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  1. I'm an idiot, of all the things I have researched for golf, that's is something I have never looked at and just assumed I was correct. Thank you,
  2. Okay, I just realized from your video that I have misinterpreted what it means to have a stronger or weaker grip. I always thought that rotating my hands more to the left or counterclockwise for a righty was stronger.
  3. Hope you all had fun. I wish I would have played with you all since I'm only 45 minutes away this weekend but my schedule just didn't allow. I did tee off this morning at Desert Spring Valley course in Palm Desert for a quick 18 (3 hour round) and thought about you guys having an awesome time.
  4. I'll be in Palm Springs on the 7th and would be interested in attending the AimPoint clinic if my scheduler (wife) doesnt have me signed up for somthing else that afternoon. Greg
  5. You have to be an elite athlete to swing a golf club efficiently.
  6. Handle Location Checkpoints

    Is this what you are looking for? I find it helpful when reviewing my swing.
  7. My goal this year is to continue researching the golf swing to find consistency. Ill have an awesome round one day followed by not breaking 110 for the next month.
  8. Plane on a Conveyor Belt

    I voted No, but have no idea why.
  9. Can Online Golf Lessons Help your Game?

    Last winter I signed up with evolvr and had immediate success but ran out of time to truely work on the things that I needed to and stopped evolvr after a couple months. I thought the information was great for the money and came away from each video lesson with an understanding of what I needed to do. My problems were, and still are, over reasearching all the little pieces I see wrong in my swing and wanting to fix them all at the same time. I also could see the value in having a Pro watch me swing so I sought out some one locally for that. After some research I found a guy here locally that new the ball flight laws, the alignments, and that i needed to work on just 1 thing at a time. Eventhough he has helped a lot, i cant afford to see him all that often so I am on my way back to Evolvr here soon so work on prioriting my flaws.
  10. Voted YES, Get out there on a non busy day, i would pick very early morning, and play some golf doing the things that you are learning to improve. If I dont play and only focus on full swing, my putting and chipping goes to shit.
  11. 3W, I have no confidence with it. Id much rather hit my 19* hybrid and know that Im going 210 down the middle. I havent had enough coffee yet, I accidently voted PW, which according to my stats, its the 2nd least used club. No idea why.
  12. what speed player are you?

    I normally play by myself. I am all of those types of players depending on the course, the time i have to play, the group behind me and how i feel that day. One thing I hate is having ppl wait on me so I am efficient if needed and will maintain a good distance between me and the group behind, but I will stretch out a round as long as I can. When I play every round is a practice round for my enjoyment of golf and to learn from it.
  13. My Swing (Zeph)

    Would working on not letting the right heel off the ground, but instead banking the right foot toward the target have an effect to get the path more in to out?
  14. What's in the Bag: President Obama

    Im curious about whats in the cooler and backpack.
  15. My biggest frustration in my swing is my lack of hip slide. I know all the pieces that need to be there to make a beautiful swing, but I cant talk my body into doing it properly all the time.