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  1. I just got the same ( . I have to say I like it. I know it's not the "perfect replica" roll, but I just need to work on fundamentals re: setup & swing. Was looking at birdieball for more accurate green feel. I just would like to find a way to add a little slope to this thing...
  2. My Swing (zero)

    A recent down the line video shows that although I've improved a lot this season, I still tend to come over the top, or "get steep", or break the swing plane, especially with longer clubs. I can see the problem clearly and have read and watched everything explaining the problem, however, don't have any good drills to break this nasty habit. Many thanks.
  3. I have done various things to try to overcome an issue i.e. "oh, you sliced that one? hit another, and another, and another until you either hit the fairway or your bag is empty". However, I stopped doing that because it was just practicing bad habits and pissing me off. Yesterday, I took a down-the-line video of myself at the range and could see exactly what's causing the problem. Personally, i just stopped using my driver for a while. 
  4. Winter Depression Thread

    I gotta say this time change sucks. By the time I get off work it's nearly dark (live near Portland, OR) and I have my kids by myself on weekends. I did get out today for 9 holes and damn it was so great. Not sure how to make it through this dark season...
  5. Lead tape on putter

    I honestly don't think it'll change my driving issues but would like it match the rest of my set.  
  6. Lead tape on putter

    Oh I see, it's about club balance not actual weight. Thanks. My driver longs at the bottom of a lake anyway. Here's the confusing thing: this a new shaft which i just matched the length exactly to the manufacturer's shaft. However, had I chosen to cut it to a shorter length at that time i wouldn't be concerned about swing weight would i? So why bother now? Or am i wrong on that? Nothing i read about reshafting mentioned this.
  7. I dunno , that's just how far it rolls out according to my phone GPS. It's a taylormade 18* jetspeed I got this year, should probably get the 3 wood and call it a day. A good drive measures 260-275, but as I said they're so rare and unpredictable, frick.
  8. My driver. How can I hit my 5 wood 250+ yards straight as an arrow and then slice slice slice the stupid f***n driver. Seriously, I've worked on this club so much, read every article, video'd my swing, gotten lessons, shortened the shaft.... I'm leaving it in the garage for a while.
  9. Lead tape on putter

    Doesn't it depend on the type of shaft? I just took 1.5" inches off my graphite driver shaft (grip end) and I was concerned about changing the club weight. But that 1.5" piece I cut weighed basically nothing. It could blow away in a strong breeze. I can't see adding weight to the grip end to compensate.
  10. My Swing (DrvFrShow)

    +1 "you should be either trying to help her game or quietly trying to steal some provided information to help your own game"
  12. Beautiful Women

    Blair O'Neal was on Golf Channel Academy today... never seen her before... zero chance of learning anything during that episode.
  13. How does one determine their own swing plane line? Video? I've thought about putting a ln LED or glowstick or something on the clubhead so I really see it.
  14. My Swing (zero)

    Great stuff guys. I'm going to experiment with these at the range tomorrow. Thanks.
  15. My Swing (zero)

    I flare out my left foot only, about 2". I read that you want to keep your right foot straight to keep your "coil" between hips & shoulders. I think I read that in Hogan's 5 Lessons.