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  1. MikeBravoAlpha added a post in a topic Cheapest Greens Fees You've Paid in the Past Year?   

    The course I play at (Waihee Municipal Golf Course) is $20.00 with cart. I just started golfing about 8 months ago, Once I hit under 100...I'll go move on to another course. Haha
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  2. MikeBravoAlpha added a post in a topic what bag do you rock?   

    OGIO Sultan II
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  3. MikeBravoAlpha added a post in a topic wedge set up with burner 2.0 irons and iron question   

    I myself just bought the Driver(10.5 Deg), 3W, 5W, 3H(18 Deg), 4-9irons, PW(45 Deg), AW(50 Deg) Wedges all Burner 2.0's and a SW(56 Deg) TM ATV + putter. Which makes 14 total clubs. I got myself a 3H because of not having the confidence of hitting my 4I and never looked back. I hit the hybrid a lot more consistent then the long iron. On Wedges, The AW came with the set when I made the purchase but to tell you the truth, I haven't used it at all. From about 100yrds I use my PW, anything closer I use my SW with adjusting my swings (full, 3/4, 1/2 etc.) I guess it's all personal preference on the wedges. But I love my Burner 2.0 I just got into the game of golf about 6 months ago. Damn I'm addicted to it. LOL.
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  4. MikeBravoAlpha added a post in a topic What ball(s) is in your bag?   

    In my bag I have some Precepts, Taylormade Burners & Taylormade Lethals. Precepts for high risk of losing ball, burners for medium risk and Lethals for Low risk. Haha I hate losing any type of ball but expensive once make it worse...lol.
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  5. MikeBravoAlpha added a post in a topic Heat vs Spurs Game 7   

    Lets Go Spurs...I'm not really a NBA fan but I just dislike Bosh, he's not a part of the big 3. He is not as dominate as the other two. What cracks me up is when they all announced that they (James & Bosh) we joining the Heat. Plus their celebration to the team with coming up/raising from the ground and confetti everywhere was just over the top and hilarious. And have 4-5-6 Championships hahaha. I hope they lose!
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  6. MikeBravoAlpha added a post in a topic what is your go to shot from 100 yards in the fairway?   

    It would be a nice and easy/full swing of my PW for me!
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  7. MikeBravoAlpha added a post in a topic What did you buy on your last trip to the golf store?   

    Two golf shirts (purple and yellow) from the PGA store at the Vegas Airport, $20 each. United Airlines terminal. Then dropped $20 in the slot machine(Wheel of Fortune) right before boarding and won $75. Haha...free shirts!
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  8. MikeBravoAlpha added a post in a topic Average Distances... How far do you hit each club? and don't lie...   

    Driver: 250 3W: 225 5W: 210 Hybrid: 190 4I: 170 5I: 160 6I: 150 7I: 140 8I: 130 9I: 120 PW: 100 AW: 90 SW 56*: 80
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  9. MikeBravoAlpha added a post in a topic What's Your Ball Marker?   

    I keep two in my pocket while playing and use whatever I pull out first, my San Francisco 49ers or United States Marine Corp ball marker. Ooorah!!!
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  10. MikeBravoAlpha added a post in a topic Wal-Mart Puts golf balls on lock down...   

    It never passed my mind to do such a thing but here on Maui's Walmart, it's open...maybe because its located on the last row, back in the corner where people hardly pass. But I must admit, it's part of my Walmart ritual to pass that isle to dream of what golf ball to try next...lol.
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  11. MikeBravoAlpha added a post in a topic What did you buy on your last trip to the golf store?   

    Next on the list for me is a new putter. Hopefully somewhere in town has a sale soon. Not like others, I only have two shops/stores to go to. (Sports Authority and Roger Dunn) =(
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  12. MikeBravoAlpha added a post in a topic What did you buy on your last trip to the golf store?   

    A dozen balls of Taylormade Lethals & TW13 Nike Golf shoes. =)
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