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  1. New component clubs

    Ya, they bought Dynacraft quite a few years ago. I just can't beleive a whole segment of the golf industry just dissapeared. I got to thinking of about 20 other companies I did business with.
  2. As a long time club builder I can't help but notice that just about all of the component companies have all but stopped putting out new club heads. I used to love the first of the year to get my new catalogs from Golfsmith, Golfworks, Dynacraft, Pro Swing, National Golf, Hireko, Bang, KZG, SMT and I can name 10 more. Only Hireko puts out new stuff and now they don't do much. What happened?
  3. Top Flite Gammers are great for 20 bucks a dozen. K Mart sells a ball called Fuzz. At 13 bucks for an 18 pack they are great. I'm a single didget handicap and I use these myself. Don't listen to the 50 dollar pro v stuff. Just for golfers with brand nameitus.