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  1. If I look at my Game Golf statistics, my most important shot is hitting the green from 100 to 150 yds, and getting the ball within 15 yds of target. My weakest statistic is GIR. That's my GW  through 7 iron approach shots. I'm hitting one of those on 16 holes per round. That accuracy sets up whether I'm chipping for an up and down, putting for birdie, or lagging for a par, depending upon how well I hit my tee shot.  If I hit my tee shot reasonably well, keeping on the fairway or at least playable I should be doing that. I'm doing this 44% of the time with my driver. I don't mind the first cut or short second cut during the summer.  What's happening is that I'm missing those shots too far wide right or hooking them left. They're not accurate enough, so that mid game is my focus this winter along with about 15% driver just because I have to practice that. I also have to hit my 5 iron of the deck so throw that in there at least one day a week.  Then there's the short game. Right now that amounts to hitting 30 yd, 40 yd and, 60 yd lob shots. Chipping will come in the spring. Putting will also come in the spring. One day a week on short game and putting. I think if I can improve my short-mid game in the 100 - 150 yd range, I'll make big strides next season. @mvmac To underscore the amount of practice, LPGA pro Na Yeon Choi was asked what it takes to become a pro, and she replied - quality instruction and hit 1000 balls a day.
  2. Cheyenne Woods (Tiger's Niece) Thread

    Michelle had a bad year in 2015. She knows it too. She's taking the next six weeks off to recover both mentally and physically. Injuries and stuff. She's still quite young and has had a great career so far. If she comes back healthy next year, she could have a great one. With her length and distance she's always dangerous. Michelle was the victim of overblown expectations. The press and people love to tear down those who don't meet them.
  3. Trump Makes Up Civil War Battle for Golf Course

    Well there is a poll where 58% of Americans self-identify as a bunch of losers and morons. That's how he got away with that remark. And now he'll get away with this one, too.
  4. Changes to Handicap System for 2016 Released

    You're right. I am. Holiday season.
  5. Changes to Handicap System for 2016 Released

    I still wonder how they're going to police this.
  6. Spike Marks on Someone Else's Line

    A number of courses are going spikeless - this includes no "soft spikes."
  7. Changes to Handicap System for 2016 Released

    I feel the same way @billchao does. If they're going to enforce it via something like requiring that at least one member of your foursome be a GHIN member, I may save myself the $40.  @Braivo If you have a system like Game Golf, that will keep track of your stats and help you track improvement. Unless you are playing in a league where they require GHIN, or are entering tournaments where they require an official handicap, you might want to save the money and get something like Game Golf or Arrcos Golf that will track your statistics and probably be more useful to you in the long run at least until you break into the single digits. So do you plan to play in a league? or Men's Club?  Golf stores in the area have a "club" you can join and get access to GHIN. So will they be the ones to attest the scores? Will Dick's attest the scores? You enter the scores via your cell phone app.   
  8. Match Play and Handicapping: Thoughts?

    It's simple. You score it differently. You don't keep your stroke score. You only tally who won the hole, when the hole is halved, and when someone reaches Dormie. Unfortunately, they want us to either hole out everything, or mark down "most likely score" for handicap purposes. This eliminates the incentive to concede putts or other strategies one would normally use in match play. But you don't have to do it this way. The pros don't. All that matters there is who wins the hole.
  9. Changes to Handicap System for 2016 Released

    Exactly. When playing alone, the course will be my driving range with grass. I did this last August to get my head back in the game. I'd been playing terrible in July, so I went off the system and played practice rounds. There was no USGA official looking over my shoulder. If I hooked my drive into a rocky area, I'd toss the ball back to the fairway and hit from there. I didn't want to reinjure my shoulder hitting from rocks. So tough. I wasn't keeping score anyway. Try a different shot? GW safety shot or hooking a 5 iron. Multiple bunker shots for practice. Practice that putt you missed. Who cares as long as you're not holding up play? The changes are not for us hackers. The changes are for the people who play in the state amateur championships and US Amateur qualifiers. The US Amateur and who compete internationally. That's who these changes are for. They really don't care about the average hacker because 90% of us don't carry an official handicap. 50% of golfers never break 100. We've seen these people on the courses. When I was a young girl, my next door neighbors were avid golfers and scored routinely about 103. It was a big deal for one of them to score 49 for 9 holes. The USGA only has statistics on those who carry handicaps and they have the average golfer with an 18 handicap? Come on.
  10. Spike Marks on Someone Else's Line

    You get a sour look on your face and tap down on the spike mark after you miss your 3' putt. It's part of the putting routine. It's really a dumb rule IMO. You can repair ball marks in your putting line and move debris from that line, but can't tap a spike mark that's in your line. I suppose you could tap down a spike mark in your competitor's line without incurring a penalty for them if they weren't looking.
  11. Changes to Handicap System for 2016 Released

    But what if your playing partners are not members, you know like about 90% of golfers out there? So if they're not members, you won't be able to post the score? I guess I'll have to practice more and rely on my gross scores. I mean how often do we say "I shot a 68 Net?" Really? We know what we shot. 
  12. Worldwide Golf Handicap System to Debut in 2018

    Why don't I have much confidence in the system? Computers? They have to be maintained. The local information regarding conditions has to be entered daily. Bear in mind that customer service in this country sucks. I had my land line disconnected back on September 2 because all I was getting was telemarketers. Did you know my ISP still hasn't gotten my bill right? Three months. This month they threatened to cut off my internet service because I haven't paid my phone bill. I don't have a home phone. I have Verizon for my phone. Idiots! They apologized again for the third time and told me that they'd correct it and that I only owed $$ instead of $$$, and that it would take four days for the correction to show up. That was November 3. I checked Friday and it's still not corrected. I know this is OT but you get the point. Systems rely on people to maintain them.  Will daily changing handicaps be any different on GHIN? In the United States? And enforcement? On public goat tracks? Are you kidding me? It won't change vanity capping or sandbagging. However, what I see as a big improvement is the uniformity between organizations. This isn't for us hackers. This is for the young amateurs who compete on a national and international level. There needs to be uniformity in the systems around the globe so that a 3 HC from Germany can come to the US and compete in the US Amateur and vice versa. @natureboy You can do that now. You can go out on the course and mess around. No USGA official is looking over your shoulder. I've played 18 holes without a scorecard and just made notes. Who cares? Need bunker practice? Hit 3 or 4 balls out of the bunker next time you're in one if you're not being rushed. My pro told me to do that when I'm playing solo. Most driving ranges don't have practice bunkers or pitching areas unless you belong to a country club. @RandallT You need to move to the SF Bay Area then. You'll have your calm pristine mornings and in the afternoons those 35 mph winds with the fog can come rolling in unannounced.
  13. Poor Treatment of Muslim Passengers

    It has gotten so bad that a New Age bookstore in Colorado that has been there for over 30 years named Isis, after the Egyptian Goddess, protector against evil was vandalized by someone who thought they were selling ISIL propaganda. The ignorance of people astounds me.  And the big lies being told by major candidates, and more than one are guilty of it, seem to be stoking the fires of hate and fear. Two powerful engines. Telling big lies seems to work better than telling small lies. Repeat them enough and don't back down from them, and people will believe them. But freedom of speech allows them to continue to tell them. It worked in 1933, too. It is up to the people to educate themselves.  @Abu3baid Trump scares me more than ISIL. I'm sorry you had to go through that. I'm sorry my country is behaving this way. I thought we were better than this.
  14. My Swing (DrvFrShow)

    The weather has been too cold to hit driver at the driving range. It's been in the upper 20s low 30s at night, and the balls are like rocks. Daytime temps in the mid 40s. Even with the heaters this is not warm.  I've decided to use this thread more as a range log to note what I'm doing and any progress. This is more for me than anyone else. It's difficult to set up video at the range since it usually is pretty active because it's the only heated range in the area unless you drive another 50 miles north. I plan to take lessons this winter, and know I need one right now, but my medical prescription benefits ran out for the year and I've got one that costs $350/mo, so there goes lessons until things reset in January. What I'm doing is self-diagnosis in the stations with the mirrors, and working on things I was taught during my lessons over the summer: 1) getting my hips moving forward; 2) setting my wrists. We were trying to counter my tendency to pull hook, and I was about to schedule a lesson when the medical benefits ran out. I noticed that if I cupped my left wrist a bit when I set it that it would make the shaft more vertical at the top of the backswing, and this would cause me to reroute the club naturally to an inside out path like Leadbetter's A-swing which with this last move I'm essentially doing. At first it was a fade, but then it became a push, and finally a draw. Also something else happened: I'm hanging onto the lag longer and when I get the hips moving forward like I'm supposed to, I picked up a couple yards without seeming to have to swing quite as hard. This is taking some getting used to. 11/15: Conditions - cloudy, 51F, breezy south. 9 iron to 125 yd target. I seemed to be getting it finally. The target is on the left side of the green, and most of my shots are hitting the right center. I feel like I'm getting my weight forward and my wrists set. This results in a "thump" on the mat and good ball flight. Occasionally I don't set my wrists and the result is a thin shot. 8 iron to 143 yds had similar results with the occasional push right followed by the overcompensation hook left. I have to learn to go directly back to what I'm supposed to do rather than let my brain make that overcompensation. It's been continual repetition of the swing over and over and over again, trying to get things more automatic. I have to focus on getting three things right: 1) rotation of shoulders on the takeaway; 2) the wrist set before my arms are at 90 degrees, and 3) that little wrist cup at the 3/4 position which is now the top of my backswing. It's easier to do that in one move to 90 degrees. The next one is starting the downswing with the little hip bump. 11/20: Conditions - clear, 44F, breezy from north. 9 iron to 125 yd target. I couldn't seem to get my hips moving forward and tended to pull a lot of shots left. Slow practice didn't seem to matter. The heat was being blown away. Finished with the 9 iron and moved to the 8 iron at 143 yds. No difference. The sun started to go down and it got worse. The pro was taking his lessons to the indoor station. Wind chill in the 30s and my ears are hurting. I'm done. I figure that fighting the weather and improperly executing the swing will only hurt me in the long run. Go home and get warm. 11/22: Conditons - clear, 48F, breezy south. South breeze the area is protected. This is probably my last day until the end of the month. We're expecting another cold snap. Possible snow. Then it'll warm up into the low 50s. Going home was probably a good thing, but after shanking the first 5 balls with my 9 iron I began to wonder. I had to break down everything again. I made ten shots at about 70% effort which surprisingly didn't take much off the distance but did wonders for accuracy. Then I worked back up to a full swing. Once I did this the rest of the session went well. Except for a few shots, my 8 iron also was reasonably close to target - I did push a couple well right and hooked a couple well left, but out of 25 shots that's better than usual. I also decided to give myself a break on the 173 yd target and instead of trying to carry it with my 6 iron, I used my 5 iron off the deck. I can carry it with my 6 iron but that's a 100% swing. The 5 iron is more of a normal swing. By the time I get to my LW for cool down it's hard. I notice my lower back muscle on the left side starts getting sore, and this makes things difficult to stay in posture. I should take a break before hitting my LW but the weather is so cold that I want to just get the session done. 
  15. Game Golf people - handling temporary greens

    The course will usually give a steep discount if they have a number of temporary greens and tees. A local course had 7 for half of one season and was charging $10 for a round. The closely mowed areas of the fairway were very clearly marked and could be seen easily. Auto-two putt. Still made for great practice rounds at the price - better than any driving range. I played three to four rounds a week and only reported my league round on my home course since there was fewer than 13 holes played under ROG.