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  1. Stevie Williams - Racist?

    Moronic comment to make in public, but not racist. Political correctness is a dangerous path, the control of language leads to control of our behaviour.
  2. Picks for US Open at Congressional?

    I saw him at 50/1, but when I went to my local bookies to place the bet, it came back 70/1
  3. Picks for US Open at Congressional?

    With the greens running at 14.5ft on the Stimpmeter, Stricker (and Donald) should benefit. I have money on Lee Westwood (long and generally straight from the tee), Luke Donald , Hunter Mahan , KJ Choi and Dustin Johnson (my pick for the outright win). I did, however, place some outside money on Sergio Garcia and Adam Scott (70/1) due the to the the caddy change (!)
  4. Anybody ever witnessed something like it?

    2 years ago I shot a 79 on a slope 125 course (I was a 20 handicap then). Needless to say I took all the money from the group of 20 in the competition and there were a few raised eyebrows (one guy did stick up for me though, and stated he done similar before). >> I broke 80 only for the 2nd time on that course (got a 78) just 2 weeks ago!! (my handicap is currently 9), so yes it can happen
  5. Faldo's Ryder Cup Captain's Picks

    Nick Faldo handed his two European Ryder Cup wildcards to England's Paul Casey and Ian Poulter... A bit surprised Darren Clarke was left out, what with his recent form, Ryder Cup experience (5 caps I believe) and his excellent matchplay game. just to add the completed team for interest: Padraig Harrington (Ire) Lee Westwood (Eng) Sergio Garcia (Spa) Henrik Stenson (Swe) Robert Karlsson (Swe) Miguel Angel Jimenez (Spa) Graeme McDowell (NIre) Justin Rose (Eng) Soren Hansen (Den) Oliver Wilson (Eng) Ian Poulter (Eng) Paul Casey (Eng) EDIT:: Sorry can you delete this post please , it has already been posted.. I only checked the "Tour Talk" section... apologies.
  6. Playing partners Giving Advice?

    Just tell him that you think you will play better without all the advice, and want to work on a few things yourself, rather than too much at once. Then no-one loses face and you don't upset your friends feelings (he is trying to help albeit in an annoying way), and you can go back to enjoying a round of golf
  7. Anyone else have this problem?

    Had not exactly the same problem, but similar, and sometimes felt I needed to adjust my line mid-stroke to compensate .. I do the opposite now and place my ball so there are no marks/lines to the hole, just the predominately white part on top .. works for me
  8. Playing with a +1 tomorrow, any tips??

    Enjoy it, should be a good experience. Earlier in the year I played with a pro (no handicap/scratch) and his son who was +2.5. Their short-games were different class
  9. What's the ruling?

    If you were playing against the guy or for money, then you would have to go back to where you played the shot from. This is a normal rule that isn't exclusive to rich people/pros etc. and does not contribute to 7 hour rounds ... However playing casually against friends (not playing by the rules of golf) then the 'equitable' action 'might' have been to take 2 strokes (stroke&distance;) for the drop, not 1 Playing provisionals, when there is some doubt, eliminates these situations.
  10. golf ball question

    ^^ That's it in a nutshell, control.
  11. Darren Clarke

    Darren Clarke & Paul Casey for me..
  12. Picture of "rusted" Vokey

    Yes, the rust does nothing other than reduce glare.
  13. Overrated Players

    Jason Day...
  14. Weird things that happen on your round...

    My friend sliced his drive towards a tree with a troop of monkeys residing. The largest monkey casually descended the tree, stole the golf ball, and returned to his group
  15. Which hole *should* be the toughest?

    My 18th is a dog-leg left par 5, onto an island green. It 'can' be reached in 2 though, offering scoring opportunities (normally from a driver then 5 wood). However hitting in 2 from the rough is difficult and then an extra shot to lay-up is in order. Its an interesting finishing hole (plus it is the signature hole). Personally, I think the toughest hole should be around the 15/16/17th. I have played a course where the toughest hole was the first: 600 plus yards dog-leg down into a gulley and then up onto a elevated green! And the other day I played a new (for me) course, where the marshal started me on number 10 (not the first unforunately). This turned out to be a tee shot across water, I guess about 180yard carry with winds .. not what I wanted to ease me into the round