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  1. RANDYWILDMAN added a post in a topic The "Stop Conning Yourself" Thread   

    I can't draw the ball. I can only hit it straight or baby fade or banana slice.

    I can't hit the fairway very often. my stats show that I don't hit enough fairways.
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  2. RANDYWILDMAN added a post in a topic The Dan Plan - 10,000 Hours to Become a Pro Golfer (Dan McLaughlin)   

    It rains too much to produce much in the way of professional golfers though. I live here and I love it, 3/4 of the years we have mud balls though
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  3. RANDYWILDMAN added a post in a topic 2015 Masters Prediction Contest! Win a Set of PURE Grips!   

    If I win DTX firm grips to start my 2015 golf season with a Pure advantage !


    Jimmy Walker -11
    Jordan Speith -8
    jason day -8
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  4. RANDYWILDMAN added a post in a topic Looking for a good, well made, long lasting shag bag.   

    I have a shag bag made by Jones, who makes old school carry bags. this thing is bomb proof with a plastic tube. it was made in 1989 for some member guest in california. I got it in 2008 and it works great.

    sorry I looked at Jones site and they no longer sell them, The current tommy armour style looks a lot like mine
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  5. RANDYWILDMAN added a post in a topic How many balls   

    I keep 9 balls in the bag. 2 sleeve's new and 3 leftover balls.

    I keep a dozen or two at home new. 100 ball used for the shag bag
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  6. RANDYWILDMAN added a post in a topic Lefties get no respect...   

    I started hitting the ball right handed. both of my left handed grandparents had been stuck with a rulers at school so they both write with there right, golf with the left :)

    My grandpa would have none of it and he bought me lefty kids clubs. I grew out of those and end up buying a set of wilson Patty berg set at a garage sale for like $5 heavy worn out and made with a righties name on them.

    My mom bought my next set in High school. I got a Fuzzy Zoeller set of lefty clubs, once again a righty stamped their name on a club they could not play :)

    I was playing with another lefty the other day and we both complained up and down about how our lefty money was not as good as righties. He wanted Mizuno woods and the rep said to his face never gonna happen. I was complaining about an Odessey putter that I loved at Golf Galaxy that callaway only makes right handed. I was like the face of Odessey putters is Phil Michelson the lefty, they should never make a righty only putter !
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  7. RANDYWILDMAN added a post in a topic 2014 British Open Contest: Win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver!   

    I want to win a Callaway big bertha driver !

    Sergio Garcia -10
    Henrick Stenson -10
    Rory Mcilroy -9

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  8. RANDYWILDMAN added a post in a topic FOOTJOY CITY, dropping april 15   

    heck yeah, got my FJ city's today and they rock. Taking them out to the course on Friday, hope it doesn't rain, but oh well if it does!

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  9. RANDYWILDMAN added a post in a topic Big Break Florida (2014) Thread   

    Mary acts like a bully when not around the other girls and I bet she is....

    All the girls need to just chill, lots of drama for the sake of Drama.
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  10. RANDYWILDMAN added a post in a topic Bubba Watson....Fan or not a fan?   

    Fan of his as a lefty and his shot shaping. Not a fan of his boorish behavior and his flaunting his faith.

    Uh, dude talks about mom working two jobs to support his golf  but wear's a $500k watch, you are no longer a man of the people with that kind of lifestyle.
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  11. RANDYWILDMAN added a post in a topic FOOTJOY CITY, dropping april 15   

    I was just sharing that I am getting the one's I posted a picture of. I didn't know I should have posted a link.
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  12. RANDYWILDMAN added a topic in Balls, Carts/Bags, Apparel, Gear, Etc.   

    FOOTJOY CITY, dropping april 15
    Which one are you getting ?

    I am getting the brown with yellow. Looks like a great shoe

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  13. RANDYWILDMAN added a post in a topic 2013 US Open Prediction Contest with iliac Golf by Bert LaMar!   

    Tiger woods -8
    Graeme mcdowell -7
    Matt kuchar -7

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