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  1. What clubs do a 3 and 4 hybrid replace?

    I'm sorry I should have mentioned the loft of my pitching wedge is 45 and for my SW it's 55. A niblick? Is that like a chipper or putting wedge?
  2. What clubs do a 3 and 4 hybrid replace?

    I was actually able to hit the 4 pretty well but if I'm suppose to be comparing hitting that one with hittin the 4H I'm much better with the hybrid. So in theory if I would replace the 3 clubs with the 2 hybrids what would be a good way to fill the last spot in my bag?
  3. I just started golfing regularly and i've been using a starter set that includes a 12 degree driver, 16 degree 3W, 22 degree 7W, 3-PW, a SW plus a HLW. Now I bought two hybrids a 20 degree 3 hybrid and a 24 degree 4 hybrid. I bought them to replace the 3Iron because I just had a horrible time hitting it consistently. I wasn't sure which exactly to get so since I got a good deal to buy both and I was able to hit them both pretty well I ended up buying both of them. Now I don't know which clubs in my set I should replace I hit the 3W better than the 7 I'm ok with the 4I and like I said straight junk with the 3I so I'm hoping these clubs work to fill the gap between the 3W and the 4I? Please help this rookie out