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    I have not tried it, but what concerns me about Gio whatever his last name is is that he uses the oldest advertising trick in the book when trying to sell you this product. If you'll notice, after he describes the "key" ingredients he refers to studies from Harvard, Yale, etc. that show that the "key" ingredients are "effective" in bringing about the results that he talks about in his infomercial. NOTICE that he is very careful NOT to say that this product of this combination of  ingredients in this product will bring about ANY of the results that the individual ingredients will bring.  This is the oldest trick in the book for trying to market supplements of this kind. While it is true that some or maybe all of the INDIVIDUAL ingredients may bring about some of the results Gio talks about, usually the quantity of ingredients in any supplement is so low that you cannot get the results that are being described in the infomercial.  I'm not saying that this it the case here, having done a lot of research and being scammed a number of times by claims of other products, I began to do a lot of research on products such as these and found them to be bogus. The fact that I have a medical background as well as an advertising background assisted me in my efforts. You might want to be very cautious before investing a lot of money on this product. I also agree with boogielicious that contacting Revolution Golf. I have contacted them about a couple of jakeleg products and as long as the money is rolling in they don't care. Just be careful out there.
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