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  1. Winter Depression Thread

    Well up here in Maine we got rid of all our snow, but now we have rain the next four days, in fact my PC is next to my window and it's a full on downpour outside, so this might tag on an additional week or two of time before the courses open :( as the saying goes "when it rains, it pours"
  2. Correct Tee question ...

    wow that is short!, my go-to course is a 3009 (soon to be 3100) yard, par 35 9 hole course with a 554 yard Par 5 uphill!
  3. Winter Depression Thread

    Well we may be done with snow this year, and we only have the shrinking snowbanks left, but when I called my local course to ask when they thought the course itself would be open for play I got a slightly discouraging answer....3 weeks or so.... which means it will be around the second week of May :(  Though once it's open I'll be playing 2 days a week plus on the weekends!
  4. I'm 30 and Want a Career in Golf

    Sounds like you need a dose of reality yourself, I never implied he was seeking to become a PGA tour pro, I was simply stating that if he was he may/may not make it in, and then I went on to say there were other careers in golf for him to consider. Maybe read the whole post instead of taking things out of context would work better for you hmm???? Also OP said he is turning 30!
  5. Correct Tee question ...

    Ah ok I understand now, the courses where I live (the public ones at least) are quite lax, and it is mostly up to individuals to report slow play, and play-through's are commonplace. Everyone respects fellow players.
  6. Correct Tee question ...

    Not what?
  7. Correct Tee question ...

    Maybe he is refering to playing at a lax public golf course, what your describing sounds more like an exclusive country club or a public course that is to strict to even be fun, I mean honestly who wants to golf and have to set the tee, spot where they want their ball to land and commit at address in 60 seconds or less, I for one don't it's folly to expect everyone to keep up with the group in front of them, shit happens, people hit one into a water hazard or the ball takes a bad bounce into a bunker, are they just supposed to pick their ball up and walk to the next hole? That's just my opinion.
  8. Correct Tee question ...

    Yes it does have combo tee's though many holes have 3 seperate tee's.
  9. Correct Tee question ...

    I have an interesting system of tee placement, I have pretty good distance (230 yards with a 5 wood) but I base my tee position on the difficulty of the hole and my play style, if I have a severe dogleg right that has multiple hazards from my tee shot I'll go to the white or red tee's, hit from there and when I am confident enough I'll play the blue tee's it's easier to do that then play the hardest position and base my performance off of how bad I do from said tee position. Work on one thing at a time and don't try to do it all at once. This has served me well as I have since opened up to the blue tees and have been playing well my biggest problem is an occasional slice/hook that finds the trees or the out of bounds area, had I started with blue tees from the get go I might have said "to heck with golf" but instead I was able to enjoy it and get better as I play more.
  10. I'm 30 and Want a Career in Golf

    While you may not make it into the PGA tour (you never know) there are plenty of other tournaments and events you could get into, provided you become good enough, not to mention Long Drive Competitions, Opens, ect. you could also work on becoming a Club Professional or Golf instructor, or work as part of the PGA tour Crew. The biggest thing for you right now is to not worry about whether or not you can do it as a career, but instead focus on getting good at playing consistently and lowering your handicap, I find that asking people "can I make a career out of this" or "is it to late for me to be a pro" just brings out all the naysayers and people who just want to say "NO" There have been a lot of famous people in sports who started quite late and amid all the skepticism from others in the sport became very good and even made a career of their chosen sport.
  11. Budget Golfer

    http://www.rockbottomgolf.com/ is a legit site and they have mad clearance deals on brand name equipment, you might also check out Amazon.com as they have quite a few beginner sets for good prices. You can also go to http://www.pinemeadowgolf.com/ which has some good deals and they have several monthly deals every month, though they are not big brand they do sell quality clones, they also are custom fit and you can customize the clubs.
  12. The Films and Movies Thread

    Domhall is Brendan Glesson's Son, and the two of them also played together in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.
  13. which ball for a beginner

    It's not the ball that matters it's how you hit it, I myself don't really have a preference I'll use anything that's not going to break on me! I use a lot of Top-Flite XL's, XL2000's but also some Titleist PRO V1's, I've known some people who will actually open a new sleeve of balls and throw the ones that they have used out at the end of the round claiming that the wear on them makes them roll/bounce bad, I find this to be speculative as I've used the same balls for several rounds of play, with no real performance hit, then again for them it's probably their "Golf" superstition. You can also buy recycled balls on Amazon for dirt cheap. A bag of 36 Callaway Warbirds is only $31.96 and a bag of 36 Titlest PRO V1 balls is $68.00 the same new would be around $120 for the same quantity. I actually stockpile golf balls at the beginning of the season which is only a week or so away...hopefully!
  14. How fast do you play?

    Kinda hard to enjoy it when people like you can't wait more then 2 minutes before it's your turn at the tee, that being said do you enjoy the game of golf?
  15. What clubs for the beginner

    You want to start off with beginner sets, getting a professional golf set that costs $1000+ is not the best thing to do if your just getting into golf but it's your money. If you want custom fit Golf clubs that are suitable for your skill level I recommend checking out Pinemeadow Golf, or GigaGolf they both have very good products and you can customize your Shaft, Grips and Gigagolf even lets you pick individual clubs. The links are below! http://www.pinemeadowgolf.com/ http://www.gigagolf.com/index.jsp