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  1. 2016 Players Championship Discussion Thread

    Sorry if this has already been answered, but where can I watch a replay? Seems this was exclusively aired and I couldn't watch live.
  2. Any early thoughts on this? Looks interesting...
  3. 50* gap wedge 3/4 swing. I need to get a new 54* and learn how to use it, but for now pretty good with the 50.
  4. Well, I didn't keep score, but i birdied 2 holes today! New swing is making a comeback! Replay the good ones, let go of the bad ones.
  5. Setup is definitely easier at the range, but I have my routine and am usually pretty good out there. The issue is the old swing mechanics of "hit the ball" vs. uninhibited swing through to finish. My body just does the old stuff a lot. I'm not sure of the "cure" other than playing more. I just wish there was a way to accelerate the adoption of the changes, clearly range time is not it.
  6. Today was comical. Almost every full swing shot I hit twice. Example from 155 yards:
  7. PING is going to help me be fast and forgiving with the new G Driver and Crossover! Jason Day -11 Matthew Fitzpatrick -11 Hunter Mahan -11
  8. I generally first work through my bag, then take the last 30ish balls to do what you described. Wood, iron, pitch, repeat, with specific targets for each.
  9. Makes sense, thanks all. I guess I'll start spending more practice time on the course! It's a tough choice, but someone's gotta do it
  10. This past spring, I finally took some lessons from a PGA zen master. Really improved my swing. I practice quite a bit, a couple times a week at the range and a round a week. I'm finding that at the range, I can get in the zone and really do some great things throughout my bag, but on the course my old swing competes with the new. It crops up and slices woods and hits fat iron shots. For example, on a tee today a hit a high slice with the 3W. Mulligan. Hit the next one absolutely perfect, 270 yards (with a tail-wind). I don't know what to do with this, it's a mental problem but I think can be corrected with something physical. My swing issue is classic over-the-top. Thoughts on conquering the mental part? A drill? I have developed a pretty good swing that is in competition with the past...
  11. How do I select the right wedges? I'm thinking a 54 & 58 would fit into my set best, what about bounce? NW courses are usually soft. So many options... The Versatile is a mid-bounce option (8-10 degrees) that provides overall versatility on medium to firm turf conditions; the high bounce (11-12 degrees) Classic has a narrow sole for ease of use on all turf conditions; and the low-bounce WideLow (4-7 degrees), the widest sole in the line, works well on medium to soft course conditions.
  12. Sorry, what is "rolling"? I get flying, but rolling? I'm trying to use the bounce effectively, as shown @iacas's video
  13. Thanks, good to know, because yes, full shots mostly but I'm finding that also pitching around the greens I'm way more consistent with the burner. So, hmm, replace the ATV or just practice it more?
  14. Used Golf Club Buyers Guide!

    I've been buying used on Awesome stuff up there, great prices, and consistent quality ratings so you know what you're getting. That being said, above tips are definitely important, but buying online you cannot visually inspect first so you need a reputable and consistent site with club ratings you can trust.
  15. The situation is that I have two wedges - a 50* AW, Taylormade Burner 2.0, and a 56* Taylormade ATV. I can hit the 50* so much better than the 56*, I don't even want to use the 56* anymore. What I don't know if this would be the case for any higher loft wedge and so I just need to keep practicing the ATV, or if it's caused by the unique bounce on the ATV and therefore I should replace it with something more conventional. Any tips appreciated. I'm specifically referring to partial swing shots, 30-50 yard range that use the club bounce. ATV wedge (I bought this one, used) Burner 2.0 Iron Set