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  1. chrisgolf37 added a post in a topic Having troubles with irons.   

    Thanks for the tips. Im doing a Driving range session this morning, then I have a tee time later tonight. I will be focusing on your guy's tips during that time. If anyone has anymore things to try let me know. I will post later how I do during todays golfing.
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  2. chrisgolf37 added a post in a topic Having troubles with irons.   

    What would be a reason this is happening. Im new to golf within the last year or 2 so Im still trying to understand the game. Is there something anyone suggests i do to fix this problem? My game is really downhill because of my lack of hitting irons. I average 2.2 putts per hole. I can hit my driver 240 if not farther. But when it comes to irons I am done for.
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  3. chrisgolf37 added a post in a topic Having troubles with irons.   

    Can anyone give me any ideas? Would be greatly appreciated!
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  4. chrisgolf37 added a topic in Golf Talk   

    Having troubles with irons.
    Recently I have encountered troubles hitting my irons. I was hitting my irons like the following.

    PW 95-105
    9 105-115
    8 115-125
    7 125-135
    6 135-145
    5 145-155
    4 155-165
    3 165-175

    As of lately I have been in a huge struggle. I lost atleast 15-20 yards if not more on each iron. To my knowledge I am not doing anything different, but my friend had mentioned that my backswing looked a little flat. He said I might be gripping the club too tightly as well. As for my shots, they dont have that "ramp like" take off anymore. I either am hitting them really high up or just getting them off the ground. any suggestions?

    I would also like to add due to my recent struggles I have gone from shooting mid 80's to low to mid 90's. It really had added 7-10 shots to my game. So I need some serious help with this.
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  5. chrisgolf37 added a post in a topic Finally got my new irons! :]   

    Thats really cool man. Nice clubs, hope ya like em!
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  6. chrisgolf37 added a post in a topic Driving range EVERYDAY bad for your golf?   

    I have had the same problem going. To start my season I was hitting pretty solidly especially with my woods. I decided my irons needed work so i went to the range 3-5 times a week. Now Im having trouble hitting my Irons and have been finding myself slicing drives. Is it the driving range all the time? I dont know but its what im pointing to right now.
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  7. chrisgolf37 added a post in a topic Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?   

    Its a tossup but I'm going with Tiger on this one.
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