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  1. JET949 added a post in a topic What is the best driver shaft you have ever used?   

    Fujikura Speeders are indeed smooth.

    If it's been 20 years, I'd probably make sure you're using the right flex if anything.
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  2. JET949 added a post in a topic Most forgiving irons   

    Unintentionally marketing here, but I have a set of Adams A7OS irons that are literally the most forgiving irons I've ever shot.

    They hit long and ridiculously easy.

    They've been used thrice out of the plastic and were opened a month ago brand new.

    Let me know if you're interested!
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  3. JET949 added a post in a topic Need Help Deciding on what Irons to buy?   

    How much are you willing to spend?
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  4. JET949 added a post in a topic What did you buy on your last trip to the golf store?   

    A 9.5* Titleist 983k with a stiff speeder shaft that I honestly can't hit for the life of me.
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  5. JET949 added a post in a topic Golf clothing is overpriced   

    As a new golfer, I'm under the impression that everything golf related is overpriced...
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  6. JET949 added a post in a topic March Madness Baby!   

    Would love to see Gonzaga's cinderella story go all the way.

    Miami is looking pretty sharp though!
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  7. JET949 added a post in a topic Manti Te'o's dead girlfrined story a hoax???   

    In my opinion, this dude really lost his man-card with this hoax.

    The media and controversy seemed to affect his combine results and he's a small linebacker.

    Potential bust in my eyes.
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  8. JET949 added a post in a topic Playing in heavier clothing   

    Though I'm from Texas, it can get pretty cold and I had a friend who wear basketball shorts to any and everything. I swear the guy never wore jeans until his freshman year in college.

    More on topic though, I have a hard time hitting with a jacket on period so I just wear my usual under armor. Sorry for being cliche.
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  9. JET949 added a post in a topic New School Pitching   

    i always was under the impression that a pitch shot your club head begins and ends above your hands and a chip shot is the opposite.

    the video shows a pitch...chip shot?
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  10. JET949 added a post in a topic Playing in heavier clothing   

    ^Not everyone has thick skin like you Colorado folks!

    Some people (like myself) don't like being in 50 degree weather without a sweater
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