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  1. Nice, thanks! I'll pump some recent rounds in there and see how ugly it is :) Had a great couple of practices at the range lately off the mats. Nice ball flights, hitting targets, even drawing at times. I just don't trust at all that what I see from the mats is what I'll see from grass, but it's better than a sharp stick in the eye.
  2. I don't have a handicap yet, I'm generally a bogey player with occasional disasters and greatness. I guess since I probably have enough scores recorded I could get a handicap?
  3. Cold, muddy, fun as hell
  4. What driver and what irons do you use?

    Driver: TaylorMade Burner (but using my TM JetSpeed 3W off the tee right now)Irons: TayorMade Burner 2.0 5-AW
  5. So cold...

    Sorry, I should've clarified that moving to another continent was not an option  Once my kids are grown I'm seriously thinking about a golf friendly state though, my grandpa retired to Arizona, golfed every day, died a happy man.
  6. Does anyone have a photo or video demonstrating the current behavior that would would be affected? I'm just having a hard time visualizing this. I think I heard recently it's very prominent on the LPGA tour.
  7. So cold...

    Some interesting ideas here! I wonder if I can setup a range weather alert - above a certain temp, wind from only certain directions, etc... Already have the indoor putting mat which has hugely improved putting. But the full swing is suffering dearly...
  8. Well, played my first round in a month and have been practicing with mats for a couple months now. I'm in the Pacific NW so there's no grass range options this time of year.  Anyway, yes, my irons have suffered because if it. Not horrendously but it did take several holes to get near my summer striking. I wonder what's worse, not practicing irons at all or using the mats...  Chipping was even worse. Just awful considering how far I'd come over the summer. :(
  9. How good is good enough for your game?

    Good enough for me is playing a whole round with the same ball. It's being able to understand what's happening in my game so I can do something about it. It's remembering why I'm out there in the first place. So I think if I'm doing it right, I'm always improving in a way that's positive and exciting. Good enough will never happen but perfect will.
  10. I've just been enjoying practice less and less as the temperature drops. The other day I got a large bucket after work and could barely feel my fingers half the time. The least enjoyable and useful practice in a long time. And that's at a covered and heated range! What do you in the cold?
  11. My Swing (zero)

    Yes, thanks for that. I can see and feel that my right hand/arm is too dominant and this is where I've been focusing. The problem is 100% between the ears. When I close my eyes, take practice swings, feel the natural path of the clubhead, keep the right wrist cocked longer, etc., then I can see changes there. I'm seeing much better flights and even a draw occurring at the range. The club feedback also is in harmony. But then I get out on the course, see the small target really far away, and sometimes all that goes out the window against my own wishes. But I will say that what's helped more than anything else is this forum + a few lessons. If I showed you my swing a year ago, which I will not do :), you'd wonder how I ever made contact at all. So many thanks to you all.
  12. My Swing (zero)

    Thanks all. I will look into proper address. Lately, I've been addressing with my right hand on the club, feet together, then after proper distance from the ball is made, spread the feet apart. I don't know why, just feels better, but I'll check the best practices on that. Hips are doing better, turning more instead of sliding and initiating down swing with lower body. Staying on plane has been the biggest difference. Maybe if I pick up the driver now it would be better, but I'm having too much fun without it so...maybe later. I feel like I wasted a ton on time this season on the driver when I could have been improving other areas. I (can) get a max of 265 with the 3 wood and am in a playable position almost every time. Unlike the insanity of the driver. I just have a bad relationship with it mentally now.  BTW @mvmac, yes, I've read that post about 10 times already :)
  13. My Swing (zero)

    I must say, while I continue to work on my OTT problem, I have removed the driver from the bag and don't miss it at all. I can hit my 3 wood within 10 yards of my driving distance but more importantly hit the fairway much much more consistently. With driver I would hit maybe 50% if that and the 3 wood is more like 75%. And so I just don't see why I should worry about it until I've ironed out the issue. And Phil makes me feel much better about it :)     
  14. Forgive my not reading every word, but this looks like some amazing stat keeping. I'm just wondering how you apply all the data to your game improvement efforts? Is it used as an input to your practice routine, given to a PGA coach, etc.?
  15. Winning a major vs winning a gold medal

    World stage vs. golf stage. Isn't the Olympics viewership and global media coverage much larger than golf's? Could be a major career boost.