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  1. Collared shirt? Where did this start?

    Why impose a dress code upon your customer? Because you want your customer base to represent an image that is appealing to your target demographic. Why do upscale restaurants require a coat? Why do some upscale country clubs require initiation fees?
  2. Collared shirt? Where did this start?

    I'm an atheist so I am far from an expert on your church, but I have to believe that Jesus never instituted a dress code. I'm pretty sure you can find a story in the bible that shows he shunned a temple for elitism...something along the lines of "all are welcome, as they are". I never said that people can't afford to buy the shirts, I only implied that golf course dress codes are a throw back to a time when golf was much more exclusive. Anybody can meet the dress code, but what function could it possibly serve other than "keeping up appearances". How is a collared shirt functional to the game? School dress codes? How is that related to this subject? Students are not customers. Jobs? Employees are not customers. No shirt/no shoes/no service - based on hygiene/public health, I have no qualms with a golf course requiring the same.
  3. Collared shirt? Where did this start?

    I have never seen a dress code at church, funeral or wedding (unless it is indeed to keep the riff-raff out). People dress "appropriately" at these events as a matter of choice.
  4. LSW and broke 80 please
  5. New GolfNow layout is Awful

    Maybe it's just the area I live in, but I find that golfnow is more expensive than going straight to any course's website for booking tee times. The courses usually have far better discounts now that they use dynamic pricing.
  6. Collared shirt? Where did this start?

    I'm not sure what all this "tradition" talk is about. It's a perversion of traditional golf. If you visit the birthplace of golf, you'll see that the Scots are not interested in such formalities. To them it's a just a game to be enjoyed by all. The rest of the world turned it into a "gentlemen's" sport. Wearing collared shirts is just the modern day equivalent of trying to keep the riff-raff out. I am willing to meet the dress code, but I'm not fooling myself into thinking it isn't just a part of the snobbery that has always made the game unattractive to the masses.
  7. LSW and broke 80, please
  8. It depends on the situation. If I need to make it, I'll take the downhill putt. If I need to safely get down in two, I will probably take the uphill putt (but only if it is within 20 feet).
  9. Most Stressful Shot for You

    I put "first shot at a tournament". But if some poor soul has already dribbled one off the tee before I get my chance, then that stress is pretty much gone.
  10. After mulling over this for the past year, I finally invested some time to figure out my distances. I still haven't dialed them in as well as I would like, but they are getting close. I can't get over just how effective this method is. I no longer need to get the "feel" for a shot. I get the distance, check the chart and use the appropriate swing/club. It's so much easier to strike the ball cleanly and accurately when you are not taking a full swing. I no longer get disappointed when I think I hit the right shot only to come up well short and long because my eyes, brain, and muscles haven't "felt" the right distance.
  11. Does Altitude Matter?

    I just played at 7000 ft and I didn't find this to be necessarily true. It seemed that instead of how high you hit the ball, the length of time the ball spent in the air was more important. I definitely got more of a boost with my driver/3-wood/hybrids than I did with my short irons--but some of that can also be attributed to firm playing surface. Regardless, the extra "boost" you get with altitude was obvious. I normally try to play from ~6300 yds. In this case I played from 7300 yds and really didn't find it to be any more challenging. I was a bit intimidated when faced with a 498 yd par 4, but a good drive and a well struck 4-iron left me with an easy 2-putt par and gave me plenty of confidence to finish out the day.
  12. Predict Your Handicap One Year From Now

    Worse. It's down 5 strokes from last year, but I don't feel I am any better than I was. I'm sure I'll come back to reality at some point.
  13. My Swing (Jeremie Boop)

    I fought the flip for a long, long time. All the mechanical stuff I worried about never really helped. I reduced my backswing a bit and that helped, but a simple swing thought worked wonders. The problem was that I was too preoccupied on hitting the ball where it is positioned and that's part of what leads you to release right there. Instead, I thought about throwing the club head at the target. If you actually throw your club at the target, your release will be right where you want it. Maybe you should try using your normal swing to throw a club (or a similar substitute) at the target and record that. I'd be willing to bet your release would be in a much better position.
  14. The "Stop Conning Yourself" Thread

    I con myself in a few ways: - While I know how to play smart, I rarely do. I talk about course management with my playing partners and often provide solid advice--I just don't use the same line of thinking for myself. - I am not a good student. I receive brilliant instruction and don't do my part to make the changes that I paid good money to learn. - I am not actually as lousy at golf as I believe I am. I think I still believe that I'm just on a hot streak and really should still carry a 20+ handicap.
  15. Range finder question

    How tall are you?