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  1. shar1ford added a post in a topic Hybrids   

    No, it isn't the weight, I just constantly either hit them fat or swing around my body and they go left. I do much better with woods.
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  2. shar1ford added a topic in Golf Talk   

    I am a 67 year old woman who cannot hit irons. I found a hybrid for 100 yards, but what hybrid can I use for 90 yards and 80 yards? I have a 45 degree for my pitching wedge (60 yards) and a 40 degree for my 70 yards.
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  3. shar1ford added a post in a topic What is your definition of slow play?   

    My friends say I play too fast. I line up the shot and swing. Hopefully, it goes in the right direction. A couple of the ladies I play with will stand on the green to continue a story they are talking about...drives me crazy, especially when people are waiting and it is hot as hades out. I say, come on ladies lets move, there are folks behind us, and they still continue their talk. I have seen players who stroll to and from their shots, slower than the turtle. HAHAHA. But when the alternative is no one to play with, I'll keep the slow pokes and keep nagging them to move.
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  4. shar1ford added a post in a topic Default user avatars   

    Ok, I am an old blonde, which is worse than a young blonde, and have no idea what an avatar is or how to get one. When you're through laughing, would you share your wisdom with this airhead and tell me how? HAHAHA thanks!
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  5. shar1ford added a post in a topic Bridgestone Ball Fitting   

    Thanks! I will try a sleeve of the DT Solo, then try the other one. Appreciate your response!
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  6. shar1ford added a post in a topic Bridgestone Ball Fitting   

    I am a 67 y/o woman with a really slow swing speed. I love the KickX ball but lose them too often so I usually use Wilson 50 (compression) and get great distance. Since the weather in NC is now hot and humid, I have swtched to Icicles (70 compression) because my husband feels when the temps get hot you should use a higher compeession. If I could afford them, I would stick with KickX, but $39.95 is a little high for my game. Tell your grandfather to try the Wilson 50, I think he will really love them.
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