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  1. Adanac23 added a post in a topic Smoking Weed on the Golf Course   

    I have no issues with people smoking weed.  I use to smoke in college and high school.  I would still partake if my job didn't drug test.  It would never even cross my mind to smoke in front of complete strangers much less when there is a young child there as well.
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  2. Adanac23 added a post in a topic Looking for recs for beginner clubs   

    I was in your same shoes 20 months ago.  Looking to get back into the game.

    I almost bought a cheap set of new clubs when I started but I am glad that I didn't.  The used clubs that was able to put together have been more than good enough.  And now I am at the point that I want to start getting new clubs so I am glad I didn't waste 300-500 dollars.

    Once I started playing I figured out quickly what I wanted vs needed.  I was using a old driver and was embarrassed to even use it and desperately wanted to go buy a new one.  I had no wedges though so I picked up 3 top flight wedges at dicks for 80 bucks to complete my set and was ready to go.  I have been playing the same set now for 60+ rounds and now am starting to put together a complete new set of clubs.  If you can get a used set for cheap or free I would go that route.
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  3. Adanac23 added a topic in Welcome, Everyone   

    Long Island Hacker
    Hi all

    New to the forum.  I picked up golf again in July last year after not playing more than 3  rounds in the last decade.  when I was in high school I use to play very often in the summer but got busy with other competitive football and lacrosse.  I stopped playing lacrosse a couple years ago and I had a serious void in my life.  I didn't realize how important having a sport that I take serious was in my life.  Golf has been the perfect thing to feed my competitive nature as I am constantly trying to get better and it is something that I can do on my own or with others when ever I want.

    I broke 100 for the first time since starting up again at Bethpage I was happy with this but still feel like I can do a lot better my goal for now is to regularly playing bogey golf.

    Right now I am playing a rag tag set of clubs I have a 15 year old big bertha and two fairway woods and a set of irons form a company that doesn't exist any more.  I recently picked up a set of cheap top flight wedges from dicks sporting goods.  the plan is to golf one more season with these clubs and then start getting a new set put together.
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  4. Adanac23 added a post in a topic My journey to break 100 has just begun   

    I just started play again late last year and was aiming for below 100.  I scored a 99 this year on Bethpage blue course and I was over the moon.  I have also got my 9 hole score below 45 three times which I am happy about.  For me the biggest thing is realizing that I do not need to get a par on every hole.  On many holes for me to get a GIR I have to hit full drives and that can get me in trouble.  I have learned it is better to club down off the tee and get it in play.  On Par 4 this means I am usually looking at a 5-7 iron for my second as oppose to a wedge.  If I like the green and the risk is low I might try and hit the green if not I will lay up somewhere that I know I have comfortable wedge.  This way I have at least a chance at par with an up and down but will be fairly safe getting a bogey.

    Some of the rules I have been trying to follow
    No OB
    No 3 putts
    Par 5's- green in 4
    Par 4's- green in 3
    Par 3's - Aim for the middle go for par.
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