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    Need a club to fill a gap in my game, ideas?
    Thanks in advance to any who can provide some insight into finding a club that matches the rest of my game.  Long story short, I use some draw biased clubs and have a gap that I need to fill between my driver 200-220 yards on the fly and my 5H 140-150 yards on the fly.  I can hit my 3H 170 but it’s much more inconsistent and I need a club I can hit 200 Yards accurately from the fairway.  Basically I am costing myself a stroke on long par 4 and par 5’s due to this gap and could use recommendations for a club that would fill this gap.  Below are more details of how I got to where I am, what clubs I am using, and what I think I should use.

    I recently picked up golfing again after a long 7 year break and have had to rebuild my swing and golf clubs to match.  My default swing produces a dramatic slice (surprise)… with some hard work at the range and some new clubs I have improved my game.  I started by switching to Power Play System Q Hybrid’s AW – 4H with UST iRod shafts.  I was able to quickly improve my swing to play from AW-5H straight and true 90+% of the time.  The 4H I am only 70% with.  I then turned my attention to my driver… which I have never been able to hit even when I had a HC of 8.  I looked at the Acer Thriver and Acer Draw drivers and even though the Acer draw was the driver I should have selected based upon my severe slice ball path… I went with the Acer Thriver at 44” on a UST V2 shaft.  It is amazing, I have never been able to hit my driver and now I can put it where I want when I want; all this has brought my score in to the low 90s on a bad day and low 80s on good days (which I am very happy with)…. But as I mentioned I am costing strokes on the longer holes for no good reason. I recently bought the 3H to match the rest of my Hybrids and hoped with some practice and a few changes in the weights I can get the 3H and 4H into the 90+% range and bridge this gap, but it has been more challenging than I thought and I can’t hit it as far as I need; given how easy it was for me to select the right clubs Thriver etc… and drop me from 120 stroke games (sigh…don’t ask) to 90s with a few days at the range, I figure I should be able to pick the right 200 yard club to fix my gap for the long fairways.

    What I would like ideally is another Thriver but designed as a fairway wood (if the Thriver is a 3 wood with a longer shaft and redesigned head than why not a 4 wood or 5 wood with a longer shaft and redesigned head? – a FivER per se?).  I haven’t found my dream club so what I figure as ideal is a 17 deg fairway wood (more loft than a three to help give more backspin and reduce slice) with a strong draw face (what can I say I love the heal of the club) and 43” shaft. To do that I guess I would need to start with a 4W with draw face and reshaft...Okay any ideas or do I need to call Acer and see if they want to make me a FivER because I just don’t have the time to really improve my game much more.
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