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  1. Gator on the cart path! [Video]

    Look at the size of this beast.
  2. My Swing (PumaAttack)

    I should be able to get some videos up soon on where I stand on shallowing (and sent off to Evolvr). Let's knock this issue out, and move on to the next flaw. Unfortunately for me, it is only now getting a tad comfortable in slower motions, but it all breaks down as I speed up. Doubtful I'll be moving on for a while, but who knows- maybe it'll start clicking.
  3. Mirror work only in my foyer today. Continuous, smooth, athletic-feeling motions while looking behind me in mirror. Really exaggerated the club falling behind me. Felt like I was hitting a right-handed forehand in tennis, with the exaggerated drop after a high backswing. Repeated slowly, and gradually sped up, trying to feel the correct A6 position being hit on the way down. I think A6 is still not being hit right, but will need video to confirm. The club shallowing is feeling more natural now- just a matter of if I can do it as I speed up... and hit the right A5/A6 at the same time.
  4. If you remember, please check in with us after you try. I've got a flight to Italy in August to visit my daughter and son-in-law for a while. He has a set of clubs cobbled together without a driver, and I happened to win a driver in a contest here last year, so that frees up my old one. He isn't aware I'm thinking of bringing it, but it would be a cool surprise.
  5. Bogey Golfers Only (HI From 16-22)/Breaking 90 Thread

    I was thinking maybe something in German, since they're good at these words that have no English equivalent (schadenfreude, my favorite): http://www.businessinsider.com/german-expressions-that-have-no-good-english-equivalent-2014-9 I'm working on getting less steep, and I've found that the right elbow has been a good feel for that. If I make sure my right elbow even drives in close to my body coming down from A4, that helps get me feel like I can more easily drop the club down a bit to flatten it. Once I forget this and my elbow does what it wants to do naturally, I tend to yank the club downward and that steepens the shaft by A5. So the right elbow has been pretty key for me this past month- although I've not yet confirmed the progress with the instructor. Range has been too crowded for face on video!!!
  6. 15 minutes mirror work and slow motion. Feeling the club lie down behind me. Elbow close in- keeping the club from getting near/past parallel. Makes it easier to let club shallow. Check A5, A6 positions against the flaws my instructor listed.
  7. Joost Luiten

    Yep, plus two guys ahead of him in the world rankings (that he needed to bump out of the way) did well: Jaco van Zyl and Martin Kaymer. I think Pieters nudged him out too, so that'd be at least 3 guys he needed to gain on. Dufner having a good week too, so Joost really needed a special week or two. So how's the long-term outlook on Joost looking? Are we entering twilight of career territory? He made it on the scene in 2007ish, I see. Dip in 2010, but back playing well by 2011, and has essentially been top #100 since. But does he have that next gear in him?
  8. Who is going to be the next big name in golf

    http://www.owgr.com/en/Ranking/PlayerProfile.aspx?playerID=16129 Guan Tianlang (His OWGR peaked in 2013 but he is still under 18yr old). Looks like he is still playing lotsa events but no big finishes. Just a matter of time!
  9. 30 minutes at range. A4-A6 positions static. Then once slow motion. Then each swing bigger until half speed. Then hit ball. Start over with static positions. Repeat. Hit last few balls full speed. Form broke down. Argh.
  10. I might catch a bit on tv- can that count?
  11. I've been around a bit, and I'll say that as long as people stick with arguments that are based on logic, data, and common sense that Erik truly enjoys the back and forth of debate. Challenging opinions and looking at things in a new light is valued here- even if it's done in a somewhat rough and tumble style at times. Erik doesn't really like "yes men," and he wants vigorous debate, or where's the fun? With that said, I've noticed Erik will take a particular interest in arguments that come at a problem from the direction of "conventional wisdom," (or people who get into odd tangents). Maybe the conventional wisdom is right, maybe it's wrong, but he wants people to think for themselves and make sure they're not just parroting blindly what they've heard. So he will test you. Vigorously. As long as you bring to the table good arguments and you address any direct issues that come back at you, you'll be just fine here. It's the guys who become jerks where WW3 happens. From what I've seen in this thread, you're just fine. The thing about your friend is anecdotal, of course, as was the Graeme McDowell- but that's ok, because it is a data point. It's all part of the argument and is part of your experience in formulating your opinion. Just be prepared for lots of facts and data to be thrown back- Erik has a ton of that in his arsenal.
  12. I gave you reputation, but my head hurts. You owe me an Advil. That's a lot of words. The bolded just feels too low to me still, but you've done your homework. I spot-checked a notoriously easy course PGA West Nicklaus, and the PGA players average 69.5 or so, and the CR on the scorecard is listed at 74.3. I guess 5 strokes under CR is a decent rule of thumb for pro setups. The trick is that you said it yourself: as you make courses easier, you tighten up the dispersion, right? There's less separation. So as courses get lower CRs, say down around 70, pros might be shooting fewer than 5 strokes under that, theoretically. We might project an average just over 65, perhaps, for a CR of 70. My gut still tells me that shooting that extremely low even on easy courses is very hard. I think pro's don't necessarily succeed because they go incredibly low. They succeed because they consistently go relatively low. They rise up because they play well often, in multiple tournaments, across a long span of time. I think they separate themselves from non-pros because of consistency, rather than shockingly low scores on easier setups. Just my gut. Maybe that makes no sense.
  13. Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    Check this out. Your 10-round average: Your recent round: Nearly IDENTICAL. So you hit the same fairways, same greens, slightly worse putting, same scrambling. But your score 6 shots below your average. My guess is penalties. Like you said: By these stats, I think this is a logical conclusion, but who knows- maybe a deeper analysis would yield some other answer? I was just struck by the similar averages between this round and your 10-round average!!! Added: P.S.-congrats on the sub-100 for this course. Sounds like that was a milestone in your game.
  14. My Swing (PumaAttack)

    @pumaAttack, you've been around long enough to know the feedback here is direct. You clearly feel wronged that your question hasn't been answered to your satisfaction and that you feel there is conflicting advice from your instructor. My take on things is that if you'd simply have stuck with that fairly matter-of-factly, this would not have turned south. When you escalated about it being an "awful answer," my take is that was the catalyst to set in motion the snowball rolling downhill. You and I have a good rapport, but I gotta side with the staff on this one, my friend. Some of your responses seemed excessively testy, and almost setting a bait for them to respond negatively. Relax tonight, forget this crap, and we can come on back another day after some time has passed. There'll be discussions with your instructor to clarify it all, and you'll get your answers. Doing it in this fashion isn't worth it in my mind.
  15. The frustration is real!

    Step 1. Stop taking tips. You'll want to build yourself a plan to get from where you are to where you want to be, and piecemeal tips will only detract from that. Step 2. Find a good resource. You'll want to find out for yourself what the fundamentals of a good swing are. I am not a salesman, but if I were to start now as you are, I'd purchase the book Lowest Score Wins (http://lowestscorewins.com/) and start there with the intro section on advancing the ball. That's the key- advance it consistently. You'll find lots of tie-ins with that book in this site here, and you can create a "My Swing" thread here (film your swing properly too: https://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing). Armed with the book and your swing area, you'll find instructional content below that is cross-referenced a lot. TONS of information in there, all organized by 5 keys: Step 3. No matter what methodology you chose to guide your learning, stick to fixing one thing at a time. Use slow motion and video to assess yourself. Learn how to practice: Going to the range and pounding away at balls is WRONG. I've learned that. Step 4. Have fun. Welcome to TST, and if you choose to improve here, I can say there'll likely be lots of support (particularly if you go the route in Step 2, but not required)- if you choose to interact with other topics here and generally contribute in topics that interest you.