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  1. Party added a post in a topic GD's Resiliency Quiz   

    30 which seems lower than most here and doesn't surprise me.  When things go bad I don't always show it on the outside; however, I am most definitely boiling on the inside.
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  2. Party added a post in a topic Address routine   

    The flat board and impact tape measure the lie angle at impact though and not at address.  Guessing most golfers impact the ball a little above the shaft plane at address, I know I do.
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  3. Party added a post in a topic Address routine   

    About mid-summer I started doing this and it has helped me not only with my club face but also with my stance. It has given me a lot more confidence that if I can make a good swing it will pay off. When teeing off, I find a spot that stands out around where I want to be on the tee box.  I position my ball there. In play it is obviously different; however, there is usually some spot that you can identify to assist you with your setup.
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  4. Party added a post in a topic Aged Golf Balls   

    Found this article which basically states a golf ball should be OK for 10 or so years in the proper conditions.  I think the most important question you would need to ask yourself is what are you trying to get out of a golf ball (distance, spin, control, etc.)?  There are many options now that cater to different swing speeds, shot trajectory, etc.  There are options online to help narrow down the options.  Here are a couple...

    Titleist - http://www.titleist.com/golf-ball-fitting/
    Bridgestone - http://www.bridgestonegolf.com/product/ball-fitting
    Srixon - http://ballselector.srixon.com/
    Nike - http://www.nike.com/nikegolf/ballrecommender/us/en_us/#/
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  5. Party added a post in a topic Analyze or Not Analyze Your Swing   

    Just signed up for Evolvr.  Hopefully my experience is similar to others on here.
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  6. Party added a post in a topic Analyze or Not Analyze Your Swing   

    My fear is that the image on camera isn't as great as the current feel and results.  As ridiculous as it sounds, even when things are good I manage to find a way to mess it up when I start filming my swing.  Then that minor change leads me to changing other things and it escalates. I think the answer is simple, I just need to get on Evolvr to nail down a priority piece.  It is tough for me to be a Stupid Monkey without complete confidence in the piece I am working on.
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  7. Party added a post in a topic LSW/Shot Zone Question   

    I would agree with this and would take a similar approach but probably not as far as the centerline of the rough, probably in between the left rough and middle of the fairway.  Hit it straight or with a little draw and you are on the left side of the fairway.  Push it and you are on the right side of the fairway.  Pull or hook and you are safe with a good opportunity to still make par.  Hit a bad push or banana slice you are OB but should probably be penalized anyways.

    There appears to be no trouble on the left outside of the rough or another fairway.  You are leaving yourself more club in when you go left over there; however, there appears to be plenty of room between the water and green to run a longer iron up there.  If the hole is your nemesis, then giving yourself an opportunity at par every time should be your goal in my opinion.  Targeting the left side should do that.
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  8. Party added a topic in Instruction and Playing Tips   

    Analyze or Not Analyze Your Swing
    Right now I am playing really well.  I had been focusing on getting my hands deeper and not picking up the club early in the backswing.  I am keeping my right elbow tucked to my side so I don't feel like the club is flattening out by getting my hands deeper.  I feel that I am staying more on plane during my backswing and it has really seemed to set me up in a great position to attack the ball.  Since these changes in feel, I haven't really analyzed my swing on camera.  The question is, when things are going well should you just forget about analyzing your swing?  Maybe I should be analyzing to see what is working?  The problem I fear there is that I will find something I don't like as I always do.  I will make some alteration and it will throw things off.  Anyone else struggle with this or have any suggestions on how to not mess things up when you are playing well?  Maybe I should just get on Evolvr finally so that I can be instructed to make the right changes and not create issues when I am playing well.
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  9. Party added a post in a topic 2014 PGA Championship Prediction Contest, Win Bridgestone Golf Balls!   

    "I was B-Fit for Bridgestone Tour B-330S golf balls".

    1. Matt Kuchar -13
    2. Hideki Matsuyama -13
    3. Brian Harman -13
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  10. Party added a post in a topic 2014 Open Championship (British Open) at Royal Liverpool Discussion Thread   

    I don't disagree that he needs reps and that he wanted to make the cut.  Just wasn't the feeling I was getting when watching him go through the motions.
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  11. Party added a post in a topic 2014 Open Championship (British Open) at Royal Liverpool Discussion Thread   

    Guess that answers my question, Tiger bounces back with a Birdie on 18.  I get that he must have been burning inside on 17, just never seen him walk up and just quickly hit balls like that.  Seemed like that happened quite often today and made it seem to me like he was disinterested.  Part of me was thinking after 17 that he didn't really want to make the cut if he wasn't going to be in the mix coming into Saturday.   Would like to see Fowler win one this weekend.
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  12. Party added a post in a topic 2014 Open Championship (British Open) at Royal Liverpool Discussion Thread   

    Does Tiger want to make the cut?  Honest question.  Just seems disinterested on 17.
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  13. Party added a post in a topic What is your (current) favorite swing thought?   

    I have a couple, I know probably not the best idea but playing well lately.

    Elbow glued to the right side on the takeaway along with a Rickie Fowler like takeaway (not as extreme but trying to get that feeling).
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  14. Party added a post in a topic How do you grip the club?   

    Since I don't have big hands I can't be sure.  Since the same size grip fits larger in smaller hands versus larger hands, I would think that increasing the size of the grip would move you more towards an interlocking grip since it is fitting larger in your hands.  In reality it is all about personal preference.  If overlap feels better after some practice then go with.  You will need to give it a chance as it will probably feel awkward at first.
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  15. Party added a post in a topic How do you grip the club?   

    Switched from Vardon to Interlocking about 5 years ago.  I have smaller hands and at least feel that my hands are working together more, even if they don't sometimes.
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