (90 meters). It's a safe shot. I will be long on rare occasion and hit it accidentally 110 yards.
  6. i wonder if new material such as nanotubes of carbon will enter the market and reduce weight.
  7. Par 4's made reachable in two

    I know a bunch of 60-70 seniors that hit it very long (and straight) and are not fit. Also they can get up and down a load (it's often depressing in match play). it's a question of technique. So I think there is a lot of hope for all before being brought to forward tees with a bad handicap or reviewing courses for those rare individuals that dont search to get a proper technique.
  8. How old is too old?- Driver question

    I think 5-6 years starts to be old. I would try friends stuff at the range. You won't get more distance but recent material is easier to play. bad shots are less bad and that counts a lot.
  9. Why are hybrids a club longer?

    the hybrids are not too long, the player iron play capacity is more often not sufficient.
  10. I vote no dropping is great it gives a chance for a lie. sometimes I dont take a drop because I know the lie will be bad a good example is water in a bunker, a drop will certainly plug the ball and playing in water is not difficult with a bit of practice. another it a cart path surrounded by big rough.
  11. Golf Instructors are Not Chemists

    I'm sorry I dont really understand all of this. Yet I feel there are rarely bad instructions but often many many poor students. I'm one of the poor students. I changed golf instructors once to have the same version again and said to myself "Really, I still have not even achieved 1% of what I was asked and that I paid to know. This was my benefit of changing pro instructor. A big "weak up dude" slap in my face. Another benefit was having different words for basically the same thing. That helped after digestion of the big "weak up dude" slap in my face. I think Golf is very kinesthesic sort of thing and feeling is often described yet undescriptable, versus the static positions that are very imagery and factual...things like that. Image is easy, getting the feel to the image is not. example I guy says "move your hips like a pro" but that is purely impossible to meet movement with those words. A hip will move as a reaction to leg work or other etc. you just can't move hips alone, it's physical, hips dont have muscle or ground attachement without considering 150++ other features in you body and outer ody traction of WTF you have in hand, then add gyroscopic mouvement, circular trajectory, etc etc. "move your hips" : So this is a very very stupid and very very wise thing to say. Yet I dont think it is possible to say : move your hips by using a 1/4 pound right foot pressure versus a 1/2 kilo counterbalance of left arm down mouvement pulling 5 pounds (PW) or 8 pounds (4 irons) that each become 75 pounds just about if a 80 mph club swing exist at 1/4 DS and 95 mph at impact yet only if the arm is a minimum flat and shoulder mouvement is minimum over the top by letting your back 10° to the target line and tens your abdominal to carry 2 dozen eggs etc.. buy the way keep your wrist armed until release only of the right wrist, you will feel the thing, dont even think about this... It is possible though to say a bunch of things in chemistry. Yet a lot can be right as well until proved very wrong.
  12. Creating A yardage book

    the site I posted above was really easy and worked for french courses. I can't believe this is the only guy doing this. somehow the guy got the algorythme of google earth in his drawing material. everything was calculated automatic. you just place the tee mark and a flag in the middle of the green and the get any distance to and from those marks so if you pulled a line from the tees it would give you every 10 yard mark etc. same from the green centers. If you search the course in the region 34, then click massane and look for the one i've done you can see how this is great for tee to green strategy.
  13. 8 Tips to Speed Up Play

    if your playing around the green take the putter with you. Obviously you are playing to end up putting wy go back and forth to get the obvious material needed for the next shot ? in france this is a 2 minute loss per hole and per person with old timers walking slow and missing shots because unable to prepare the putt walking back and forth o get the putter they obviously were going to play on the next shot after a chip pitch/bunker shot.
  14. Hit it Over the Ditch or Lay up Short?

    230 yards thats 207 meters carry about so passing the ditch is a really really good 3 hybrid. a naturally good contacted 3 wood any type of not badly contacted drive. unless wind is involved. I feel the ditch is almost not in play from a back tee position I would have the tee more in the 250-260 yard range to make you think it over really hard. I'm a more lay up guy though. would prefer to lay up if needed, take double and most birdies out of the game and welcomes par and bogeys.
  15. Creating A yardage book

    yardage 2,0 was a great site for this. if anyone knows of an equivalent ? http://www.bastok.fr/yardage/bin/ you snap shoot picture of holes on google. the the device enable to position tees, flags and stuff then drag distances from this points. it doe'snt seem to work anymore the upload of images gives an error. there are still past book made though.