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  1. Changes to Handicap System for 2016 Released

    http://www.golfdigest.com/story/canada-says-no-to-new-usga-handicap-rule-usga-responds-with-unhelpful-faq I'm detecting a bit of attitude in Golf Digest. I take it that this change is not going over well broadly across the industry? Or maybe I'm reading more into it than I should.  
  2. Trump Makes Up Civil War Battle for Golf Course

    I bet there were Native Indians on the other side of the Potomac cheering from rooftops.
  3. I voted Leave It. No hesitation. I was lucky this year to have my first hole in one, and it came immediately after an emergency call from my step-daughter, during which I excused myself for a couple holes to deal with her situation. I caught up with my group and struck a 6-iron well, but none of us saw it land or roll due to the lighting. It was a downhill par 3 with some wind in our face, so we had no idea if I was short, long, whatever. After a search in the front bunker and long in the rough, I was audacious enough to check the hole, and there it was. I almost felt guilty, because the morning had started so poorly that I had written off the day. I wasn't even really focusing when I hit the tee shot, and I had decided to leave after the next couple holes (would be near the clubhouse), because I was shaken up by the call I had just had from my step-daughter for 20 minutes or so.  I had just caught back up with my group who had just teed off, so I just nonchalantly let it fly to restart my round. I enjoyed the rest of the day (finished the round) and played mediocre golf after that, but I will say that the best way to get a hole in one would include: be playing in a round where you're in good shape mentally (I was not) and be playing somewhat decent that day (I was not) see your ball go in (I did not) don't have it happen on a mishit (but I had been playing so poorly that a GOOD shot was the mishit ) So I managed #3 above. At the time I was thrilled, but I must admit that I feel like it doesn't really count and isn't a big deal, in retrospect. It was luck and didn't even represent that I was playing well at the time. But I'll take this one. Next time, I want all 3 things above to be true. If none of them are true, I'll definitely leave it.  
  4. Worldwide Golf Handicap System to Debut in 2018

    Yes, I think this is already baked in to some degree. Probably a minor effect anyway, you're right. 
  5. I'm amazed the club actually straightens out like that. Great video.
  6. Worldwide Golf Handicap System to Debut in 2018

    I was thinking on similar lines. I'd think there's a randomness in scores to some degree, particularly in small sample sizes. The current system just gives an overall baseline. I realize I'm one of those guys who always brings up problems with a new plan, but then I get onboard with progress and try to make it work. With technology and stats, I suppose we will be able to instantly rate courses, in effect, based on knowledge of how people typically play to how they played that day, and the deviations work themselves out. One other thing is that we'd no longer be able to know for certain after a round how it impacts our handicap. Like during an election, we'd have to wait until all the returns are in. That could take days, right? If other really good scores come in from similar players on the same tees, then your handicap would then get negatively impacted because the course rating for that day gets easier, however slightly. Could you achieve your 9.9 handicap one day, and then more scores get posted, bump you back to 10.0? Also, now vanity handicappers will no longer impact just their own handicaps- they'll make everyone else's handicaps worse if they post lower scores than they really shot. Think of the angry threads on golf forums worldwide. 
  7. Poor Treatment of Muslim Passengers

    Yes, discouraging to hear. We should all be better than this.
  8. Table Tennis (Ping Pong, the Sport Version)

    This just showed up on my wife's FB. Crazy    
  9. Good news: Par Birdie finish! Bad news: I think it's a two stroke penalty to move the tee marker in that last video  Great writeup!!!!! Nice vids. Hope you get some good feedback from those. I know what you mean about par 5's, as I look forward to them, but only the ones less than about 520 or so. Much beyond that, and I swear 540 feels like it might as well be 600. I never seem to get a decent shot at an approach when they get that long, even though theoretically I can hit my drive plus a 200yd second shot to well within 150yd from the green. The math breaks down somewhere, and I'm always outside 200yd for my approach.
  10. The friends and routine thing is something I'm working on as well. Not enough golfers, and too many college football fanatics (no offense to those who love college football). As I get older and see collegiate athletics in a different light, I'd rather be golfing. Anyway, I'm following along your journey. Come visit the nation's capital sometime. I'll take you to a crappy muni.
  11. Pete's Programme (Single Digit to Tour Player)

    Spoke with Pete via FaceTime. My style is not to add fuel to fires of these types of discussion on TST, so I'll try to tone it down a notch, as I think I have good relations with everyone involved.  From my standpoint, Pete's been a good friend to me, and we will stay in touch. We've chatted via video several times, and he's actually pretty "chill", as I think he put it above somewhere. We keep it to things like golf stats, goals and measurements tracking, plus family life things- nothing that we really need to debate, as we just talk through what we know and bounce ideas off each other.  It's all pretty collaborative and has been pretty cool.  Anyway, we can each make our own assessment of what happened here and why, but I'll just say that things went a direction I would've preferred it didn't, obviously. On a mostly unrelated not, I got rear-ended recently while stopped at a traffic light and I've been dealing with a resulting health scare with my daughter, so that mostly puts this whole thread into perspective (no worries- all appears to be ok here!).  Pete won't mind if I drop a note here from time to time about how he's doing. I've certainly enjoyed the intellectual challenge of how to best apply what I knew (and have since learned and likely will continue to learn) about golf to someone who has a specific golf goal. There's really not much effort that Pete will need from me at this point, but I look forward to seeing how well the tools we've developed together will help him make progress with getting to the Europro Tour. So I'll likely drop a note here from time to time if there are any significant developments. 
  12. Yes, I have been generally disappointed with the golf tracking market thus far (I haven't purchased Game Golf yet, but I might because it's appearing to tie in closely here). I was a beta tester for one of the iPhone apps, and I got some visibility into their enhancement request analysis. The overwhelming thought then was to keep it simple, so I get that. One key thing that could distinguish a product, however, is to provide an option to give us "Advanced" tracking features. They could mostly be hidden to general users, say the 80%. But for the smaller group of stats enthusiasts, we could handle things in far more detail, as long as the reporting from that detailed data entry revealed some interesting insights. The trick with that, however, is obviously that those extra features for that small group would likely be a non-trivial amount of effort, so it might involve a higher cost. If the price is fair, it might work. If the price is steep, it might now, because as @Dave2512 has mentioned, the end result is usually that our ball-striking needs work. For Strokes Gained in particular, I'd pay for tools that tracked detailed performance over time, let me select the area and the time frame- it's gotta be more than just the last 10, as that is just a static thing. I'd like to see how each area of my game progresses over the course of a season, as well as across different seasons. Strokes gained, to me, is far more valuable than FIR/GIR/scramble %/putts per round, when I want to look at my driving, approach play, short game and putting.
  13. Paris Terror Attacks

    This whole issue of the close-minded Americans refusing to take these poor, poor Syrians is a distraction. Yes, let's take them, vet them best we can. Big deal. It's a drop in the bucket, and it doesn't make us incredibly virtuous, as some would have us think. I'd be more swayed by an argument that "humanitarian" would've been to keep our military in the region to ensure stability, frankly. I wasn't a big fan of Iraq (I only supported it toward the end as their democracy was forming as I was reluctant to see how it could succeed), but it sickens me when the people who pulled out the troops to leave utter chaos in its wake now wag their fingers at those who refuse to bring to the US 0.1% of the refugees that pulling out the troops likely caused. I actually support bringing in these 10,000. But it's not a big deal one way or the other. The big deal is combatting the ideology. We seem to be completely failing in that. Partly because we bicker about off-topic things (like settling of this tiny fraction of refugees).
  14. Roomba got approval to make a robot lawn mower

    Bet the robot lawn mower isn't as cute as the robot cat. Only $99. Nice. http://joyforall.hasbro.com/en-us
  15. Paris Terror Attacks

      On a similar note, @nevets88: "They have weapons. F*** them. We have champagne!” Charlie Hedbo