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    New guy from Washington needing advise
    Hello everyone, New guy from Washington that is getting the bug again. I am looking for some advise and guidance. I use to play when I was much younger and really had no idea about what to do. Never got lessons from a pro but that being said the lessons I did get where from my grandfather who's philosophy was "if you can't hit a 7 iron well, there is no real reason to swing a different club." So that kinda sums up my lessons. I have been reading a ton of threads the last couple of weeks and the one thing that seems consistent is that a noob should get lessons before getting fitted. That's cool I get the reasoning behind that. But what about the noob ( like myself) that do not have clubs to take to a lesson? I have been going to a range with a 7iron I picked up from the goodwill. Should a find a cheap set to take lessons with and then get something better or would it be smarter to get a nicer set of standard length that I can take to lessons and then get fitted for later? I am 6'-3" and feel that I am making adjustments to my stance, grip and swing with the crappy club I have now to get it to go some what straight and have a consistent distance of 140 to 145yds. Not trying to kill it, but just to be consistent. Thanks in advance guys! :-)
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