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  1. Golfmoose added a post in a topic Breaking Bad Club - A Thread for Golfers Trying to Break 100   

    I have not played a lot over the past three years but after deciding to volunteer for The First Tee this summer I have gotten back into golf again. I have still been playing the past three years but have not maintained my Handicap and have not played consistently enough to expect much.
    I have broken 100 at least once with a 97. I think I might have done it one time more but not completely sure.

    I would like to see if I can play more and consistently get close to or under 100.
    I know it will be almost impossible if I only play 5-10 times a year so the best way would be to play more.
    Last weekend I had two rounds. First round I shot a 117 (Had the highest amount of putts ever with 47) I thought I played OK from the Tee but could not putt at all. The next day I shot 110 on a 6300 yard course (This time I had 37 putts). Normally the longest courses I play is around 6000 yards so I was OK with this round. On the 4 par 3s I was +3 and on the Par 5s I had double bogeys so my biggest issue was the par 4s.
    Over the two rounds I had 3 penalty strokes so I was able to keep the ball in play.

    This thread certainly motivates me to get down to the 90s.
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  2. Golfmoose added a post in a topic Odyssey Backstryke   

    Since this tread is a couple of months old I just wanted to hear if anyone has this club in their bag.
    I tried it today and is considering to buy the blade version of the club.
    But wanted to hear in here what people here think about it.
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  3. Golfmoose added a topic in Golf Talk   

    Golf lesson advice
    I played yesterday in a club championship through a local golf store and I was lucky enough to win the net champioship so I now have a gift certificate for the store.

    One of their stores also have a driving range, where you can get lessons so this is what I plan to use the certificate for. I am just not sure what will be the best way to go about it. They have a deal for 3 1/2-hour lessons, which is the thing I have been looking at.

    So here is my questions:
    Will it be better to take the lessons now here in the fall so I can work on the game throught the winter and be ready for spring or will it be better to take the lessons in the spring or does that even matter.

    I also would like to know how to go about scheduling the three lessons. Should I try to schedule them in a certain schedule (lets say weekly or bi-weekly) for continuity or is it better to schedule them one at a time and work on what I have been taught before I feel I am ready for a new lesson?
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  4. Golfmoose added a post in a topic Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?   

    Gotta go for Tiger. He is simply amazing.
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  5. Golfmoose added a post in a topic What Do You Do for a Living?   

    Hello, work as an export coordinator in a shipping company. Busy at work so only able to play in the weekends or 9 holes in the summer after work
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