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  1. RandallT added a post in a topic President's Cup Matches Discussion Thread   

    Duplicate topic?

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  2. RandallT added a post in a topic Donald Trump for president?   

    This is pretty funny. 
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  3. RandallT added a post in a topic My Swing (RandallT)   

    Well, I got my Evolvr analysis back on the swing above. Not a surprise, but it seems to be quite a regression in progress from previously. I had been working in the mirror pretty diligently on shortening my backswing, laying the club down on the downswing, losing the steepness at A5, and not cupping my left wrist. Well, in doing that, I made a total mess of things it seems. I picked up a few of my old bad habits, and created new issues. I don't recall ever having my arms come too far inside on the takeaway, for example. Now it stands out as something I need to undo.
    My lesson is that I should not be self-congratulatory that I spend a lot of time in the mirror doing what I think is good work. I was actually doing substantial damage to my swing, I think. Duh. I should've known because my range sessions after submitting the video were truly awful- even with my new G30. 
    Also, on the range, I thought I was reviewing video and making sure the picture was improving. Nope, I was conning myself that what I was feeling was looking better on the video. If anything, my swing is worse. 
    Also, I need to understand better what the heck I'm doing before I try to invent ways to do it in slow motion. I have zero clue what it means to lay the club down on the downswing. I mean, I know what it means... but I have no idea how to create that effect so I was just guessing how to do it. In my slow motion swings, I believe I was ingraining some goofy way with my forearms of artificially laying the club flatter as I started the downswing. When I sped it up, there was no hope that it would work.
    So my lesson is: do some slow motion swings on video and send those in. I'll try to do that soon.  I have a better idea on some mechanics that should lead to the flattening of the downswing now, thanks to the recent analysis.
    I simply need to understand more about what my instructor is telling me to do, and not work on it unless I truly understand! I should've asked for clarification last time, but I marched on thinking I could figure it out myself. That was a month wasted on stuff that was pointless or damaging. Again, duh.
    Back to the process. Although this was a step back, hopefully there's a couple steps forward in the next weeks ahead.
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  4. RandallT added a post in a topic TST's New IPS Forum - Post Your Bugs, Etc.   

    Also not a bug, but are we allowed to give recommendations for posts in non-golf topics? Most notably the gun control topic going now. Hopefully we all restrain ourselves from giving tons of kudos for partisan issues when we are like-minded, and we stick to giving thumbs up to well-written, effective commentary on golf issues.
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  5. RandallT added a post in a topic Gun Laws   

    I can echo this. We have an immediate family member with severe issues, and there have been many a night, all of us have wondered about the safety of people around this person. And we are in Northern VA, likely rivaling Massachusetts for overall health care (I don't know). Our family has the resources to deal with it better than most, but it has horrifically stressful and of course, financially damaging. I can't imagine how many families can cope with this. 
    I do not know what laws even could be enacted to limit this person's freedoms. At what point would this person get classified into a "dangerous" category? I might even know this person the best of anyone on the planet- and I cannot honestly see any way a law could be crafted to segregate a person with her condition out for limiting her freedoms. Would a health care provider then be more reluctant to assign that diagnosis? 
    At least now, the consequences of a diagnosis are strictly medical, and the adult must deal with it. It is actually fairly difficult for family members of an adult to get visibility into that diagnosis (federal privacy protections), and it differs county-to-county sometimes how to handle committing that person to an institution for the protection of that person (and others). 
    Adding gun control to this mix just doesn't seem realistic to me, but that's just my perspective living through this situation. It's vastly complex and difficult to be objective about who should get exactly what rights as a functioning adult.
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  6. RandallT added a post in a topic TST's New IPS Forum - Post Your Bugs, Etc.   

    Up in the search box now, you can drop down where you want to search.  You can do the whole site, just that topic, or even that forum area. I like that it is combined now.
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  7. RandallT added a comment on a blog entry We Love This Game! ... Right?   

    Yes, we all know what a solved Rubik's cube looks like, but we each start with a different jumble of mismatched colors. Maybe some of us got a factory reject that can never become a solved cube, but we can fake it by doing the first couple rows! Maybe that's good enough and we can hide the jumbled up top in the palm of our hand?!  
    Look- a decent score in the low 80's!! 
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  8. RandallT added a post in a topic My Swing (RandallT)   

    Thanks, Mike. At least I've got A1 going for me!  It does feel more natural now. When I started with Evolvr last year, I had a totally different stance, so that's good progress.
    Unfortunately, I was just comparing the swing when I put a hold on my Evolvr lessons last year to today's swing. I seem to have regressed quite a bit, and I've worked pretty hard this month with very little picture-changing.
    I was planning to play a lot of golf in September but decided to focus on  range and mirror work instead. Save the $ for rounds and look to next season. Stephan is being patient with me, but I remain stuck on the same things. I think I've been doing my mirror work all wrong or something, because at even very slow speeds at the range, I can't get anything to show up on video the way I think I see it in the mirror.
    Next step is to submit a slow swing- one that I think I've got things in better shape. If that's all wrong, there's no hope that speeding it up will be a worthwhile endeavor.
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  9. RandallT added a post in a topic TST's New IPS Forum - Post Your Bugs, Etc.   

    Can guests post without logging in? Just noticed this (comment in big number blog entry):

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  10. RandallT added a comment on a gallery image Hunter Mahan A4 caddy.jpg   

    Good example of a centered hip turn, maintaining some axis tilt. 
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  11. RandallT added a post in a topic The Drive for 5...   

    We knew it was just a matter I time to be back in the 80s easily.  Each part of your game was showing that capability easily.  It was just a bad round driving, a fluke bunker, out of characteristic three putts- you name it.  One part of your game each day seemed to set you back, but overall each was good enough in the big picture to put you well into the 80s.  
    So I'm not surprised.  Great to see the consistency coming around though.  I think I've said above: you've definitely earned it! Hope you roll right through the 80s now!
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  12. RandallT added a post in a topic The Alfred Dunhill Links Championship Discussion Thread   

    Good for him- I know he has struggled this year after some flashes of brilliance in previous years. I think injury?
    Wow 12 players within 2 of the lead now.

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  13. RandallT added a post in a topic TST's New IPS Forum - Post Your Bugs, Etc.   

    Agreed. I searched this way on the old site and it usually worked well. Here, the My Swing thread you want could be many pages down the results. 
    I suggested an enhancement on the other site features thread to include a link in the profile to their My Swing thread- like the Game Golf link will be there. Definitely useful for me as I enjoy browsing swing threads when I see comments in other areas. 
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  14. RandallT added a post in a topic TST's New IPS Forum - Post Your Bugs, Etc.   

    Can we now give reputation points in the grill room? ( non golf topics)
    @Shindig just type "@" then a couple characters of the name. You'll see a popup. Type more til u see the name u want. Works better now than old site cuz consistent on mobile and PC. 
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  15. RandallT added a post in a topic The Drive for 5...   

    Outstanding! You've earned this. Enjoy.
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