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  1. Looking back, I wish I had …

    I learned a home grown swing when I was a teen, elements of which are still with me... sometimes to my detriment.   
  2. AJGA Rules Suck

    I would appreciate it if you guys would not use acronyms for terms some people don't know.
  3. Dangerous or Not? Your Opinion Please

    Last summer I hit a shot that landed in the fairway near a pine tree (also in the fairway). For some reason there was about a half dozen yellow jackets in the area buzzing me. It would have ended my round and ended up in the Urgent Care Clinic. I could not find a nest, yet due to the fact that I'm allergic to their sting used my ball retriever to snag my ball and move it to an area no nearer the hole in the fairway where I was no longer being bothered by the wasps. I'm not about to stand around and look for the nest. Are you? Dangerous situation. There are reasons that wasps can swarm without a nest - someone dropped a hot dog. In about July, certain species of wasps have their normal source of food (a certain species of small insects) deplete and they start foraging. This is why you find them around picnic tables, bar-b-ques etc, after the 4th of July. Prior to then you rarely have a problem with them.  However, we are answering the situations as described.
  4. 1st Tee Nerves

    I tee off with a 4 iron on the first hole for a couple of reasons - 1) It's usually quite cool still and I'm not warmed up sufficiently. 2) Nerves.  The 4 iron typically goes in the short grass. Anything resembling a wood or driver does not on the first hole. First hole on one course i play is a par 5 and it's 3 shots to the green anyway. The other course is a 4 iron anyway because of the dogleg.
  5. Dangerous or Not? Your Opinion Please

    Note that in the spring, that you don't always hear a rattlesnake buzz. Copperheads vary in color and are usually kind of coppery, but can be dark gray. In Australia there is a black variety.  Now the USGA rules technically only cover "live rattlesnakes" and "bees nests" but seriously.... all of the above situations are dangerous situations. One could be an ass about them and say that you get relief from none of them. This would leave the following solutions: For the dogs: Since the ball is lying in a divot we have to assume that the ball is in bounds. However, for sadistic reasons, the dog owners decided to put a chain on the dogs that was too long. You could use your cell phone and contact Animal Control and hold up play on the course while the animal situation was resolved. This should take no more than an hour or two since the animal is confined to a yard. I seriously doubt that the animal would let you in the yard to notify the owner. I figure that the owner would have come out to see what the ruckus was about and rectified the situation, but apparently they did not. So Animal Control it is. It is obvious that hitting the ball from where it lies could result in a dog bite - hence dangerous. There is no reasonable solution covered under the rules. For the snake: You get to deal with the problem since it isn't a rattlesnake and hope for the best. Yet it could still be a venomous snake depending upon where you live. Hence dangerous. For the bees: tough noogies since they're pollinating and there is no nest in the immediate area, and hope that you don't get stung.  For the goose: You get to hold up play on the course until the goose decides that it's bored and moves on. If you can't frighten it away without harming it, sorry, that's the law. If the goose for some unknown reason decides not to move on, you get to contact Animal Control again and wait another hour or two. This one has no reasonable solution.  Should one not want to wait for the authorities to arrive to resolve the situations, because these are indeed dangerous situations, one should proceed under Rule 3-3. This would involve announcing to the competitor the intent to play two balls 1) proceeding as if they were dangerous situations; 2) replaying your shot with a second ball as a stroke and distance penalty. Then reporting the situation to the committee at the end of the round before turning in the scorecard and letting them decide the outcome.  This would be the correct solution in stroke play. In match play, the player would have to use one of the remedies to continue with their original ball or concede the hole. 
  6. Changes to Handicap System for 2016 Released

    So total honor system. Just like the measuring devices this year.
  7. Dangerous or Not? Your Opinion Please

    All of them. Geese are protected animals and you cannot attack the geese. If the goose won't let you near your ball, you cannot attack it with your 7 iron. If you injure the goose, while you may be within the rules of golf, you will be paying a fine to the Department of Fish and Game. I'm sorry.  Miniature Schnauzers can bite, and their bite can require stitches.  #5 is the SAME situation except the person also has a fear of dogs. The fear of dogs is irrelevant. The fact that the dog is standing over the ball and threatening is relevant.  The snake in the vicinity, definitely. I don't know anything about what snakes are what, but it could be a water moccasin depending upon where you are. Was it a copperhead? Or a harmless rat snake? Do you want to take a chance?
  8. Different swing for Driver and Irons

    Irons - keeping the right elbow closer to the body on the backswing. Driver - wide takeaway for more distance and so I don't get stuck. This club takes a lot more practice than my irons. I'm starting to get it now. But I have to hit about 40 balls each session with it. My goal this year is to get the distance and keep it in the short grass. This will help reduce the second shots to 9 irons on most of my par 4s. I play the tee it forward. I see the pros hitting 8 and 9 irons into greens on par 4s so why shouldn't I have the same fun?
  9. How to eliminate blowup holes

    I've been playing the Hex Chrome+ and Chrome Soft, and last summer still had balls just bounce off the rock hard greens. I watched an 8 iron hit the front of the green and bounce off the back into the water hazard. Usually my shots leave a crater but not last summer. I typically hit a high spin 8 iron.
  10. How Do You Decide Where to Play Golf

    I belong to a league and play there a couple times a month. I also play twice a week and rotate the affordable courses in the area.
  11. AJGA Rules Suck

    So from a "rules are guidelines" person, if you want to play in AJGA tournaments, what you need to do is get a name of someone who can do something within the organization, and write a letter petitioning them for an individual waiver of the rule until your high school class graduates. You might also use the 15 year old as an example for a case to consider changing the rule to be based upon ones high school graduating class, not one's academic status, with the exception that if one plays on an NCAA team one is disqualified from participating in AJGA events. Does this sound like a good plan to you?
  12. AJGA Rules Suck

    Let me summarize the problem that Pretzel is having: Pretzel's problem is not his golf. It's that he was too smart for his own britches. He should have been dumber and stayed in high school another year, been bored to death just so he could have played junior golf this season and gotten recruited by a Div 1 college. Instead he chose to graduate early and attend college to keep his mind stimulated. He is still 17 years old. The same age as his high school class. He is simply a year ahead of them academically and is being punished for that.  He feels the AJGA rules should be age based, not academically based.  By these same rules, while rare you could have someone who is 15 years old, exceptionally bright and complete their high school requirements. This person also plays junior golf. He decides to accept an academic scholarship to attend Xxxxxx University, but he has not played long enough or is good enough yet to play golf on the University's golf team, yet he would like to compete against people his own age. He is still physically a junior golfer but by AJGA rules he cannot play in AJGA tournaments because he's too smart and is now attending University where he is not going to be noticed by the team to play.   
  13. While most of the holes are within acceptable parameters on my home course, a few have what I call too much slope for the faster green speeds that are around today. The greens were designed for another era. One has to learn all the nuances of these particular greens. Local knowledge really helps. With our modern faster green speeds they get very dicey. Honestly, I think they need to take some dynamite to 5, 8, 11, 15, and 18 and flatten them. The worst offenders are 5, 15 and 18.  I like the quote of Harry Colt, "In no case should a green be contoured so that a ball runs away from a putter like a swine possessed by the devil." This sums up why I prefer the uphill putts on those holes.
  14. Putting Yips

    The putter I bought is a 48" Odyssey Dart. What I needed to do was find a way of keeping my right wrist out of the stroke. This putter is way too heavy for my wrist to do anything especially with my right arm fully extended. Time will tell by the number of putts that go in the hole. 
  15. Looking for new irons - HELP!!

    Do you have the S2 or S2 Forged? The JPX-850s are a nice club. I tried the new Cobra King F6 irons and was suitably impressed. The new tech really works. I currently play the BioCells. These are a step up and if I were in the market I'd give them a hard look in the GI category. They're very forgiving for a GI iron.  For hybrids? I'd look at Callaway. Probably the XR 4H. I'd still get fit and check out how you hit each individual club. You may have to pay for a fitting, but usually they deduct the fitting from the price of the clubs if you buy. My set is from 4 - LW now. Originally it was a 5 - GW. I have a 4 hybrid. This rotates out of my bag with the 4 iron depending upon the course I'm playing. I bought the 4 iron to use for a driving iron, but I've hit it off the deck a couple of times when I've had to. I bought the SW and the LW because I can hit them easier than my Vokey wedges.  How you make up your set will depend upon your wedge game. If you need the forgiveness, I'd go as far as you can with the set. I have a neighbor who is a 5 HC and plays with Ping wedges that are part of his set. So do what you need there.  Hybrids? Possibly 3H or 4H. For a bogey golfer I'd go 22 degrees. 5 iron or 5H? I like a 5 iron because of where I live. Too much turf interaction with a 5H in moist conditions. In dry conditions I prefer the hybrid. Off the tee I prefer the iron. So your choice.