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  1. jmsage added a post in a topic My Club Chamiponship is this weekend   

    Mine was this weekend as well.... I was in a good position after day one was 2 strokes back of the leader came out in the final round and was 4 under par through 12 then i proceeded to play the next 4 holes 6 over par (triple on 13, double on 14, birdie on 15, double on 16)  ended up shooting two over par 73 on a par 71.  The winning score was 71-71 for a 142 total i ended up at a 146 overall.  Pretty disappointing finish considering my drive was 130 yards out in the middle of the fairway on 13 and i tripled it.
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  2. jmsage added a post in a topic Worst Shot You've Ever Witnessed (not by you, unless yours is the worst. )   

    I was playing with a buddy one time and our cart was parked 90 degrees to the left of where he was hitting from he topped his shot so bad it went directly in the air and landed on top of our golf cart it was the most unbelievable shot i've ever witnessed.  Granted he does have a few medical limitations so it's hard for him sometimes to hit down on the ball, but either way it was a good laugh.
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  3. jmsage added a post in a topic I hate it when...   

    I zone most the things out when I'm playing....

    But what drives me nuts is when the starter pushes back your tee time so he can accommodate his friends/skins group... Seems to happen to me all the time.
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  4. jmsage added a post in a topic Best Shot of the Week   

    Par 3 195 yards
    Playing dead into the wind so it's playing about 220 is
    I hit my 3 iron short right
    Skull my chip into a small pot bunker in the back
    Ball is sitting on a downslope in the bunker
    Put weight on the front with ball in the back it comes out perfectly and lands about 15 feet short of the pin and comes slightly down the hill into the hole for a par
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  5. jmsage added a post in a topic What did you make first... an eagle or bunker hole out ?   

    I've had 15+ eagles, tons of chip ins, but have never holed a bunker shot.
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  6. jmsage added a post in a topic How did you fix your slice?   

    More upper body rotation... I try to get my back to the target in my backswing.
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  7. jmsage added a post in a topic Take Your Driver Out of the Bag   

    I used to struggle with the driver... Then what I did was went out and tried a bunch of fairly forgiving drivers, got fit for the appropriate shaft and then cut it down to 43 inches for consistency.  The driver I went with at the time was a g25.  Over time my driver game started to become a strength and now I'm able to hit a 44 and a half inch driver constantly.
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  8. jmsage added a post in a topic Best 9 and worst 9 in the same round   

    I had a front nine of 36 and a back nine of 45 this week  :(
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  9. jmsage added a post in a topic Best Shot of the Week   

    Here's the hole.

    Playing the gold tee there is trees to the right of the tee box that don't allow you to cut the corner so typically the play is 3 hybrid/long iron off the tee then an iron to lay up to go for it in three.

    My round didn't start off well i was 5 over through 4 holes, I decided to make an aggressive play... i hit a cut driver perfectly off the tee that left me 260 to the green, i then hit a perfect 3 wood over the water to get on in two then drained the putt for an eagle to get back to 3 over.  Complete turn around for my round.
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  10. jmsage added a post in a topic What do you really think when you see a guy playing yellow balls?   

    It's no big deal, I play Srixon Z Yellows sometimes when I play practice rounds.  They make some pretty good yellow golf balls now.
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  11. jmsage added a post in a topic To golfers who score in the 70s - What's your story?   

    My dad and step mom are both class A PGA professionals

    Growing up I was never interested in golf because I was always into more up pace sports... I was a huge into basketball, football, snowboarding, and played baseball growing up. When I got out of high school I wasn't able to playing competitive sports anymore, and we went on a trip to mexico as a family and my dad brought me out golfing and surprisingly i shot pretty decent for never being into golf i shot an 84.  After that I was hooked, keep in mind that wasn't my first time picking up a club, I would play maybe 2 to 3 times a year with my dad, but nothing seriously.
    3 years later here I am
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  12. jmsage added a post in a topic Best and Worst Rounds Ever   

    Worst round this year... 95
    Best round this year... 69
    Average score this year is probably 78ish
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  13. jmsage added a post in a topic Anger Management on a golf course - What is your key?   

    I'm simply not good enough to get mad.  That is my mindset.
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  14. jmsage added a post in a topic My journey with increasing distance...   

    How could you possibly be confident with your swing if you are using incorrect clubs?  There is a reason you're hooking the ball.
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  15. jmsage added a post in a topic Ditching the lob wedge?   

    No point for me to use a 60, if i need more loft i can deloft my 56 to play with more loft.
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