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  1. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    yeah on the backswing  I guess the problem is my left knee, it won't get forward towards the ball enough :( In the downswing and follow through the hips are opening and I am getting to the left side without any problems.        
  2. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    It seems to be really hard to open up my hips without losing much of my balance somehow, was trying to give it all I can yesterday but didn't change much after all :(   
  3. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    Cool, yeah my hips are quite passiv in the backswing, good idea! I will try to get the hips and legs a little more active in the backswing and see how this works out for me. Here is an other front on view.    
  4. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    Little swing update :D      
  5. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    As it was sunny this afternoon here in Germany I took the chance to work on the swing again.  I was doing almost slowmotion swings putting the focus on technique and rhytmn. I have the feeling that really helped the smoothness of the swing. Did you guys have similar experience with slowmotion swings?
  6. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    And an other view from the front  
  7. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    Hey guys just a little update after 3 months of not playing due to a ruptured adductor muscle fibre :( I am starting the ball a bit more to the right trying to have little draw shape, miss is the push which is then not coming back anymore.  What do you think of the swing? Any idea?
  8. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    Tired it today and it feels less stressed Quality of the shots was the equal, but it feels less stressed for sure. I am wondering if that isn't already to much of a C-posture?
  9. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    Actually it is not really pain but more that the limber region gets tight and then I am not able to correctly turn the hips anymore. It is actually more range of motion or mobility. I am sure a better posture will be less stress for the back. In order to improve my physic and posture and of power as well, I started doing squats, deadlifts, exercises for the abs and my upper back. and of course various stretching routines. I guess its kind of normal that the muscles tend to be sore especially after a work out. But I guess changing the body's physic can't be done over night and will take a little while. Last season I was really suffering back pain when my hamstings and glutes were still really tight, that was when I could barely touch the ground with my food straight.
  10. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    Thanks guys, yes I guess you are both  right I have to focus more on the correct posture. that day I was even feeling my back and hips not working properly. It sounds strange but as I was doing a lot of work out and stretching during the last couple of months, I have days I feel very free in my hips and backs and then I have days on which my back are less functional and I am not really getting into good positions. I did not even go on making full swings that day because of that. Two days and a workout routine later it already feels way better. When you watch it closely, the hips are not really releasing towards the target at the end and my upper body is going up. I will  shoot a video tomorrow when my back hopefully feels better, this time with proper posture so we can compare the impact of a bad posture/sore back vs good posture and less sore back. If you would have seen my swing before i made the changes, that was 10 times worse,but still there is work to do and I guess a better posture will also contribute to better hip movement. I am on a good track but it needs a lot of focus and time but I have never played any other sport which needed so much input and dedication Its totally worth it! Best game in the world :D
  11. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    Hey Mike, good morning (in Germany already) Yes very good point, I am aware of it and I am working on it and still it is very hard to get into a good posture What is making the situation even a bit more tricky is the fact that I am suffering a lower crossed syndrome which also explained my tight hamstring and early extension. But I am working on that, doing a lot of stretching at the right parts, and exercising the weak sections. I hope this will improve the posture in the long run as well. to illustrate it here quite a simple graphic and the explaining link: http://www.biokineticspt.com/blog/uncategorized/lower-crossed-syndrome.html
  12. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    And a pitch shot from about 65 yards I still would like to work on the club hinge in the backswing , and my hips staying more back in the follow through. I guess for that I still need to improve mobility to make a smooth movement.
  13. Who would you rather be?

    The question is why would you see the problem so black and white? In my opinion it comes down to the quality of the swing. When you have a poor swing and hit it far but off the planet, would you immediately improve your game only by hitting it with less power? Well maybe to a certain extend but you are still going to miss the fairway but then you are shorter and off the fairway! So that still was not the solution for me I was always hitting the ball quite far and even in my first season (I only started the game about 3 years ago) I had the length to hit GIR on every hole of our course because I had the length to get there even with a poor swing. But that was only when everything came together and I was lucky enough, for the rest of the time I was hitting it off the planet. A lot of my playing partners were admiring my length, but I hated it being off the course on every second hole. On the other hand, again it brought me into the position to at least sometimes score well, when things were coming together. And I guess at that point the game of golf had me and the "addiction" started :D haha So I last year I decided to really get into it, work on my swing and focus on good movements. In order do get the new movements right and to make the swing more fluent and to ingrain the new mechanics I was swinging slower ok, but on the other hand ball contact and the quality of the strike was improving which then was not way shorter. So in the end I am swinging more controlled with better rhythm in order to make the new movements right but on the other hand my length is still there since the quality of ball contact improved. I would say its about the quality of the swing and your personal talent if you are able to hit  fairways Long + off the world does not always become shorter and accurate just because one is hitting it less hard. Why not try to get it long and accurate by improving the swing mechanics. I guess to take some power out is certainly easier then the other way round. But I guess ultimately your question can't be answered by picking one or the other, at least not until one decides to work on that swing.
  14. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    Hey guys, A little update on my swing. The centered hip turn is really helping my pivot and keeps my head more stable, contact is improving as well. What is definitely helping to free my hips up is the limber 11 work out routine which I can really recommend to anyone who is struggling with hip mobility and internal rotation. I already posted it in an other threat but since it is really improving my mobility I post the youtube link again. In future sessions in need to work on bending the club more, but distance in contact are already very satisfying but of course there is still some buffer. Scoring wise I played 9 wholes recently and was shooting 2 over on 9 holes which is really satisfying, I got the feeling with the new swing my game is getting more reliable. In the beginning it was hard to get it the onto the course but the more I play and practice the more I get comfortable with it!
  15. Hitting into a Net

    That is how it looks like Actually a pretty low budget set up. Ploystyrol plate with green carpet attached to it as stand attached to little grass piece out of a teeline (lets you feel fat shots), then a cheap net out of a fishing supply store which is supported by thicker white sheets. Pretty cheap but quality practice solution.