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  1. Changes in your bag that you are most excited about

    I'm excited about my new Cleveland Smart Sole chipping wedge. Used it on last round a couple of times and it was great. This club is only 35 inches in length biut gas a 42 degree loft.
  2. I love the NXT Tour S and it's the only ball I use. I really like the soft feel. I use mostly the yellow version and I think it's the nicest shade of yellow out there (other brands the yellow balls are too greenish) NXT Tour does fly longer but to me feels too hard off the face. I've tried Pro V1 and Pro V1s and I just don't like the feel. Can't exactly say why.  It may be a mental thing.
  3. Love my 7 wood. I like woods better than hybrids.
  4. Mother in law stories

    Colombia is famous for its beautiful women (e.g., Sofia Vergara). Some years ago I was talking to a high government official there and I said Colombia was "almost" perfect. He asked why. I replied Colombia would be perfect when they legalize poligamy. He laughed and then added jokingly to be careful because more women mean more mothers in law!!! I said you are right, better stick to monogamy.
  5. To Driving Iron or not to driving iron

    Same for me. DI is a waste of money.
  6. How is distance really affected by cold weather?

    I don't have an exact number in mind but research says that air temperature has a significant effect on ball flight because it strongly affects air density. For me, between warm weather and cold weather it's one club difference. Contrary to popular belief, air humidity has a very limited effect on ball flight. Humid air is less dense that dry air (that's why clouds float) and thus the ball should fly a longer distance. However, the effect is so small you shouldn't worry about it. I've read a couple of articles, including one by Titleist, saying that the difference between really humid air and bone dry air, everything else being the same, is less than three yards.
  7. Excuses Why You Have To Go Play Golf

    I tell my wife "either I go play golf or I stay home watching the Golf Channel". The response is "go play golf" (she hates the Golf Channel)
  8. How good is good enough for your game?

    I have a family and a corporate job. I never have time to practice. I just show up at my club once a week and play a round. That's all the practice I get. In spite of this I usually shoot around 90, sometimes a little less. I'm very happy with that. 
  9. Ready Golf vs Waiting for everyone at the green

    That is correct. I've seen many articles and books that say that farthest from the hole hits first, regardless if they are on or off the green. And regardless if the others are on or off the green.
  10. I love my 31 degree hybrid. Carries like a 5 iron but much easier to hit. I use it 4 or 5 times per round.
  11. Large mirror in my living room
  12. Ping G30s, do you like them?

    In the last four years I've purchased at least ten different sets of irons, different brands and models. By far the brand that has worked best for me has been Ping, models G25, i20 and i25. (I have not tried G30 but they should be just as good as the others) Close second: Titleist AP1.
  13. Interesting Pairing and an Etiquette Lesson

    I have a book on the rules of golf and there's an introduction on basic etiquette and it clearly says the person farthest from the hole goes first, even if someone else is in a bunker closer to the hole.