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  1. Hardballs added a post in a topic What courses are on your British Isles Bucket List?   

    I play the course next to Lytham, many of the people I speak to say mine is tougher! I played the Brabazon this weekend! Easily one of the best courses I've played in the England! And now I'm looking for 2 more venues for next years trip, it's looking like St. Andrews, and Celtic manor at the moment, but I need to get to wales again, some fantastic courses down there! we only want to play courses that have been a world stage for golfers at some point, which is a shame because I am in no doubt there are many courses equally as good, if not better, but have not had the infrastructure to hold such events! If your ever in the far northwest of England I can highly recommend Silloth on solway, and a bit lower down, west Lancashire golf course, and further to wales there's, vale of Langhollen, and not forgetting in wales there's Nefyn! All superb course I would definitely return to!
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  2. Hardballs added a post in a topic Improving but struggling with low spin driver.   

    Well I went for low spin/higher loft and it worked well for me!
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  3. Hardballs added a post in a topic Golf Fuel Brain Vitamin - Junk   

    When my brother got his hole in one he was drinking coffee with amaretto in! Don't know if it works but tastes great!
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  4. Hardballs added a topic in Golf Talk   

    Bad start!.. How do you play it?
    So your playing a casual round with friends, and you have a bad start, or particularly, a bad front 9 and it's unlikely you can salvage a win/respectable score! how do you carry on? Keep trying your best and hope to grind as many points as possible? Or just relax, and use the rest of the round to practise or try out shots you may not usually play? I think the answer to this question could tell you things about a person, but not in a bad way!
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  5. Hardballs added a post in a topic Searching for 3-iron   

    ^^^^ this! You would have to keep an eye out to find one of these! If not, The closest you might find would be the RocketBladez 3i, I have seen these on eBay a while ago as I toyed with the idea of buying one, but the 4i is hard enough to hit so chose a hybrid instead!
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  6. Hardballs added a post in a topic What's going on with Nike golf?   

    It would appear to me that Nike, a leading manufacturer of sport clothes, (more than equipment) saw the golf boom happening during the tiger era.. Decided to exploit it and take a big share of the market, invested heavily in sponsorship and R&D;, but with the tiger era all but over, and golf allegedly on the decline, they are probably, and have for some time, looking for different markets to exploit, and have probably realised that calloway and taylormade do a fantastic job of churning out good equipment on a very regular basis and have struggled to compete, and so now streamlining finances for other markets.
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  7. Hardballs added a post in a topic Getting a kid started in golf...   

    I got my boy into golf last year, I'd take him to the range and got him a 7i, then I started taking him to a mini pitch and put course, which we both enjoyed, then I booked him into a course of junior group lessons, which he really enjoyed, so then I got him a junior set and he's now on his 4th lot of group lessons and has really improved and has a lovely full swing and a tidy little short game, (he's only 10) I'm actually taking him on a full size course this week for the first time! Prob do either 5 or 9 holes depending how tiring he finds it, ( on foot of course) he's already asking for a new set of clubs and hasn't even had his current ones 12 months, I'd just let her try the game, and if she shows an interest, teach her only the basics, and if she still keen, ask her if she would like a set and some lessons to improve, I'm actually looking forward to the day kicks my ass, and if he keeps his current enthusiasm, that might only be a few years away!
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  8. Hardballs added a post in a topic 2015 Masters Discussion Thread   

    Wasn't long ago a certain young talented role model threw an iron into a lake due to frustration/anger, many were said to be "disgusted" by that type of behaviour, but now it's forgotten, just like tigers outburst will be, it's no big deal! I was watching extreme trawler boat fishermen on TV the other week, when one guy, after his catch, mentioned he got a "salty splash in the face", now I work in construction so I'm used to coarse language, and I hear this type of filth on the porn channels I subscribe to, but I don't expect to hear that kind of filth on late afternoon TV, I was shocked, but now I'm over it!
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  9. Hardballs added a post in a topic Tiger vs. Rory Sunday at The Masters?   

    I vote Rory, but I'd prefer tiger on this occasion, just so he can get back on track!
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  10. Hardballs added a post in a topic 2015 Masters Discussion Thread   

    You have to Agree though, rose earned his 2nd place, after no luck with any putts early on, he could have easily skipped down the leaderboard, only to go on a great birdie run and battle the his way past Phil! I thought speith was gonna run away with it halfwY through yesterday's round, but there's some great form going into today's finale, I think speith is a worthy and deserved winner, but it ain't over till it's over! And rose/Phil will be there if he slips up! Possibly tiger and Hoffman too! My top 5 prediction is:- Speith Rose Hoffman Phil Tiger
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  11. Hardballs added a post in a topic 2015 Masters Discussion Thread   

    I bet Nike are talking to speith's agent as we speak!
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  12. Hardballs added a post in a topic 2015 Masters Discussion Thread   

    My word he makes this course look easy! Is this really Augusta??
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  13. Hardballs added a post in a topic 2015 Masters Discussion Thread   

    Wow! Go rosey!!!
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  14. Hardballs added a post in a topic 2015 Masters Discussion Thread   

    How did that happen?? He's had no luck with putts! I Thought casey would beat him
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  15. Hardballs added a post in a topic 2015 Masters Discussion Thread   

    You sound like a gambler who didn't back speith
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