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  1. deac added a post in a topic Anyone here wear gloves on BOTH hands?   

    I have a pair of rain gloves for when it's pouring and a pair of cold-weather gloves for low temps. Both come in handy here in Massachusetts.
    But the odd thing I saw last week in a charity tourney I was playing--a guy in my 4some wore two gloves ON HIS LEFT HAND. Yes, at the same time,one overtop of the other. All day. Never seen THAT before.
    Swing hard in case you hit it.
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  2. deac added a post in a topic The Differnce a New Putter Makes   

    Make that "got" rained out and DEAC.
    Some 4 year old I know spilled chocolate milk on my laptop.
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  3. deac added a post in a topic The Differnce a New Putter Makes   

    Bought a Scotty Cameron yesterday. Gotted rained out today, so haven't hit it for real yet. Family room, only. I'm now guaranteed to make EVERYTHING I look at, right?
    Swing hard in case you hit it.
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  4. deac added a post in a topic What are your ideal playing conditions?   

    Hazy,hot and humid. You stay nice and loose, ball just jumps. Greens soften.
    Yeah, I'm crazy, but that's my honest answer
    Swing hard in case you hit it.
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  5. deac added a post in a topic Golf Knickers   

    I have a few pairs nd wear them once every few weeks. Get a SOLID colour knicker and complementary SOLID colour socks (both from golfknickers.com) and you will look classic, not clownish. Once you start messing around with patterns on the knickers (or worse, imho) argyle socks,you start getting laughed at. Wear a nornal shirt and regular golf hat, solid colour sweater vest if it's chilly and you will look contemporary and classy. Again, my opinion.
    Swing hard in case you hit it.
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  6. deac added a post in a topic Ireland Trip - Septmber   

    Yes, it is pretty expensive. The 250 combo is definitely the way to go if they'll let you play on seperate days. With the 115 you save, you could buy a shirt...and maybe a sleeve of balls.
    Swing hard in case you hit it.
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  7. deac added a post in a topic Ireland Trip - Septmber   

    If you play both the New Course (Cashen) and the Old Course on the same day, you may be a seriously beat up man. If the wind is up and/or it is raining, both distinct possibilties, it is a chore to get through 18 on either,let alone 36.
    PM me and I can give you my number (I'm in Boston, too), if you want more info.
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  8. deac added a post in a topic Anyone ever work a PGA Tour event?   

    Hey all, first post here.
    I worked as a walking scorer for the 2000 Pennsylvania Classic (Chris Demarco's first Tour win). It was one of the coolest things I've ever done.
    Since it was the stop's first year, they sent the PGA Tour staff to train us, so we knew exactly what was wanted.
    With one notable exception, all of 'my guys' were awesome. First, they ALL introduced themselves TO ME on the first tee with a handshake (Chris Riley: "Hi, I'm Chris"). Yeah, no joke, I'm nobody. Then, after the round, they would say something along the lines of "Thanks for helping us today".
    One guy, who shall remain nameless, was a miserable jerk who threw up on himself on the backside Friday to miss the cut by one when he bogeyed 18. As he was shooting his 39 (I just checked the scorecard), he was loudly blaming everyone else but him, primarily his caddie, but including a few others. His agent or manager even said to me on 16 what a baby this kid is.
    Anyway, the other guys were awesome.
    "My guys" were Riley, Ryan Howison, C. Anderson, Steve Flesch, Ed Fryatt, Danny Briggs and Brad Elder, plus that one unmentioned jerk.
    The coolest part had to be after the round. The walking scorer goes into the scorer's tent with the players and NO ONE else. No caddies, wives, etc. The only other guy in there is the PGA Official. The guys would check their cards with each other before signing, of course, but sometimes they would ask me to confirm. (The PGA Tour staff had let us know what they would ask [Robert, can you read my backside?] and what our response should be [the nine numbers, in groups of 3. e.g. 3-4-4, pause, 4-2-5, pause 4-4-5, for instance]. Then each guy would thank me and give me, unsolicited, a signed ball. How cool. I asked each guy to also sign a seperate card which I had kept, and they all did happily except for Mr. Miserable.
    If you get a chance, like being treated great by tour pros, like walking inside the ropes (heck, the PGA tells you to walk with the group, a few steps behind the players and caddies), it is an awesome thing to do. Stay seen but not heard until you are asked, and respond correctly and the guys will appreciate and respect you.
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