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  1. Feet. By 16 they're hurting. 16, 17, and 18 are usually my worst holes as a result unless I remember to take another 2 advil at the turn. 
  2. Scotty Cameron Putters -- Are they for real?

    Putters are very personal things. I use a SeeMore because the club head helps me make sure I have the club face lined up square to the target line. Lexi Thompson uses and Odyssey. Sergio uses a Taylormade. Some players use Scotty Cameron. My neighbor uses a Taylormade Rossa and has used the same putter for the past 15 years - he paid $100 for it, weighted it, and counterbalanced it perfectly to fit him. The pros on TV don't use the ones we see in the stores. One pro I know got a Nike Method prototype mallet fitted for him from Nike. Never have seen another one like it. Edel, of course makes a very nice putter.  And you'll want to make sure that you really want this putter before you spend the money on it. 
  3. Tour Player Swing Videos

    Payne Stewart and a 2 iron  
  4. Spike Marks on Someone Else's Line

    @boogielicious I've worn those shoes in drizzle without issue. There was sufficient traction. I didn't notice any slipping. 
  5. Anyone play 5 wedges?

    Yep, that's 5 wedges. I went to the black friday sale, and was toying around with the driver or new shoes thing. I couldn't tell on the driver because the tee in the area wasn't high enough. I also need a lesson on my driver again. This made it shoes. But then I don't hit my 3W. It sits in my bag all summer and does nothing. Maybe I hit it once during the summer. I'm also not comfortable opening the club face on my 60 degree and standing open. I tend to blade the ball when I do that. I've practiced it at the range and no matter what, in a course situation I will blade the ball or chunk it.  So I picked up a Callaway PM Grind 64/10. I tried it out on a 40 yd lob shot and put 24 shots in a row within 3 yds of each other. It felt good in my hands, and I felt confident with it. I didn't have to make any swing adjustments to hit the shot. And no, it was not on sale. So the 3W is gone and the 64 replaces it. My inconsistent mid game causes me to have to rely heavily on my short game. Until that improves I'm not going to handicap myself further. Besides, the 64 can come in handy playing from pot bunkers. Count me as another 5 wedge player.
  6. Unlimited Golf or One Round at Augusta?

    If that were the way you meant it, I'd take either Eagles Pride or The Home Course. The thing about Eagles Pride is that it's a 27 hole course, but they only have 18 holes open at one time. The Home Course is well kept, but lacks amenities at this time.
  7. To Driving Iron or not to driving iron

    If you're playing a steel shaft 4i, why not grab a SGI or GI 4i with a graphite shaft. The graphite shaft is typically longer than what comes standard in steel, the sweet spot on the head wider than on the "player iron".  Example: Cobra sells single irons - grab a Fly-Z 4i @19 degrees with a graphite shaft for $92. Use it off the tee. Or why not just get a 4H and use that off the tee?
  8. How Long to Play 9?

    90 minutes walking single. But now with the new rules, probably 2 hrs since I'll be hitting more than one ball for practice in some situations.
  9. Unlimited Golf or One Round at Augusta?

    Unlimited rounds at one of my local courses? Do I get to pick? Really? That would get me up from 1-2 rounds a week to 3-4 rounds a week. Sorry Augusta. You lose. I have a choice locally of: * Chambers Bay * TPC Snoqualmie Ridge * The Home Course  * Eagles Pride I'd probably choose TPC Snoqualmie Ridge because of the amenities and the fact it doesn't get like an oven in the afternoon like that cove where Chambers Bay is located. Yes it's a 45 minute drive, but they have a very nice club house. Yeah, free membership would be real nice.
  10. Spike Marks on Someone Else's Line

    Describe "nubbie" shoes. These are what I wear. I've never noticed any bad marks on the greens. I hardly notice any marks at all.
  11. BUNKER INSTRUCTION /Bunker play

    And you need to spend time in the practice bunker hitting shots. If your range has one, use it. It takes about 4 hours of practice time to become decent at being a good bunker player.    I was in one of these next ones and said **** it and bailed out to the side, but if you really want to learn how to hit out of it, this is the way to do it.    
  12. If I look at my Game Golf statistics, my most important shot is hitting the green from 100 to 150 yds, and getting the ball within 15 yds of target. My weakest statistic is GIR. That's my GW  through 7 iron approach shots. I'm hitting one of those on 16 holes per round. That accuracy sets up whether I'm chipping for an up and down, putting for birdie, or lagging for a par, depending upon how well I hit my tee shot.  If I hit my tee shot reasonably well, keeping on the fairway or at least playable I should be doing that. I'm doing this 44% of the time with my driver. I don't mind the first cut or short second cut during the summer.  What's happening is that I'm missing those shots too far wide right or hooking them left. They're not accurate enough, so that mid game is my focus this winter along with about 15% driver just because I have to practice that. I also have to hit my 5 iron of the deck so throw that in there at least one day a week.  Then there's the short game. Right now that amounts to hitting 30 yd, 40 yd and, 60 yd lob shots. Chipping will come in the spring. Putting will also come in the spring. One day a week on short game and putting. I think if I can improve my short-mid game in the 100 - 150 yd range, I'll make big strides next season. @mvmac To underscore the amount of practice, LPGA pro Na Yeon Choi was asked what it takes to become a pro, and she replied - quality instruction and hit 1000 balls a day.
  13. Cheyenne Woods (Tiger's Niece) Thread

    Michelle had a bad year in 2015. She knows it too. She's taking the next six weeks off to recover both mentally and physically. Injuries and stuff. She's still quite young and has had a great career so far. If she comes back healthy next year, she could have a great one. With her length and distance she's always dangerous. Michelle was the victim of overblown expectations. The press and people love to tear down those who don't meet them.
  14. Trump Makes Up Civil War Battle for Golf Course

    Well there is a poll where 58% of Americans self-identify as a bunch of losers and morons. That's how he got away with that remark. And now he'll get away with this one, too.