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  1. arturo28mx added a post in a topic Challenging Yourself vs Having Fun   

    There are times in life for everything. Sometimes you want to be number one at something and are willing to spend time and effort on it. Other times you just want to relax and have fun. Life needs a balance. If I tried to be number one at everything I do every single day I would explode.
    For me it was important to learn the sport well enough to be a bogey golfer, with some occasional scores in the mid 80's. I have reached that point.  I'm perfectly happy with that. So now when I play golf I just want to relax, have fun and forget about work.
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  2. arturo28mx added a post in a topic What is your target score?   

    I'm a bogey player, so I always shoot for 85 and once in a while it happens.
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  3. arturo28mx added a post in a topic Do you carry the Rules of Golf with you when you play?   

    I wish I could carry de Decisions Book too. Just carry a pocket size rule book in the bag.
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  4. arturo28mx added a post in a topic Why is Polygamy Illegal?   

    Colombia has gorgeous women. Some years ago I was meting with a high government official and he asked me what I thought of Colombia. I said Colombia was "almost perfect". He obviously went on to ask why "almost". I responded that Colombia would be a "perfect" country when they legalized polygamy.
    He laughed, but then asked me "have you realized that more wives mean more mothers in law?
    I laughed too and said "Never thought of that. You are right. I better stay monogamous"
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  5. arturo28mx added a post in a topic Longest Iron in Your Bag (and why?)   

    4 iron but only off the tee. From the fairway 5 iron at most.
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  6. arturo28mx added a post in a topic What are your own personal tips and tricks for better play and a more enjoyable game all around?   

    1. Walk
    2. Play early in the morning.
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  7. arturo28mx added a post in a topic Carry distances and the weather   

    Humid air is LESS dense than dry air. That's why clouds float.
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  8. arturo28mx added a post in a topic hit down on the ball   

    I've been playing golf for four years and it wasn't until this year that I can hit down on the ball. I don't take divots. I just brush the grass in front of the ball, but surprisingly that's enough to get solid shots.

    For me, the key to hitting down is a good weight transfer to the front leg.
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  9. arturo28mx added a post in a topic Newbie question: Is driving the hardest part of golf?   

    We need to define the meaning of "hardest". Does "hardest" mean the type of shot that an average player requires the most time and effort to learn to do properly? In my view, irons are the hardest because you need to hit the ball in the right direction AND the right distance. With the driver, you just need to hit the ball in the right direction but distance wise it does not have to be exact. You just hit it as far as you can.

    However, the driver is the club where usually a bad shot penalizes you the most (e.g., stroke and distance if you go out of bounds or you lose the ball), more than a bad iron shot or a bad putt.

    For me, I get much more satisfaction out of a good iron shot than a good drive
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  10. arturo28mx added a post in a topic Lie Angle Question   

    My opinion. One degree upright is not that big of a deal. Two degrees is a different story.

    Most Titleist irons come from the factory one degree more upright than other brands. Nobody seems to care.

    A very slight change in posture or how high you grip the club may cause the club to lie one degree more upright or more flat. It's normal.

    If you have the time and money, do it. Your clubs will be more perfect. But if you don't do it, the impact in your game will be smaller than that of many other more important factors that affect ball striking.

    Again this is my opinion. Other people will surely differ.
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  11. arturo28mx added a post in a topic Ping G30 vs. i20 drivers?   

    I have a Titleist 913D2 driver. Today I changed the interchangeable weight on the head from 7 grams to 4 grams. A 3 gram difference. The feel of the club was very different and I gained about 5-10 yards distance because of a slightly higher clubhead speed. However, the club felt too light for my swing. I have gone back to the 7 gram weight.
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  12. arturo28mx added a post in a topic Pulling dilemma...   

    I'm currently struggling with pulls and have done a lot of research on the subject. There can be many causes to a pull. Yes it's usually due to an out-to-in swing but this also can have many causes. Some things to check:

    1.Overactive hips (hip turn occurs too early)
    2. Swinging too steep and/or out of plane
    3. Overactive hands/forearms
    4. Too strong grip
    5. At address, club is leaning left too much (causes a too strong grip and a backswing out of plane)
    6.Right shoulder moves to the front instead of down on the downswing, so you are casting the club.

    I recommend you do some swings in slow motion (as slow as you can) and observe how your body is moving and the path of the club head so you can do your own diagnosis.
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  13. arturo28mx added a post in a topic True Temper XP95 Shafts   

    They are indeed lighter. I'm 58 years old and for me they worked very well. I've read other posts where people really like them. For me, Dynamic Gold are too heavy and require a lot of effort to swing them.
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  14. arturo28mx added a post in a topic Ping G30 vs. i20 drivers?   

    Question for Ping driver owners:

    Some years back many people wrote that Ping drivers usually had in reality higher lofts than marked on the head. For example, a 10.5 driver was really 11.5 or 12 degrees. I even remember a couple of people saying that when they asked Ping to send them heads with exactly 10.5 degrees (measured)  they got heads marked 9.5.

    Do you think this is still the case?

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  15. arturo28mx added a post in a topic driving irons   

    This was exactly my experience. I had two driving irons last year but could not hit them well because I did not have enough clubhead speed.
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