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  1. Has anyone experience with ?

    Unless something has changed recently ive never had any issues .You click on print off your coupon and take it t golf course.Golfnow is better in sense you pay at course.
  2. Lowest score you've seen?

    Lowest ive ever witnessed is 71 twice by me.Thats saying something considering I play in tournys with very good players.My 71s were not in tourny conditions though.
  3. Reading Greens

    I cant feel slope with my feet so that doesnt help.Unless itd obvious I struggle with reads.Lot of times in trnys the pins are put in tricky spots where looks are deceiving.Ive always looked at hole from behind my ball and looked to see if one side of white in cup was more visible signifying a slanted hole.
  4. Thats fine but I was meaning anything thats not the general vicinity.
  5. Kaven.Im 10 and my numbers are not that high.Your numbers equate to like a 13 or so just to guess.Still i can see the vast improvement from 100 to 85.Keep it up.
  6. Unless the other ball is in the line of the hole then theres no reason to mark unless opponent asks because of distraction.
  7. Yeah, I didn't want to be first one to say it.Maybe the course and slope ratings are like 82.0 and 155.
  8. Wow.If I could one putt from even 10 feet each time id be better off than having my best drive each hole.Im king of 2 putts.
  9. The guy is exactly right on what hes saying.In this world there seems to be far too many bosses telling others what to do.The story with the three guys and superintendent is far too common.I can also understand his complaints bout course setup as I play golf tour events and I see some of the same things but got to remind myself everybody else has to play it too.
  10. Most Stressful Shot for You

    Mine is the under 100 yards shot for me.I have the fear of shanking with the short shots like that and even if I dont shank the fear affects my ability to hit one close.I need to just practice that shot over and over till its automatic.
  11. Myrtle Beach in Early March

    Ive played both.Shot 83 at caledonia.Very pretty and not tough if you keep ball in play.True blue we played tips cause guys paired with me wanted too but for me way too long at sea level.shot like 95 or so.Guess you can say I prefer caledonia. True blue didnt seem to pretty.
  12. Do you believe Peyton Manning?

    Im a bronco fan so I might be biased but I wouldnt believe anything Al Jazeera says.Seems like today your guilty until proven innocent.Anytime some rag says something it puts ideas in peoples minds and these companys get away with it.Good news is Al Jazeera America is shutting down.
  13. DeChambeau & the Hat

    Maybe hes trying to imitate Ben Hogan.
  14. Predict the 2016 Major Champions

    Ill say this year the Grand Slam happens.Just looks like Spieth has everything going now.
  15. The Internet is Killing Golf [Chicago Golf Magazine]

    I think the bottom line is you either decide to be a golfer and play or you dont.I wont blame something and say it keeps you from playing golf.A real golfer will prefer to play over being on their phone, being on internet, video games, tv, etc.