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  1. Chron added a post in a topic What is the largest gap in scores you have posted in consecutive rounds?   

    About a month ago I played in a tournament in the morning and shot an 88. Went out again on the same course that afternoon, played the next tees back, and shot a 102!
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  2. Chron added a post in a topic Game Golf Sale on Amazon   

    Game Golf just release a new version called "Game Golf Tags". You get NFC tags for your clubs and use an NFC capable phone and the Game Golf App. If I ever decide to get Game Golf, this will be the route I go since I have an NFC phone :-). Would much rather tag against my phone in my pocket than that bulky belt clip, plus, the Tags version is only $99!
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  3. Chron added a post in a topic Easier way to close clubface to get a draw?   

    No expert by any means, and really not even that great of a golfer, but this has been what has helped me: I move the ball slightly further back in my stance, setup further away from the ball (the ball is lined up on about the toe of the club so I have to reach for it), and drop my right foot back so that my feet are pointing right of my target.
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  4. Chron added a post in a topic What's the lowest score you have ever shot?   

    Casual - 84
    Tournament - 88

    My scores are slowly dropping. Broke 90 for the first time last year, and am now starting to shoot more consistently in the 80s :-).
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  5. Chron added a post in a topic EA Sports...Rory's McILroy's PGA TOUR :)   

    I think it's about 8 real courses, but it's still nothing compared to the 20 or so that TW 14 had!
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  6. Chron added a post in a topic Score Tracking Software   

    I use the Foursum app. It's a free app that includes GPS. You can track scores, putts, FIR, GIR. In tracking these, it will also calculate your handicap, scoring average, driving accuracy, putting average, GIR %. You can also use it to set up games and wagers with friends who also have the app and uses real-time scoring so you know where everyone stands as far as score. It's a great all-in-one golf app!
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  7. Chron added a post in a topic EA Sports...Rory's McILroy's PGA TOUR :)   

    I have been seriously disappointed in this game. I don't think it is worth the $60 price tag. The course selection is seriously lacking, the create a player customization is worse than previous versions of the game, and it is buggy (wildlife disappearing from the screen). The golf physics are great, but I wish they would have spent more time on the course selections and overall polishing of the game.
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  8. Chron added a post in a topic Course Ratings   

    I have seen some courses in my area with blended tees, but most don't offer it. I typically will look at a courses Par 3's before deciding which tee's to play. If there are any over 200 yards, I will play whites regardless of what tees my playing partners are using. Play to your ability, if there are holes you can't handle from a certain tee box, play the next tee up. There's no shame in that!
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  9. Chron added a post in a topic How many "ACES" do you have?   

    Closest I have come is about 18 inches! One of these days....
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  10. Chron added a post in a topic Vokey or Cleveland?   

    I carry both a Cleveland 56* and a Vokey 60*! Had a 62* Cleveland as well, but dropped that when I was given the 60* Vokey. No preference over one or the other. I also agree that looking to see if your iron set has an individual gap wedge for the set would be a good idea. Love my iron matched gap wedge!
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  11. Chron added a post in a topic How Many Hybrids Do You Carry?   

    I'm in the 0 hybrids boat. For some reason I just can't hit them. Will stick to my 3 iron!
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  12. Chron added a post in a topic Play Tournament golf to lower your handicap?   

    Competing is always a good way to get better. Whether it be a formal tournament or just among friends. There is always a wager on rounds with my normal foursome!

    But to answer your question on casual vs tournament style golf (which I will include my wagered games as well as my NCGA tournaments). Yes, it did help me become better and I believe the reason being is because I had more invested in the games. If I win, I get a prize! Or, if I lose, I'm giving away money... No one likes that!

    Try it out! Won't hurt your game at all and it's a good experience!
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  13. Chron added a post in a topic Average Distances... How far do you hit each club? and don't lie...   

    I'll play along! Rough estimates based on the middle of the yardage range I use for each club. Nothing too special from me...

    Dr: 245
    3w: 220
    3i: 195
    4i: 185
    5i: 175
    6i: 165
    7i: 155
    8i: 145
    9i: 135
    PW: 125
    51*: 110
    56*: 90
    60*: 70
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  14. Chron added a post in a topic i have no interest in "teeing it forward"   

    You know, I used to try to keep up with my friend on the blue or even the tips, but I've learned to check my ego at the clubhouse. I don't hit it nearly as far as him, so rather than beat myself up on the back tees, I just always play whites. I have been getting much better doing it this way, and more importantly, having much more fun! If I'm in a foursome with the other 3 playing blues, but I know that I can't take on the blue tees, I'll just be the lone white tee player! Play to your strengths, not your weaknesses! Furthermore, you don't have to play from the same tees to play a competitive match against a friend. You can calculate course handicaps from the different tees and subtract the difference in course ratings! Use it!
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  15. Chron added a post in a topic 2013 FRYS.com Open Discussion Thread - 2014 PGA Tour begins!   

    Anyone going to the Frys.com Open this year at CordeValle? I'll be there on Sunday!
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