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  1. Your Home Course

    béziers saint thomas south of france. about 6750 yards. I like the 2 par 3 of 220 yards. you know you have 2 bogeys to fight before the round. one par 4 is 472 yards with uphill slope on the drive carry. thats the third bogey to fight with. I have less than 10% of GIR on those holes. those 3 holes are against the dominant wind coming at 10 o'clock. a slicers delight. (240 days of wind per year over 40 km/h thats about 25 miles/hour. we often have 60-80 km/h (37/50 miles). than we have 10 more days per year well over 100 km/h (62 miles).  2 par 5 have greens 30 yards up on a hill, they are therefore pretty much unreachable in two. bunkers are poor in this windy area. they are dryed up sun burned clay mostly. new sand gets blown away fast when repaired. clay brings up rocks as well with years. the greens are old style big circles, pretty flat but full of bumps and ditches so even good approach shot have very tricky 1-2 yard putt that finish with a bogey. the slopes are hard to read in the middle of all these light slopes. We are often totally wrong at 1-2 yards. some optical effets with the environment. on the 8th we often break uphill of the eye it's crazy.   the first 5 holes are short, tight in a pine forest area with doglegs and strategic tee shots. then from the 6th to the 12th it's very a wide plain (old sloppy wine yard) and very long hold area. we then go through french garrigue (1,5 yards high bushes very dense all over as first rough) with water obstacles all over from the 14th to the 17th. the 18th is back in pine forest land.
  2. Anyone play 5 wedges?

    thats a lot of club selection fr a not so low index. dont you think you could benefit more long term with technical game improvement ?
  3. Does the USGA Rules book make sense?

    I find it full of sense. It lacks illustration for the majority of "visual" people. The definitions are to be read first indeed. Maybe read a condensed rules guide first as well. The decisions give good examples to understand the rules as well. I always consult an online PDF of decisions, the rule is the first text anyway.  
  4. mode it's a conspiracy : ajustable clubs are useless. they are only made so the club industry can retreive shafts on unsold items. personnaly I believe this though. I have an ajustable RBZ S2. it's useless to ajust, it will only give false info.
  5. Colorado's Marijuana Banking Problem

    Paradoxically I remember having read in science mag that "medically" marijuana has no addiction substances. Addiction may come to tobacco when mixed with for consumption purposses. Therefore legalization cannot add to drug addiction.
  6. balls comes to rest against fallen OB stake

    thats a good question. I would consider that the stake marks the OB where it lies even if it is fallen or misplaced un less the committee is available for questioning as to where the OB is supposed to be. therefore if my ball is totally beyond the line from that stake to the next mark then my ball is out of bounds. If the ball lies within the ground I would have it as it lies and play it someway or take a relief such as unplayable etC.
  7. I feel it is odd and even out of place to classify or qualify people on the basis of sexual orientations.   sex is personal. why share this with people you dont have sex with ?
  8. Colorado's Marijuana Banking Problem

    I went to a french museum on alcohol. very interesting. it's several hundred years of work for the government to control this drug tax wise and impose rules on production. furthermore this is only distilation, not all other easy alcohol fruit fermentation such as wine.   I personally think alcohol is legal because it's a north hemisphere production and huge industry. this is not the case for many other less harmful drugs that are third world origin pretty much. Then there was the high added value cotton industry versus the cheap hemp fiber problem 250 years ago.      
  9. Rolling the Ball under preferred lies

    a lot of players in my area dont mark the ball and just roll it with a club. it gets a bit loud when you tell them how many penalties they should add to the score at the end of the round.  
  10. this is unacceptable to my point of view as a european. if poulter asks a favor to the player in a direct manner and gets it ok ti's an arrangement between tiers, he better pay off hard. though.  but it seams to me that reading this article I could believe a federal golf organization is behind this request to back off in favor of a player. I understand that poulter wishes to play elite golf on the pga (even though he plays crap in strokes he should better go for he asian tour for his game level) unfortunately he needs to play on the world 2-3rd division in Europe to keep his european card. (I say world  2 or 3rd division because it seams that webtour has a better level of play than the ET does). 12hours jet lag etc, poulter  goes for the minimum play plan and finally has a one event problem to be present. and has his card in stake. so what ? Now thats his problem not some other player on tour hoping to play and even win it why not jump his game on the win and beat nicklaus on major wins ? I would not dare as a federal organisation write an email or even make a phone call to ask someone to take bench. Thats pure cheating versus US eligibles or the golf spirit. Who cares about poulter anyway ? This is not the point but....  He is total crap in match play technically. He won 1-2 games drooling as an arse in the opponents neck and only the poor social media said that therefore he is a king in the manner. nobody can say the guy is good or believe that crap. he sucks. he always did. he only wants to play golf and works hard at it (fair to him) and stands by in nobody land to stay eligible. then he developed golf clothing industry for idiots and got heavy weight in the industry(he got that right there are many idiots to be client in our world). but who cares ? I wonder if his industry was or was not the official decision maker to cheat sport ?   
  11. never have seen my short game get worst with tour balls. I have 6 very used proviwans in my bag reserved for the chipping pitching area. try to get the max spin out of them and grind that white cover so it makes my wedges. it's my global game that is worst with tour balls. By that I mean that I'm not consistant enough to get performance out of tour balls. I do hit pretty far, like 165 with an 8 iron, but thats not fast enough for tour balls. So I play NXT or things like that at best. Shots are more often solid and have the distance needed. I play tour balls on pitch and putt courses though.
  12. Tiger's Future Wins....Predictions?

    I hope he wins them all.    
  13. Top ten golfers of all time!!

    Nicklaus woods hagen player watson Sarazen Palmer Snead Jones Vardon   This is the top ten in winning majors.   then trevino and faldo. I would add daly, singh and  boumboum         
  14. I recommend petrol/synthétique underwear/underskins and good high socks. underpants in winter are great. your legs are warms and they heat the whole body a lot. therefore less layers on top and a more free swing. legs are important to heat as they are a big area of contact to cold air and dispersion of body heat. the good thing is legs being dressed a lot does not harm your swing as much as the top of body overdressed. I get great equipment in the snowboard/ski area in sports shops. also athletic running area is great in winter. these guys want to stay light and warm. I use thin and hot under pants as well as the high part body underware.  Cant give up on that stuff since I've tried it. I even use it on the job so i stay in pants and shirts even in total winter. maybe a light sweater here and there. the stuff smells bad fast, wash it daily. anything close to the skin will warm you but collect microbes fast. get 2-3 pairs at least of each to turn stock. then a good and light wind breaker is a good isolation wind or not. again the ruling section is great they have stuff that makes no friction noise and straps are available on arms, bottom and neck to close ti all well.  
  15. Can't get irons in the air?

    if you pull your swing down like you would pull down a rope that rings a bell with two hands thanks to a body motion turn towards the target a good thing to explore is to keep the right hand behind the left at all time even after impact. (a sort of ne release plan even thought you will release latter a question of weight) your ball flight will be will be high yet penetrating and long with max spin control.   so pull the rope down and through the ball, dont release trying to square the club, you will find a great swing of golf and a little draw.