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  1. I'm not sure that anyone has given a stroke ruling yet...so I'm not sure that your assessment of all of us being incorrect is accurate...of course if he played the wrong ball in match play the hole is lost, but he was asking if the guy was okay with not playing the original ball instead of the provisional....any way you look at this the guy should have lost the hole, either by strokes or by playing the wrong ball...
  2. Yes, this was posted above a couple times...so what are you saying?!
  3. Don't you read the entire post before commenting??? I think 3 people above have posted the entire ruling and decision...
  4. The rule reads where the ball is likely to be...it is more likely the ball was in the woods as that is where they last saw it, so the way I interpret the rule is the likely spot for his ball to be is 10 yards to the right in the woods...
  5. Yes, this is understood, as it was mentioned in previous posts...It was unclear whether or not the 2nd provisional went further than the other 2 since the poster said they all went 10 yards and to the right...that to me says that they are all in relatively the same place...if they all 3 went to the same place they are all 3 likely to be in the same spot and therefore when he played the 2nd provisional from the likely spot the other 2 balls were, his provisional was no in play...might be reading into it different than some others, but to me he was meaning all 3 balls were in relatively the same area.
  6. Teeing up the 3rd would only abandon the 2nd and 1st if both of those weren't found...the ball isn't abandoned unless it isn't found.  But all of the balls have to be distinctly marked or numbered differently to differentiate them from eachother.
  7. Yes, I was reading into it as all 3 balls went to the same spot, except this one was outside the woods...so I was seeing it as his 2nd provisional ball was where his first two were likely to be.
  8. Yes, unfortunately that is correct...once he made a stroke on the provisional he is stuck with it. That's why time is allotted to finding a lost ball, so it can be looked for somewhat extensively. Always with trees I will look 30-40 yards behind and 30-40 yards ahead, because if a ball ricochets off a tree it can go anywhere.
  9. By my understanding of the rules of golf, since he played is second shot with the provisional ball without looking where his original ball was, he is now stuck playing his provisional ball and is hitting 7.  Had he looked for his original ball first and found it, he could pick up the provisional ball and be hitting 2, but since he did not and hit his provisional ball down the fairway that is now his ball that is in play...you should have won the hole.
  10. Water Hazard Penalty Question

    But what we are trying to tell you is that there is really never a time when this will happen unless it is a perfectly round green...there will always be a spot to drop that is no closer to the hole...that's why lateral hazards don't allow provisionals is becaus there is always a place to drop, and it would be stupid to re-tee becaus you are losing the distance...
  11. Water Hazard Penalty Question

    Glad he answered your provisional question, but re-teeing your ball isn't the only option and you are doing yourself a disservice by not knowing the correct ruling or options you have.
  12. Water Hazard Penalty Question

    First of all the course designer is an ass for making a 200 yard hole surrounded by water...second of all, there has to be a spot on the other side that is not closer to the hole doesn't there?  I mean it can be 1" further from the hole and its a good drop, only thing I can think of where you wouldn't find a spot to drop would be a perfectly round green...There is also the rule that you can drop the ball on the opposite margin of the water hazard equidistant from the hole...you have the 3 choices when dealing with water hazards.
  13. big ol slice

    See if this attachment works as I am on my phone and drew this up in a minute or so...
  14. big ol slice

    Was this a certified instructor????  Unless he tried everything else with you at no point should he tell you to roll your wrists IMO.  I like doing the gate drill to get the swing pattern of a draw down.  Take 2 tees and put one behind the ball on the right side of it about 3 inches behind.  Take the other tee and put it in front of the ball on the left side about the same distance.  Now make a swing and don't hit either tee...this will force you to swing in to out and should give the ball a draw bias...as you get more comfortable with it move the tees in closer...if your hitting too much of a draw move the back one more to the right side of the ball and the front one the opposite...hope this helps
  15. I'm sorry, but you cannot lay up from even 150 yards out, it just isn't an option.  I would say before you play these holes again you need to go to the driving range and just take your 7,8,9 irons and see which one you can consistently hit 150 yards...for me it is a little bit choked down smooth 9 iron.  When you say you are chunking the ball or whatever, that to me says that you are scared of the water and thus trying to swing as hard as you can to get over it.