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  1. 1 Iron Golf Clubs

    But I am not one of those "better playerrs" you refer to and I need to go with the set up I have found that works best for me at the moment
  2. I have played the Pinnacle golds and the Nike PD's but for me the TopFlite Gamers perform better and all three of those balls are priced about the same. Another ball that is lower cost are the Noodle, and they aren't all that bad either. i also like the Srixon Q and Z Star balls but they usually cost more and I get just as good if not better results using the TopFlite Gamers
  3. I have a golfing friend who has a 3 HC so I asked him which balls does he prefer to use and which ones have helped him improve his game. I was surprise when he answered me by saying; "It really doesn't matter to me, I can score just as well with almost any ball." As for myself I have noticed that the TopFlite Gamers seem to work out pretty nicely for me. I wait for them to go on sale for $30 for 2 doz.
  4. 1st Tee Nerves

    I use to have 1st tee jitters, but no longer. After watching other golfers in the line up ahead of tee off, I find that many of them haven't mastered the tee off as yet. I'm not saying that I have. But I have noticed that on tee shots I can hold my own against quite a few of them and this over time has given me confidence and helped me to erase the 1st tee jitters. In fact I now enjoy teeing off while others behind me are watching. It seems like I do better when I have an audience or some competition.
  5. Dangerous or Not? Your Opinion Please

    I hit a goose in the side on a hole last year when my tee shot became a worm burner. The goose waddled a few steps and then acted as though nothing happened. I told my golfing partner to mark me down for a birdie 
  6. 1 Iron Golf Clubs

    Yes, the ball stays the same distance from my feet when I use irons.  When I use a 3 iron I stand pretty vertical with no bend in my knees, and when I use my PW I am more bent over at the waist with knees slightly bent. If it's not possible then I either am doing it all wrong (which is very possible) or have accomplished the impossible My avatar looks like an 85 -95 year old. I look my age, some people say I look younger. I don't look like an 85 -90 year old, at least not yet. Yet I use the avatar I chose so I won't have to select a new one 20 years from now 
  7. Dangerous or Not? Your Opinion Please

    In my experience bees collecting pollen are not a threat. The threat comes when you bother a bees nest
  8. Driving, Pitching, Chipping, and Putting

    That is good weather for golf - I would love to be there playing a round. Have a great day 
  9. What happens when you hit short of the green? Does your ball roll up onto the green and stop or does it go off the other side of the green? But I'm guessing you simply have to work on getting better loft. Also if your club head is too closed, that can result in less loft and more roll. Perhaps you might want to try opening the club face a bit and see if you get better results.
  10. Driving, Pitching, Chipping, and Putting

    LOL  - Actually I have been working on my flexibility issue this winter. I have been spending time practicing a full swing and it's starting to feel more comfortable or normal. I just got my new Cobra Flyz driver yesterday and worked with it doing full swings. This new driver feels even more comfortable than my old Ping G2 when practicing. Can't wait for a break in the weather to give my new Cobra a test drive.
  11. 1 Iron Golf Clubs

    I agree. It's just that the only adjustment I go through with the various irons is in how straight up or bent down I stand, depending on which iron I use. Yet there is no difference for me in my swing plane between irons. 
  12. 1 Iron Golf Clubs

    I was thinking about that. I use traditional multi-length irons and I personally don't really notice any difference in my swing plane between irons. What I do notice however is that for a 4 iron I'm standing up straighter when using it. Using my 7 iron has me bent over a bit more and my PW even more with a slight bend at the knees yet swing plane seems about the same no matter which of these traditional multi-length clubs I use. 
  13. Shorts On the PGA Tour (Updated 2013, 2016)

    Some PGA players have already spoken up and said they want to wear shorts, therefore I can assume that some players are more comfortable playing in shorts
  14. Shorts On the PGA Tour (Updated 2013, 2016)

    One thing I know for sure is that I play better golf when I'm comfortable, and I'm more comfortable while playing in shorts on warmer days. Now this makes me wonder if the PGA players were dressed more comfortable if their game might show improvements like mine does. 
  15. The following comment comes from a different golf forum from someones experience with the Nike Hyperflights I have never been one to actually stick with the same ball, I only use what i find in my bag, and those are balls i find on the course. So yesterday pulled a Hyperflight out, and for the 8 holes it sadly lasted, i shot 4 under, got 2 eagles, 1 birdie, 4 pars, and a bogey. I am usually a very inconsistant driver, and shoot a little better than bogey golf, so this was a huge step forward!  But i found these to got as straight as I have ever hit, and they would stop on a dime on the green! at only $25 a doz. maybe my new gamer.anyone else like these? They feel like you are hitting a cotton ball, sooooo soft and wow they FLY!!! I have tried every ball, these feel the softest while actually keeping or adding distance!!