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  1. Trogdor added a post in a topic Hybrid   

    Dont know what local shops you have around you, but try to find one that has Nickents. Hit one a few times and see how it works out for you.
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  2. Trogdor added a post in a topic Which hybrid(rescue) are you using? What is your dream hybrid?   

    Nickents that are in my sig. The box that my set came in acutally said "King of Hybrids" and I see no reason to doubt them.
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  3. Trogdor added a post in a topic Kim's shoes   

    My guess would be Nike only made the Air Zoom Elite in a USA version just for the Ryder Cup, and all the Nike sponsored golfers wore them. Whatever their normal shoe is, they probably went back to it.
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  4. Trogdor added a post in a topic Anyone Notice?   

    Acutally, if you go to Nikegolf.com and look at the Nike stuff it says Azinger uses, it says he only uses forged blades and the One Platinum.
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  5. Trogdor added a post in a topic Kim's shoes   

    Front page of golfshoesonly.com. Even says same shoe AK wore on Sunday.

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  6. Trogdor added a post in a topic Grip size question   

    I agree with the above poster, go to a local shop, and try some out. The online guides said one thing, but I went with a midsize with one wrap, and it feels perfect.
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  7. Trogdor added a post in a topic Tony Kornheiser on MNF   

    I like Kornheiser, like him better on PTI, but he is good on MNF. Anybody but Cris Collinsworth. I absolutely hate that guy. Drives me nuts. My favorite MNF booth was Gifford, Michaels, and Dierdorf. For some reason, they just seemed to work for me. I still like Madden, but he was much better when he was with Summerall I think.
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  8. Trogdor added a post in a topic Time for me to eat some crow......   

    The Zero Frictions do come in other colors now, think they just started it.
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  9. Trogdor added a post in a topic Whats up with my shot? Very inconsistent   

    For me, if the clubs are close in loft, like say 7-8-9, it all goes about the same distance. Obviously though, your hybrid has a lot less loft than a 7-8-9 would, so its going to go further.
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  10. Trogdor added a post in a topic Whats up with my shot? Very inconsistent   

    For me, its the quality of the range balls at my local range. I can easily say thats why there is no distance difference between my shorter irons when hitting the horrible range balls they have. I have only been going there when my swing goes horribly wrong, to get it fixed. I cant say thats what your issue is for sure, but it could be.
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  11. Trogdor added a post in a topic Nickent 3DX RC Ironwoods   

    I have 2 of the 3DX RC hybrids, along with a 5-PW iron set. I had only hit a few hybrids before, but these are amazing. I have more confidence in my hybrids than any other club at the moment, so easy to hit.
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  12. Trogdor added a topic in Instruction and Playing Tips   

    Tips/drills to help weight transer?
    I seem to have a problem where I always seem to end up with all my weight on my back foot after my shot. When I mentally think about transferring the weight, I feel like I am almost throwing my swing into the ball, and it makes for a poor swing. But if I end up with my weight on the back foot, its normally a good shot. Any tips/drills out there to help me with this I should try?
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  13. Trogdor added a post in a topic Cleveland Halo 3i help please   

    I never had a hybrid in the bag until a couple of weeks ago, when I got a couple of Nickents with the iron set I bought. I went straight to the local 9 hole course and the hybrid stayed in the bag until the 8th hole, when I set up like I would of a 4 iron, and smoked it on the green. I stand a little bit further away then I would with a iron, but other than that its a iron shot for me.
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  14. Trogdor added a post in a topic Any nascar fans out there?   

    I think it was easy for Jr to join Hendrick. He wanted control of something that should of been his all along, and the evil stepmother was not going to allow it to happen. And Stewart wont be leaving Knaus behind, thats Jimmie Johnsons chief. He will be leaving Zipadelli.
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  15. Trogdor added a post in a topic What kind of push cart do you use and why?   

    Bagboy Express 120. Buddy of mine had a Bagboy and seemed to like it, and Sports Authority had them on sale, plus I used a 25% coupon so I got it really cheap. Works great for me.
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