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  1. kramanat added a post in a topic Recommend a good ipad app   

    Okay, will check it out. Thanks.
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  2. kramanat added a topic in Instruction and Playing Tips   

    Recommend a good ipad app
    Hi, looking for recommendations for an easy to use swing / body posture analyzing app on iphone/ipad.

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  3. kramanat added a post in a topic Pain in the palm below pinkie   

    Mike, thanks for that video - has a good set of relaxing palm exercises that I will try out.

    I think I have identified the reason for the pain. I did a step by step comparison of the end to end action starting from the grip. In one of the videos, there was mention that when the leading hand is parallel to the ground on the way back towards the ball, the club face (and actually the palm itself) should have an angle where it is almost vertical. I was swinging the club but was trying to maintain the club face constant.

    I rotated the palm and could feel the tension in the area around the little finger just lift away.....you could try keeping the palm face down at this point in your swing and you will feel the pain!!

    Hit about a 100 balls today and there is just the remnants of the pain from yesterday.....

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  4. kramanat added a post in a topic Pain in the palm below pinkie   

    Yes, I went through the sticky and I think my grip is right. Not able to see the video at work, will check it in the evening today.
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  5. kramanat added a post in a topic Pain in the palm below pinkie   

    Went through several youtube videos and think I did the grip and action right yesterday. Still no relief from the pain.

    Maybe I am just exacerbating the existing pain with more golf....

    It hurts like mad if I forget and shake hands with someone :)
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  6. kramanat added a post in a topic Beginner - equipment check   

    Yes, the shoes are my size - half a size smaller would have been more snug, but this is good for a start :)
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  7. kramanat added a post in a topic Beginner - equipment check   

    Thanks Mark. Yes, it is both the drivers and 2 and 3 woods. From what I saw, the standard set seems to be 3 and 5 woods and so I was not sure if I should start with a 2 and 3. The seller said the same thing that the 2 wood is a 'special' wood and that if it didn't work for me, it should get decent resale.

    This place has insane prices.....and buying it on ebay incurs a 30-70$ shipping charge - per order.

    Like the Clevelands so far.

    Just tried out the Taylormade driver and the 3 wood today - need to work on the swing, a lot!!  Hardly got 1 in 8 shots right.
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  8. kramanat added a topic in Instruction and Playing Tips   

    Pain in the palm below pinkie
    Hi, just completed the first 2 weeks in the driving range and I have a lot of pain in both my palms below the 2 pinkies.

    Is this due to an incorrect hold or movement or grip?  Or is this something that happens initially and gets better as the muscles get used to the movement?
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  9. kramanat added a post in a topic Beginner - equipment check   

    Hi all, sorry for being offline for the last week or so. Thanks for all the comments and inputs.

    Yes, I did take my coach's inputs on the clubs. He likes the Cleveland Irons and also checked the gear - looks like they have hardly been used at all. The owner has 3-4 other sets and does not use this very often. He was moving out of here and did not want to carry this set paying excess baggage.

    I currently live in Dubai where the access to used clubs is limited and typical price of golf equipment is twice of what it is in the US. The shops here carry a beginners set called Wilson X31 and this set is sub-200$ in the US and it is 435$ here!! That should give you an idea. I am yet to see any set of irons in the shops for less than 300$. Most are in the 500$ range.

    So, I finally picked up the entire lot and the current owner threw in some extras - a pair of shoes (footjoy dryjoy), 2 gloves, balls etc etc. I also picked up both the drivers (will try both over the next month and probably give up one). I think I paid 30-50% extra for the gear but I think the prices here make this a decent deal.

    I will use this for the next 6m or so and when I visit the US during the summers, I plan to get the custom fitting done and pick up some gear.....
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  10. kramanat added a post in a topic Beginner - equipment check   

    Thanks. Will hold on.

    Though I have to say I am not in the US and currently live in a place where golf equipment is quite expensive (probably 50% more expensive).
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  11. kramanat added a topic in Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting   

    Beginner - equipment check
    Hello all, glad to be on this forum. I am a complete newbie - as of yesterday, finished my 8th day in the driving range and 2nd 45 minute coaching class.

    Came across a set from a friend that has these:
    Cleveland CG 16 irons with Actionlite graphite shaft (4-PW)
    Choice of a Taylormade RBZ or Mizuno MP630 driver (thinks the Mizuno may be good 6m into golfing)
    Nike Sasquatch 2 and 3 woods
    Taylormade Ghost putter

    My initial reaction was that this was too much gear for a starter but he insists that these can be a good starter to intermediate set.

    I am 5'7 and 140 lbs if that is relevant.

    He is asking for around $500 for the set including some extras (shoes, balls etc) thrown in. My other option would be to start off with a Callaway Strata set for around 200-250$. Open to recommendations.

    Thanks for your inputs.
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