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  1. Spalding TPM 12 putter project

    Glad you liked it! The paintfill was the most fun. I used cheapie nail polish. It will be interesting to see how it holds up, but since it is not really going to be hitting the ground much it should last. I can't wait to find a new putter to work on!
  2. Hey everyone, hope you all are having a great weekend. Here are a few pictures of a little project I worked on the last week. Starting point was a thriftstore TPM 12 I picked up for a dollar. Plan was to fix her up and gun blue, gold paintfill, etc. I realized halfway through that there is some kind of finish that won't accept gunblue so it became a different project. I didn't get all the dings out, but it did turn Into a much nicer putter. [IMG][IMG][/IMG][/IMG]
  3. Thank you everyone for the replies! I have been writing a paper all day on the international trade patterns of Monaco and this was a very fun distraction! The way I look at it is worst case I have already got my 1 dollar worth just by messing around with it and learning a few things. I will probably keep it around for a while and maybe look at replacing the shaft. I don't think that graphite shaft was ever meant for a putter.  I get a kick out of just finding random stuff at thrift stores. Here are a few pictures of a size comparison with a Ping cushin 4 from the late 70's . And just for fun the new project I also scored for a dollar... Thinking about a gun blue finish with gold paintfill.
  4. No markings on the sole. It is strange because it seems to be a really well built piece with well done milling but not a mark on it.
  5. Hello all, I recently bough this putter from a thrift store. It is milled with what appears to be a urethane insert. It has heel and toe weights milled into the face as well. No markings of any kind as to manufacturer or model. It has a graphite Muscle by Fenwick ultralight shaft and a golfpride softie grip. Any info would be appreciated! And by the way, it rolls like crap, probably a result of the weird shaft.
  6. I was given an old Adams Redline RPM driver that I am planning on repainting. It says on the driver that it has a composite top, so I am worried about using paint stripper on the club. Would the paint stripper mess up the composite top? If paint stripper is a bad idea, should I just use sandpaper to take the finish off? I plan on using a three part paint process utilizing automotive paint spray cans and wetsanding. I was given the club without a head cover, so I ordered on ebay a new head cover that comes with the removable weights. Hopefully I can get the club looking nice and have a driver that I can use for a few years. Finally, Is it worth spending thirty bucks or so on this driver? I don't have an emotional attachment or anything. I am just trying to put together a decent bag for as cheap as possible. Thanks for the help and your time!