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  1. why does my driver twist over in my hands?

    I've been having the same problem...but I've realized I don't have sweaty hands and I even added a larger grip to my driver.  It only happens when I am using my driver and my 3 wood.  I thought the club was twisting in my backswing, but I finally realized it was the fact that in my backswing I was keeping the face of the driver shut facing up to the sun, rather than at a 45 degree angle. When the club face ends up facing the sun, when I bring it back to square with the ball, the club face stays shut...therefore creating the illusion of twisting... I would compensate for this in my swing by bringing my hands forward of the golf ball and it would cause a duck hook.  Hope this helps.  Here is a link that may help you understand it better.  Watch the video on the shut clubface. http://www.golf.com/instruction/no-backswing-swing?page=2 Max