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  1. Why won't they take steps to improve?

    Some people just will not accept any help to improve their game.I like to help if I see someone struggling with something but most of the time theyll say I cant do that or make excuses.Even had one of the guys we play with get upset cause he said we wouldnt tell him what he was doing wrong.We all said you wont listen so whats the point.
  2. Kinda hard to say which was worst.Ive played in steady pouring rain two days in a row till water was standing o green.Played in 30 degree weather with winds howling 30mph.Played in some storms where bolts of lightning were coming down before we could get t shelter.Had storm with strong wind and hail beating down on our carts.Played in some sleet before but wasnt  as bad as cold and rainy windy.
  3. Playing a round with ONLY the driver?

    If the course you play has a short second shot over water to the green then good luck getting that ball up fast enough  and high enough to hit green and stay.Bunkers be an issue too.
  4. Let singles through please!!!!!

    Dont get me wrong.We let singles go thru but theres been a couple times where everybody is waiting and letting a single go thru only slows it down more because every group ahead of us will be waiting too when they let single thru.It does depend on the situation though and singles dont generally slow us down its the twosums, threesums that cant seem to play faster than a foursome.
  5. Let singles through please!!!!!

    Sorry but the UK rule is the wrong rule.Talk about etiquette, letting a single finish his round while others dont because of running out of daylight isnt the right etiquette.See above post.Unless its open ahead then that single needs to wait just like everyone else.
  6. Let singles through please!!!!!

    There is a reason I dont play by myself because courses are generally too busy at some courses.There are one or two courses you can play alone cause theres not many big groups.It can cause problems letting singles go thru if you have groups ahead because your asking to be held up and in the fall when it gets dark earlier you cant afford to waste time.
  7. Boo Weekley: "This wraparound season sucks".

    Someone needs to remind him he doesnt have to play.
  8. Tiger's Future Wins....Predictions?

    I vote 0 and 0.Basically its because of why some feel hes better than jack because of strength of fields.The fields are alot better now than when Tiger was at top of his game.His age and body are not helping either.Phil is my boy and I figured he was good for 3 more majors and hes relatively healthy but the past few years have showed age defeats all.
  9. If it wasn't for bad luck...

    Yes  thats exactly how it works pretty much everytime.Your not gonna see a winner in any tourny get bad breaks.The bad breaks are saved for the others.Takes more than skill to win.
  10. Taylormade and the need for M1 Sales

    I dont generally buy into all the hype a club gets but to see Jason Day immediately start using the M1 then it must be the real deal.Theres alot of pros that dont use the latest stuff im guessing because its not as good to them.
  11. Speed Metal Golf Ball

    Those balls are loud when you hit them.Not loud loud but youll hear big difference when you hit one.They fly straight and roll nice on greens but not sure about paying $40 a dozen.
  12. Where Did THAT Come From???

    Well CY i think I had same issue all 3 days.Just when I thought I had gained some momentum with a par which is almost like a birdie down there I would have a mistake the next hole and game over.
  13. 1st Tee Etiquette

    Sounds like the same thing that happens everyday in the world.Some people think they are the only ones that matter.They also could be speed demons who  just cant wait.
  14. Top ten golfers of all time!!

    1.Hogan (stats dont tell everything) 2.Nicklaus 3.Woods 4.Palmer 5.Watson 6.Jones 7.Mickelson 8.Hagen 9.Snead 10.Nelson
  15. I say if you can teach golfers who are bad  to be better at the game then go for it.Too many experts think you gotta teach them the exact way to hit the ball instead of just teaching them what youve learned.Now you dont need to be charging anything near what a pro would but making some money by helping others is fine.