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    Graves golf
    I have been playing for over 10 years and still as inconsistent as ever. Have basically drawn my line in the sand and decided that if I don't get some consistency by the end of this golf season then I'm giving the game up. I have been to three different pros none of which have fixed anything. The improvement that I have experienced is strictly from playing on a regular basis. I came across Todd graves golf academy which is basically moe Norman swing. The swing is by far the most simple I have seen and the most easy to successfully replicate. I got a couple of his traing DVDs and worked in the grip and set up. I played 9 holes with it and actually par the last two holes. This only after three days of practicing the grip and set up, and the first time taking it to the course. Needless to say I think it may work for me. It has too, cuz if it doesn't I'm having a home golf sale!....so I'm gonna go to the one day single plane school in Orlando this September. Given that and me working on it for the next few months before the training school, I think I should know if it's gonna work, and proceed accordingly. Anyone with any experience with graves golf school.
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