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  1. Moe Norman

    I wonder sometimes where people get these stories I Knew Moe and played with him a lot as a young man.  a good friend of Moe's said " Moe has heard these stories so often he"s beginning to believe them himself". a lot of golfers hit over a bridge but not by choice. Moe's first car was a Cadillac not a truck. many people have visions , those of us who knew Moe know the truth. Ive talked to people who tell me a Moe story and when asked " did you see it" the answer is no I heard it". read Moe & Me by Rubinstein it's the best one written that Ive read. i don't recall any inaccuracies. I also knew some of the Norman family members. not bragging but I occasionally shoot my age each year or better . Im 83 this year.  just tell the truth folks there are still some good stories.