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  1. Myrtle Beach in Early March

    Ive played both.Shot 83 at caledonia.Very pretty and not tough if you keep ball in play.True blue we played tips cause guys paired with me wanted too but for me way too long at sea level.shot like 95 or so.Guess you can say I prefer caledonia. True blue didnt seem to pretty.
  2. Do you believe Peyton Manning?

    Im a bronco fan so I might be biased but I wouldnt believe anything Al Jazeera says.Seems like today your guilty until proven innocent.Anytime some rag says something it puts ideas in peoples minds and these companys get away with it.Good news is Al Jazeera America is shutting down.
  3. DeChambeau & the Hat

    Maybe hes trying to imitate Ben Hogan.
  4. Predict the 2016 Major Champions

    Ill say this year the Grand Slam happens.Just looks like Spieth has everything going now.
  5. The Internet is Killing Golf [Chicago Golf Magazine]

    I think the bottom line is you either decide to be a golfer and play or you dont.I wont blame something and say it keeps you from playing golf.A real golfer will prefer to play over being on their phone, being on internet, video games, tv, etc.
  6. First PGA Tour Anchoring Controversy

    This is exactly the reason I said this new rule is plain stupid.Its going to open a whole can of worms.Touching the shirt will bring up this question again and again.Is it going to get to the point of replays to make decisions to whether a rule has been broken.
  7. Longer or More Accurate?

    There is an easy way to find out which would be better.Start playing the next tees up and that should equate to your 10% longer and see if your score improves dramatically compared to placing your ball more on a straight line from where your original was on shots and compare.
  8. How good is good enough for your game?

    Geez you find it sad to be proud of your trophys you won in competition? I guess those football players shouldnt even try to win the lombardi trophy then huh.Unlike money a trophy lasts.
  9. How good is good enough for your game?

    Well i order to win trophys you have to beat others and thats where I get satisfaction from.When you can look at your trophy collection you can take pride in them.Ive shot even par twice before but unfortunately it was not in  tourny so as nice as it felt  didnt get anything for it.Guess its like a fg kicker hitting one from 70yards but in practice not a game.  
  10. What driver and what irons do you use?

    Wow you still use the 580xd driver? Thats an oldie but it was one of my favorites.I use anywhere from Taylormade superfast 2.0, R9 and Mizuno ez driver with the Adams xtd forged ironsI just got to start with this year.Used like 3 different sets last year.callaway x20 clones, Rocketbladz and mizuno mx1000.
  11. Exactly.Maybe the worst thing ever evented are smart phones and range finders for golfing.It would be interesting to know if theyre were pace issues before smart phones.
  12. How good is good enough for your game?

    For me, getting down to a 6hcp would make me happy because I could compete against the better players on our tour.
  13. Tiger IS RIGHT about the media

    Ok.Ill give Tiger that, he most often would do interview after a bad round but it doesnt matter to me whether a golfer declines or talks because im sure they are not actually in  a good mood.
  14. Tiger IS RIGHT about the media

    Thats because the media had their nose up Tigers butt  and didnt want to talk to Phil anyways.
  15. It will take someone who eats sleeps breathes golf and wont allow distractions to interfere with his game.In other words it will take someone whos not married or in love.ha.