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  1. lazebones added a post in a topic Deals you scored?   

    I get a deep titleist/taylormade/callaway/cobra discount through my school and this season I ordered 2 brand new studio selects for 146 each. So I basically paid 292$ for 2 300$ retail putters.
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  2. lazebones added a post in a topic Did I get ripped off? Fake Callaway 25th Anniversary FT-i Driver?   

    I am pretty positive that it is a fake as well my friend after comparing it with real pictures the way that the neutral bias is stamped on it is all spaced out and it is lower on the head than it should be. I am sorry that this happened to you. You must feel dumb now but these kinds of things happen to unsuspecting people.
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  3. lazebones added a post in a topic Best Shot of the Week   

    I had a hole in one double eagle today on a 279 yard par 4. It was the last hole of the day im like 6 over the wind is gusting in our face about 15 mph. So right away I am thinking I cant get there today there was a group on the green. So I hit my driver and right when I hit it I said thats on the green because I just nutted it. So I yell fore on the green. The group is a couple of my friends in our blitz group they are standing around the flag and we see the ball land on the front and start heading at the flag about 20 feet away in the middle. It goes right in between the group and they start cheering and such. Right away my reaction is to jump and scream and high five my group. Then the guys in front come back after they finish and they give me my ball back and say that was a great shot, it went in like a putt in the center. It was my first hole in one and the best shot of my life so far.
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  4. lazebones added a post in a topic Rory Mcilroy   

    man you say all of this then it turns out the kid cant make putts inside 3 feet under pressure to save his life.
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  5. lazebones added a post in a topic Team USA Ryder Cup Selections   

    If a few of these guys have some good rounds, I'd say his picks would be:
    Bubba Watson (him and zinger are good friends and zinger likes his demeanor)
    Brandt Snedeker (great swing, excellent putter, always a cool head)
    I can't really think of any other 2 that really catch my eye right now but I would think they would be along the lines of Stricker, Austin, or Johnson. all very solid players and Would love to see them on the team.
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  6. lazebones added a post in a topic SERGIO GARCIA - Another 4 putt Friday....   

    I would be tickled to just play there at all.
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  7. lazebones added a post in a topic SERGIO GARCIA - Another 4 putt Friday....   

    what do you mean another 4-putt? he hasn't 4 putted since 2005. and this is his first ever 4 putt in a major...get your facts right. hes not really that bad of a putter. cut the man some slack not all the great ball strikers were great putters.
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  8. lazebones added a post in a topic PGA Championship   

    and besides 14 Iomic grips are 180 not 280 :o I think hes just trying to impress everyone with his money.
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  9. lazebones added a post in a topic PGA Championship   

    Im gonna pick Phil to be a contender in there Sergio to win and I think Bubba Watson may surprise if he can string a few good rounds together. He was sneaky good at the 07 US Open when it was a tough one.
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  10. lazebones added a post in a topic Which Hybrid?   

    Adams has the a3 os boxer hybrid which is 150 but the hybrid that everyone seems to like is the idea pro hybrid which is 200 some places. you might be able to get a deal some places.
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  11. lazebones added a post in a topic Which Hybrid?   

    why haven't you looked into getting an Adams hybrid? those are easily one of the top hybrids on the market. I know alot of people that are very pleased with theirs.
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  12. lazebones added a post in a topic Being treated to a new driver and 3 wood.   

    Honestly Ive hit everything on that list and I found the tour burners to be my favorites....but they cost alot. If they are free id go for it but your dad is gonna be droppin close to 500$ for both. Great clubs tho very forgiving/solid the driver is the best ive hit (im waiting for the new titleist 909 drivers myself.)
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  13. lazebones added a post in a topic Master "Forged vs. Cast" or "Blade vs. Game-Improvement" Iron Thread   

    I think if you want to take golf serious you should really want to play with cut muscle or muscle back irons because they are hands down the best performing irons one can hit. (I don't know if the AP2 falls into that category but I'm going to lump them in there because they are some of the best irons I've ever hit) and yes the way the metal is formed does matter to alot of people.
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  14. lazebones added a post in a topic Master "Forged vs. Cast" or "Blade vs. Game-Improvement" Iron Thread   

    Ill explain what I meant than. I dont think people should be using the clubs that claim they are more forgiving and ect. (IE Taylormade R7 irons) I had a set of them and I just hated it when I would miss a shot and not feel it and be able to figure out what I did wrong so I switched to a Forged CB Rac TP which has a lower profile than the R7s and I am able to figure out immediately what went wrong such as a thin,heel,toe shot. In conclusion people should want to use the "players club" such as the Titleist AP2 or the Rac TP MB so they can get their swing good enough to be able to hit those clubs. Just my opinion again. I go off of what I am informed and know.
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  15. lazebones added a post in a topic Master "Forged vs. Cast" or "Blade vs. Game-Improvement" Iron Thread   

    I do not think everyone should play blades however I do recommend playing forged irons over cast irons because the feedback is much greater on misses and you don't lose that much distance from miss hits as you would blades but the forged irons will surely give you enough feedback for you to figure out what happened.
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