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  1. ckermes added a post in a topic Who's going to win the Australian Open?   

    This is going to turn out to be a battle on the back 9. Scott wants the Australian triple crown and Rory wants to show he's back from last year. If you are still awake tune into the Golf Channel to catch the matchup.
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  2. ckermes added a post in a topic Putter Grip - what to do?   

    Like the old saying "if it aint broke don't fix it."
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  3. ckermes added a post in a topic Your Best Moments This Past Golf Season (2013)   

    Definitely chipping in from 40 yards while playing with strangers. It felt good off the club and continued right on into the hole.

    Another good one was a birdie on a pretty easy par 4 followed by a birdie on a par 5 dog leg left where i bombed my drive over the trees in the dog leg (mainly an accidental hook that just happened to land in the fairway but I'll take it). Par 3 followed with a par and then another birdie on the next par 4. Needless to say that was my best stretch of holes of the summer.
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  4. ckermes added a post in a topic Heavy shaft   

    Thank you very much for your help MVMAC. Also thanks k-troop for that tip. I will definitely look into it.
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  5. ckermes added a post in a topic Heavy shaft   

    Thanks for the help. You may have explained this but l may not understand completely. I understand that there are different weight shafts as well as each weight shaft having different flexes. So say I'm going to buy the club from globalgolf.com or another online retailer, how do I go about getting it fit with a heavier shaft? Or do I need to go into a store in order to get the club I want with the heavier shaft.
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  6. ckermes added a topic in Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting   

    Heavy shaft
    If was testing out 3 woods at a golf store today and the person I was talking with suggested a 83 gram shaft for my swing speeds. I was swinging in the 105-110mph range. When I went online to look at possible used clubs with 83 gram shafts all I can find is stiff and extra stiff clubs. Would an 83 gram shaft be extra stiff? He said that I wanted "the heaviest shaft that didn't involve getting a custom shaft." When I tested out the heavier shaft it definitely made a difference in my accuracy so I know that this is the shaft that I need to get. Thank you for your help, Casey
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  7. ckermes added a topic in Instruction and Playing Tips   

    Bunker Tips
    Lately when I've gotten stuck in a bunker it has been a death wish. Yesterday I made a ten on a hole after I nailed a bunker shot 30 yards into another bunker which I then took 3 shots out of and then 3 putted. So what's the one thing someone has told you to think about in the bunker to get back out?
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  8. ckermes added a post in a topic Nike Mojo Golf Balls   

    I played mojo balls at the start of the summer as they were given as a gift from my parents. The green side spin leaves a lot left to be desired. I usually play a pro v1 and where the pro v1 checks the Nike mojo glides another 5-10 feet across the green. I can get plenty of spin on them from 100+ yards to stop it on the green but green side shots roll out quite a bit.
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  9. ckermes added a post in a topic How to participate in the Web.com tour   

    Not sure if you are still looking but I just found this on the web.com tours website. http://www.pgatour.com/webcom/news/2013/06/26/qualifying-tournament.html
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  10. ckermes added a post in a topic My Swing (ckermes)   

    Recently I have been hitting the ball well until I start setting up to close to my ball. This causes my arms to just flip around and who I knows where the ball is going to end up. Is anything I can do to work on how far I set up my feet from the ball?
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  11. ckermes added a post in a topic Taylormade Tour Preferred irons? Suggestions or reviews?   

    I got them at golfers warehouse and they were the demo model so 500 dollars and then I paid for larger grips.
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  12. ckermes added a post in a topic Taylormade Tour Preferred irons? Suggestions or reviews?   

    I just bought a set if the taylormade mc irons today. Got the lies adjusted and larger grips put on. I hit them on the range after and I've never hit the ball better or more consistently. Highly recommended.
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  13. ckermes added a post in a topic lack of etiquette....   

    I am definitely not old enough to be telling someone else how to parent. However what Spyder is talking about parents taking the time to actually teach a child how to behave is something that is rare these. I have a few friends that have parents very similar to Spyders and when we were young they always thought it wasn't fair yet today in their twenties they are very glad their parents raised them the way they did. To an extent it is difficult to be mad at the kids that have never been shown "correct" way to act.
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  14. ckermes added a post in a topic My Swing (ckermes)   

    I have been working on a one piece takeaway which is helping me square the club at impact. My problem now is an outside in swing path. I have been trying to shorten my backswing and keep my right elbow from fish tailing out. Are there any drills that will help me with my swing path?
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  15. ckermes added a post in a topic Its funny when chops play blades.   

    Is the biggest advantage to playing blades the ability to work the ball?
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