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  1. stomped27 added a post in a topic Buying first set of irons! Help please!   

    The problem is if I get the Nike's I have to either use extensions or reshaft as I'm 6'4. Extensions could be shotty and reshafting negates the good deal on the clubs. Think I'm gonna go g20.
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  2. stomped27 added a topic in Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting   

    Buying first set of irons! Help please!
    After reading the forums here for a while I've gathered a lot of helpful information. Ive never owned a nice set of clubs, but feel like I have the potential to become a decent golfer in the upcoming years. I'm 6'4 and have a pretty quick swing. I spent about 4 hours at a pro shop the other day hitting mostly ping irons. Hit some Mizuno 825s but kept coming back to the ping. The g20 set felt great to me, the price was right, and I had my mind made up. I also understand that these are very forgiving irons and that probably yielded a little bit of false confidence. I'm looking at $500 for a set of g20 4-pw customized to my height and lie which I was ready to pull the trigger on, until now. I found a set of Nike VRS Forged irons 4-GW for a great price. They would cost me about 100 less than the pings but I'll have to get them fit somewhere else. From my research the Nike VRS forged are also moderately forgiving, but can also be a good player Iron. I'm thinking I'd have to get the Nike's extended an inch, which really worries me without replacing the whole shaft. What is the general consensus on adding extensions vs replacing the whole shaft? I've also never swung the Nikes. Should I just go the safe route with the pings or would you guys suggest I go with the Nike's which could last a lifetime once I had them set up. I feel like the Nike's are a better bang for my buck, even at this point. FYI, my previous irons were some Dunlop Graphites I picked up at walmart in the late 90s, so anything is better than those! Thanks for reading and hopefully responding!
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