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  1. Is the 5W dead (replaced with hybrids)?

    If my driver is not behaving well, I much prefer to tee off with my 5 wood than my 3 wood. If the driver is not working well most likely the 3 wood won't either. However, the 5 wood is very forgiving all the time.
  2. Why won't they take steps to improve?

    The more I learn about the golf swing and how complex it is, the less qualified I feel about giving advice to others.
  3. Whats the most "unusual" club in your bag ?

    I carry a Ping 6 hybrid, 31 degrees. It carries the same distance as my 5 iron, but much easier to hit. Many people don't know a 6 hybrid exists.
  4. the ideal sized golf hole ?

    I'm a bogey golfer and for me a 6" hole would be perfect. I know it's never going to happen though.
  5. The most frustrating thing about golf is...

    Golf is like being married to a capricious woman. Sometimes she is in a good mood, sometimes she is in a bad mood. Sometimes she loves you, sometimes she hates you. Sometimes she wants to show the best of you, sometimes she wants to show the worst of you. And you have no clue how to deal with her. But divorce is not an option. You admit to yourself you can't live without her. And you accept the fact that the suffering will never end.
  6. depending on the course Driver + 5 wood +7 wood or 3 wood + 5 wood + 7 wood I don't like hybrids. My irons start at 4 iron.
  7. What I Like About Being a 15HC

    I really like your post. I feel pretty much the same way. Key word is CONFIDENCE. My driver and woods are sometimes erratic. But my irons, wedges and putting are very decent and I have total confidence there, even without warming up. I can play with anyone anywhere and not make a fool of myself. That's a good feeling. Thanks for sharing.
  8. SGI irons for a 9.9 HI...

    I know a single digit handicap golfer who plays with Ping G30 and graphite shafts, and he hits the ball beautifully.
  9. Shoulder Turn

    For me, thinking of turning my shoulders does not work well. However, thinking of turning my back works a lot better. It's not necessarily the same thing.
  10. Does your Gap wedge match iron set or not?

    I carry a matching 50 lob wedge that I use for full shots and a 50 degree Cleveland wedge that I use for half swing wedge shots and some bunker shots.
  11. Challenging Yourself vs Having Fun

    There are times in life for everything. Sometimes you want to be number one at something and are willing to spend time and effort on it. Other times you just want to relax and have fun. Life needs a balance. If I tried to be number one at everything I do every single day I would explode. For me it was important to learn the sport well enough to be a bogey golfer, with some occasional scores in the mid 80's. I have reached that point.  I'm perfectly happy with that. So now when I play golf I just want to relax, have fun and forget about work.
  12. What is your target score?

    I'm a bogey player, so I always shoot for 85 and once in a while it happens.
  13. I wish I could carry de Decisions Book too. Just carry a pocket size rule book in the bag.
  14. Why is Polygamy Illegal?

    Colombia has gorgeous women. Some years ago I was meting with a high government official and he asked me what I thought of Colombia. I said Colombia was "almost perfect". He obviously went on to ask why "almost". I responded that Colombia would be a "perfect" country when they legalized polygamy. He laughed, but then asked me "have you realized that more wives mean more mothers in law? I laughed too and said "Never thought of that. You are right. I better stay monogamous"
  15. Longest Iron in Your Bag (and why?)

    4 iron but only off the tee. From the fairway 5 iron at most.