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  1. What do you HATE the most about golf?

    Slow play, bumpy greens. At my club the 14th green is right next to the parking lot, so a lot of times that's all I play. 18 holes take too much time.
  2. cart bag quality ??

    I love the quality of Titleist bags. I don't like the quality of Callaway or Cleveland bags.
  3. Upgrade from SGI irons

    Try Ping i irons.
  4. What ball, and why

    For years I played Titleist NXT Tour S. Now that my swing has improved and I don't lose balls as much as before (these days I lose one ball per round at most) I have switched to Pro V1 and I love them. Hard to say why. Great feeling off the club face, nice flight, stops on the green, putts nice, etc. My drives are better, my irons shots are better. I do not like Pro V1x. It feels harder off the face.
  5. Spikeless. Ecco brand.
  6. graphite or steel irons?

    I have two sets of Ping i20 irons, one with steel shafts and one with graphite shafts. By the way, I'm 58 average build. For me the graphite shafts were too light. I simply could not produce a good swing or a good tempo. I went back to the steel shafts and my swing was back. For many people the weight of the club helps a lot with rythm and tempo. I have the feeling that even as I get older and weaker I will stay with steel shafts. They just feel a lot more natural to my swing.
  7. graphite or steel irons?

    Yes, stay away from graphite in irons. My opinion.
  8. Cant seem to get my shoulder under chin

    My guess is your head too much down. look at this video by shawn humphries. helped me a lot. you may also have a flexibility problem.
  9. Do new irons have too much distance?

    Manufacturers have strengthened lofts AND lengthened shafts
  10. How much does temperature affect distance?

    The density of air changes A LOT with temperature. I'm sure you can find charts and tables on this. For me theres a one club difference between playing very early morning and playing at 2:00 pm.
  11. Blade vs Mallet Putters

    Some putters are "face balanced" (mostly mallets) and some putters are "toe balanced" (mostly blades) and one of them is usually better for your type of swing. It does make a difference. Ping makes some putters in between. Length is also important. Too long or too short is bad for your technique.
  12. Specifically talking about irons, for many years now golf club companies have released one model after the other, claiming all kinds of technological breakthroughs that will deliver more distance. In my experience, sometimes there are some small distance gains, sometimes there are none. However, also in my experience, the irons that deliver more distance are also less accurate, meaning more dispersion. I'd like to know if other people feel the same way. Are we sacrificing one thing for the other?
  13. I'm 58 years old. I used to play a 10.5 degree driver with a Regular flex shaft. For two years I tried to master my 3 wood off the tee thinking it would give me more distance and accuracy. It was a complete failure. The 3 wood was very difficult to hit well for me. I changed to a 12 degree driver with a regular flex shaft and I'm hitting better than ever. I don't carry a 3 wood any more. If I don't want to use the driver I'll use a 5 wood. By the way, I tried the 12 degree driver with a senior flex shaft and the ball ballooned too much. I guess I still have enough swing speed for a regular flex. But the change to 12 degrees was key.
  14. How much hip turn?

    What I have read many times is that you do not rotate your hips intentionally, it just happens when you rotate your shoulders. It took me a while to learn to do it properly. Just make sure your abs are not tight. Be as loose as possible in your hips. Then turn your back towards the target and your hips will follow on their own. Try this. Stand up fully erect. Your hips nice and loose. Now turn your back towards the target and your hips will follow. Many movements are easier to understand when you do them fully erect, as if the ball were shoulder height.