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  1. Why won't they take steps to improve?

    In my experience individuals who make improvements grumble less simply because they get excited when they see improvements in their game. For example, I use to get pretty upset because I use to have a terrible short game until I had a few instructions before I saw major improvements in my short game. Seeing those improvements got me so excited that I couldn't wait to pass along what I learned. Problem is - nobody but me cares.
  2. Whats the most "unusual" club in your bag ?

    I too bought me one of those Adams 15 degree Super S fairway woods. I love it and use it a lot. Best club on the market for the amount you pay in my opinion. Having said that, I would say the strangest club that can sometimes be found in my bag, depending on where I'm playing is an old Wilson Wild Thing 26 degree 9 wood. That's how I came up with the name 9wood for my user name.
  3. Embarrassing moments...come clean here...

    I can't think of one embarrassing moment. Some bad shots? yes. But don't we all have them?
  4. Why won't they take steps to improve?

    Well I golfed with the guy quite a bit and I just wish that he would stop grumbling about his shots if he's not going to make any changes to help him improve. I guess in a sense you could call me selfish since I personally enjoy my outing much better when I don't have to play golf with a constant grumbler. This was probably my final year of partnering up with this individual. If I make a bad shot, which I do, unlike him I don't grumble about it, instead I laugh at myself and move on. Next year I plan on teaming up with players who don't grumble so much.
  5. Why won't they take steps to improve?

    Keeping score is a good way to see if you are improving. The main purpose of keeping score is not to see if you're beating the other guy, but rather to see if your game is improving
  6. Why won't they take steps to improve?

    I just want him to enjoy the outing.  I'll see him try to make a putt on a green with a lot of break and rather than play the break he will aim right at the cup, and then wonder why his ball didn't come even close to the cup. Leaves me shaking my head.
  7. Why won't they take steps to improve?

      It frustrates me because he gets angry at his own game yet he won't do a thing to help improve his game. When he is angry at his game it makes our outing less enjoyable.
  8. I have a golfing partner whose game remains stalemated. When I first teamed up with this golf partner he was a better golfer than I was. But I began taking tips and lessons from other golfers, and in time became a better golfer than my partner. Whenever I try to share with my golf partner what I learned from my lessons and golf tips that helped me improve my game in order that he too might try a few of the things I learned he ignores all the things I pass along to him and prefers to stick with those old things which don't help him improve. He sees how much my game has improved to the point where I have passed him by but he still won't do anything to improve the areas of his game where he most needs improvement. He has prevented any improvement from taking place in his game. He has willingly stalemated himself when he could improve. It sure would be nice to have a golf partner that improves with you as you improve. It's even a bit frustrating.
  9. The Films and Movies Thread

    It's rare that I go to a movie theater to see a movie. The last one I recall seeing was this great movie    
  10. Anyone ever played with 3 clubs or less?

    I never have and never would, but there have been foursomes ahead of me who did, and thought it would be cute. Problem was they slowed everyone else down who had a full set of clubs. Since that experience I personally would like to see the course make it mandatory that if you're going to play then have a full bag of clubs so other golfers aren't slowed down 
  11. I have learned to control the distance on my wedge shots simply by how much back swing I apply. For instance, using my 56 degree wedge my back swing goes back to the 8 o'clock position which in turn is then followed through to the four o'clock position for a 20 yard pitch. This method works best when you apply the same amount of follow through to the shot as you did back swing. For further distances you can have your back swing go to the 9 o'clock or 10 o'clock position depending on the distance you want the ball to fly. A little practice will determine the amount of back swing you need to apply to various shots.
  12. Share Your Golfing Revelations

    The one revelation I recently received which help me with my drive was a video tip about stance. The main point was to not set up bent over more than necessary. I use to bend over to much and it effected my drive. By standing up straighter and only slightly bent over which brings the ball closer to my feet I am able to drive the ball straighter. It also occurred to me that the majority of my shots were going right of where I intended them to go. To fix that I now line up and then move my left foot backwards about four inches. Now the majority of my drives go more towards my intended target area
  13. Driving was pretty good - short game was the worst of the year - putting was some of the best of the year, but my short game didn't provide me with enough opportunities for pars or birdies..
  14. Old guy - Starting up again

    When I was 46 years old, 70 year old golfers were beating me on the scorecard. I'm now 67 years old and an athletic 43 year old avid golfer challenged me to a match so I took him up on his challenge and ending up beating him by 6 strokes for the nine holes that we played. Now he wants a rematch.
  15. Since I don't like to be confined to playing the same course all the time, I prefer not to not have a membership at any course. I jump around and play at 8 or so various courses for variety since I tend to get bored playing one course all the time like many of my friends do who possess memberships. There is one course I play at however, because the price is decent and it's a fairly good course, but the people in general at this course appear at least to me to be impolite, rude, and lack personality. Another common problem at this course is that far too many people tee off from the pro-tees, who by all evidence should be teeing off from the senior tees which would suit their golfing ability much better. Because of this, playing often becomes much slower than necessary.  Do any of you play on any courses where the people seem generally rude and impolite?