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  1. What "grinds your gears" on the golf course?

    When people who have more people with them than I do won't let us play in front of them.
  2. Do you have a soft putter?
  3. Playing Irons Only

    Same here I always tee off with irons. I'd rather be safe than sorry. I shoot in the low 80s consistently so its worked out for me so far.
  4. Playing Irons Only

    It all really depends on what courses you are playing on I think. The course I always play on here in Lubbock you really only need your driver on one par 5. I put up my driver along time ago (mainly because it broke) but I only use my irons. If you can hit your irons well enough then by all means use them. I see my buddies chase their balls all over the course when they use their driver and it's not fun to chase after them whenever you hit your ball on the fairway.