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  1. DrvFrShow added a post in a topic Good Golf Posture (How to Address the Golf Ball)   

    I have done both. The more relaxed C shaped address is not as hard on my lower back during my full swiing.
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  2. DrvFrShow added a post in a topic Myth of Maintaining Your Address Flex in the Rear Knee   

    Longest hitter on the LPGA tour. Watch the right knee during the backswing.

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  3. DrvFrShow added a post in a topic Tour Player Swing Videos   

    2015 Swing Video
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  4. DrvFrShow added a post in a topic Are there too many rules in golf?   

    That ant mound I showed... well there's some courses where I swear they just took a bulldozer and cut fairways. Just off the fairways in the woods you can find these pretty close to the rough. Granted these ants don't bite like fire ants but still. I... don't play that course anymore anyway, but was mentioning this as an example.
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  5. DrvFrShow added a post in a topic Driving Range Routeen? What Should You Do at the range? (Reccomend drills and routeens you do)   

    Right now I'm doing some special work. But my typical range session is like this.
    1) Identify my priority piece. (Ninja'd by Mike) Well this is easy. My pro told me. Right now it's setting my wrists - this is a specialty fix. But let's say it's getting my weight forward. That's Key 2 of the 5SK system. I think I spent a ton of time on that. I'm always working on that regardless of what I'm doing. This is my main priority piece.
    2) Warm up and stretch.
    3) Divide up the bucket. Say I have 100 balls. Normal session is GW, 9 iron, 6 iron, Driver. The reason I pick these irons - There are target greens at my 95 yds, 124 yds, 170 yds. Some days I'll leave the 9 iron at home and bring an 8 iron and hit to the 145 yd target green.
    So I'll start with 15 balls with my GW. Easy shots in groups of 5 with gradually increasing intensity until by 15 I'm hitting just about a full shot. Then I'll hit 20 shots in groups of 5 to the 124 yd target with my 9 iron. Then I'll go to 30 shots in groups of 5 to the 174 yd target with my 6 iron. Then 20 shots at a center pole at the back of the range with my driver trying to keep it within 15 yds either side - you want to hit your driver. Now, I'm at cool down, 15 more shots with my GW to the 95 yd target - it's really a partial GW shot for me at that distance. 95 is a half club too long for my full SW and a half club too short for a full GW, so it's a good cool down. Then I'm done and time to putt.
    So it's:
    Easy GW: 15 balls
    Full 9 iron: 20 balls
    Full 6 iron: 30 balls
    Driver: 20 balls
    GW: 15 balls
    And on each one I'm working on my priority piece.
    When the drill is over, it's over. You're done. A former touring pro told me to do this. Let it go. It teaches you to move on because on the course you will hit a bad shot and you will have to forget about it and move on. There are no do overs and mentally you can't hang onto it either -  you have to let it go.
    When the weather is nice you want to do some chipping and putting too and devote about 35% of  your time there. Maybe you go to the range and do your drills two days a week and on the third day you chip and putt.
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  6. DrvFrShow added a post in a topic Why after around 60 shots i start to hit bad? (At Driving Range)   

    Can I make a suggestion? Well I will anyway. Set yourself up for success, not failure.
    1. When you go to the range work on your priority piece. Warm up, stretch.
    2. Have a series of drills that you do to work on your priority piece. I do sets of five balls and take a little break in between each set to think about what I was doing. I'll do four sets of these per club, but break them into groups of two sets. I take frequent  breaks. My range has 100 ball large buckets, and I'll work five clubs. Right now I'm working my LW, SW, PW, 8i, and 6i. Priority piece only.
    3. I start with my PW > 8i > 6i > SW > LW, then repeat it.
    4. When I hit my last ball in the each set that set is over. No matter what the shot looked like. When I hit the last ball in the series with the club that part of the drill is over. It's done. Gone. It doesn't matter if I hit a great shot or duffed it. Move on. Last ball of the bucket: it's over. Pick up the clubs and go home, or if the green is in good shape and you still want to futz around, putt. Then go home.
    But your drill is over. Done. Let it go. Don't go and hunt for an extra ball if you screwed up one. You don't get a mulligan on the course. You have to learn to let it go.
    So if you have a bucket of 60 balls, divide your practice for 60 balls. You can do a decent practice with that number of balls. When your bucket is empty it's over. You're done.
    Hitting balls is hard work. Maybe you're not ready to hit 200 balls yet? If you want to hit more, you need to work your way up to it. It's a repetitive motion. Playing golf is not. Do you follow me? I have to limit myself to 100 balls now and no more daily practice - every other day now and weight training in between due to injuries. So I have to be smarter about how I practice.
    There have been a time when my tray had like 20 balls in it. My goal was to hit 10 good shots in a row. I did it. I had 8 balls left. I put my club in the bag and left. I accomplished my goal. The drill was over.
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  7. DrvFrShow added a post in a topic Rolling Back Equipment to 1980s Specs for Tour Players   

    If the USGA put a cap on the tech innovation, there would be no incentive for anyone to buy a new set of golf clubs except when one broke. So what we'd see is introduction of planned obsolescence to keep the club manufacturers in business. Your shafts and club heads would start becoming so cheaply made they would break after three years of use so they could sell you a new set of clubs.
    Many amateurs have high club head speeds, but have difficulty controlling their shots and lack the talent necessary to play on the tour. So with the newest tech they'll be able to hit the ball 400 yds.
    If the average touring pro starts routinely hitting 415 yd drives they'll have to start playing with limited flight range balls. But as it  is not all touring pros can drive the ball 300 yds. Where do you draw the line? Will this become like horse racing where you weight the horses to compensate for the weights of the jockeys? You limit the flights of the balls so that you level the playing field so that no one averages more than say an arbitrary 290 yd drive and you vary the ball per player? It'll get ridiculous.
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  8. DrvFrShow added a post in a topic Wrists: To Hinge or Not To Hinge?   

    This is now my priority piece. My pro got me on this one Tuesday.
    I've been afraid of this because of the past when I did it I used to hit a weak right due to cupping the wrist. But with the other fundamentals more in place, that doesn't happen or not as much - although I am hitting a gentle fade with my irons now. And loading up sooner has helped me gain a little distance, too. It still feels weird, and is taking getting used to.
    It helps me get the club head more vertical in my backswing so I can drop it into the slot on my downswing.
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  9. DrvFrShow added a post in a topic Fatting the ball with irons?   

    Then there's this....
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  10. DrvFrShow added a post in a topic Not allowed to hit Provisional by ranger- rules/scoring question   

    Courses up here have a local "leaf rule" in the fall where you can drop without penalty should you have one of those WTFDIG balls... unless it went in the woods or someplace where it would be obviously gone. It's restricted to the fairway or rough.
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  11. DrvFrShow added a post in a topic What is the best rule in golf?   

    The unplayable rule. Sometimes you need an out, or sometimes you simply want an easy way to improve your angle without risking putting yourself in a worse position.
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  12. DrvFrShow added a post in a topic Played 10 holes, 1 to 5 and 14 to 18, how do I post score   

    I think you just pick your 9 best holes and enter those manually on GHIN and let them do the rest.
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  13. DrvFrShow added a post in a topic Do you KNOW your score as you play?   

    I write it down, but I'm bad a math.
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  14. DrvFrShow added a post in a topic Reporting scores in abnormal conditions   

    Although there was a round I was playing when it started out with a light drizzle and calm situation, then a squall line hit with straight rain. I'd just hit my tee shot when the winds and rain hit. And it got cold and it stung. I quit the round. By the time I got to the clubhouse, the downpour started. I got a rain check at the desk. Essentially a 6.5 hole mulligan. lol.
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  15. DrvFrShow added a post in a topic What is your target score?   

    I've mapped out a 72 on google map and then added in crappy putting and made it a 78. However, I know that battle plans only survive first contact with the enemy. Then if I look at the course as hitting a bucket of balls, how many bad or off target shots do I hit out of say 93 balls? 15 or so that will cost me a stroke. Sometimes one of those is on the green. Sometimes one of those is in the rough. Sometimes one of those is on the fairway. And that's how I get to 93 from 78. Face it. I suck at golf.
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