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  1. Posting old scores

    If they were solo rounds, they need to be dated prior to 12/31/2015. 
  2. My heated driving range is closing

    Yep, I just got the news. In September, 2016, it's gone. So there's no heated or indoor practice area unless I want to drive about 90 miles round trip and fight miserable traffic. This means winter practice will be on the golf course if the weather warms up into the mid 50s and it's not raining cats and dogs outside. I can't stand the cold weather. Otherwise the clubs go in the garage between mid November and March.  The place was losing money monthly. I guess having 4 professional golfers on staff for lessons and their few club sales was a bit over-ambitious. Buying a Trackman this year didn't help them either because Trackman lessons cost more and most people who were taking lessons still needed help trying to hit the ball, and didn't need the detailed analysis that Trackman provides. This said I had a guy hitting balls next to me today give me a couple of pointers with my driver. Really helped too, since I got the club on plane and hit some really nice shots after. Turned out he was a PGA professional. 
  3. Injury Question

    I'd see a doctor.
  4. How to eliminate blowup holes

    Everyone gets double bogeys. Even the pros. The pros just don't get them often.  We all have blow up holes. Mine tend to come in pairs. Then I'll settle down and hit "the shot." I consider an 8 a blow up hole. It's usually the result of a bad tee shot. Although on a real fast green once it was the result of a four putt.... in a tournament.... when I missed a 1 foot putt. Another thing we tend to do is try to do quick fixes during our rounds. Don't. They don't work. Play with the game you have. Fix your problem at the driving range later. If your driver is in the woods constantly, leave it in the bag for the round, and practice with it on the range. Hit an iron off the tee if you need to keep the ball in play. 
  5. Center of the face

    You mentioned releasing early. You're probably releasing early so you can hit the ball. Releasing early is a symptom, not the problem. Find out why you're releasing early. Since you're hitting all over the club face it is probably causing problems with consistency in your game. The name of the game is consistently getting the ball to target, and that require consistent contact.  I'd get with a qualified PGA professional. Someone who uses slow motion video and has a GC2 and can help you accomplish this.
  6. Most Stressful Shot for You

    I have to say a straight steep downhill putt of about 8 to 10 feet on a fast poa green. I will read that thing from about a dozen different angles to make sure there is no break, to see where the grain changes, to see where the spike marks are, to see where my miss will be. And tap the ball and watch it barely miss the cup and lazily roll slow enough to where you can read the brand name of the ball another 8 feet before it comes to rest against a spike mark.  Or an uphill putt on a green that is fast enough to where if you don't get it in the hole or past the hole, the ball will roll back down the hill past the point from where you putted. This is usually when you're on the lower level of double tiered green and the hole is on the upper tier near the lip.
  7. On a 9 or 10 stimp and on a slight downhill slope I'd take the shorter putt. But if I'm on my home course stimped at 12-13 last summer on holes 2, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12, 15 or 18? I'll take the uphill putt. Miss on those holes, you could be in a world of hurt. In fairness the greens weren't designed to be that fast when the course was built. Good point about practicing putting on my kitchen floor. Might give that a try.
  8. Rickie Fowler's new high-tops & pants...NOOOO!

    The high tops are actually functional and can prevent ankle rolling. The pants on the other hand.....
  9. They probably keep their individual strokes gained stats using macros on Excel spread sheets. Certain electronic devices are not allowed in tournament play, and a device like Game Golf can be a distraction having to remember to tag your club when you're in a tournament situation.  Like Erik said, there is no money on the LPGA tour. Last season's #1 money winner, Lydia Ko won $2.8 million over 24 events. When you get to #10 the amount is around $900,000 for the season.  Compare to Jordan Speith who won $12.0 million over 25 events. #26 money winner Kevin Na made more money than Lydia Ko with $2.82 million over 27 events. 
  10. Ha Na Jang makes first LPGA albatross

    No. This was one hole in the Bahamas. They typically play the equivalent of the Blue tees at most golf courses.
  11. Back when I played when I was a teen it didn't matter. Uphill, downhill. I could just read the break and putt. My first year back playing it wasn't too bad, but then the groundskeeper retired and they got a new one who got stimp happy. Last year the greens got scary. Putting on #@%!! poa with stimp around 13 is not fun. When the weather warms I'll have to put a lot of time practicing putting this year. Now I prefer to leave the ball short and putt uphill.
  12. New Driver / Lessons

    Your lessons will probably involve a 7 iron at first.
  13. On a par 3 hit a PW to a sloped green and put the ball about a foot past the hole and watched it back up past the hole, barely missing it, then rolling another 18 feet off the fringe from where I three putted for bogey.
  14. Today's rule encounter

    I couldn't advance the ball from my original position. The fairway was firm and sloping away from me, and I didn't want to take a chance of skulling or overstriking the ball. There was the factor of the way the green sloped as well. The two club lengths gave me a perfect line. If I'd hit the ball a little firmer I might have holed out for a birdie.